David Duke to Gilad Atzmon: “fine articles on the evil of Zionism”

July 31, 2011 at 6:38 am (anti-semitism, apologists and collaborators, Asshole, crap, fascism, insanity, Jim D, Norway, Racism, terror)

NB: It turns my stomach to reproduce the following piece of filth. I trust readers will understand why I feel it is important to do so, and to also provide links – JD

Letter to the Courageous Former Israeli Gilad Atzmon
By David Duke

Dear Gilad,

As usual Gilad, you write such fine articles exposing the evil of Zionism and Jewish supremacism. I do want to clarify a couple things that I imagine you have already considered.

1. A very small minority of influential Jews oppose immigration into European populated nations. And all of them who oppose immigration does so for one reason. Their opposition is not born of the detrimental effects of it on the indigenous people of our nations, but only from considerations of how Muslim immigration affects Jewish goals, political and social power and policies toward Israel. Most of them are busy manipulating Europeans, such as that Jewish-influenced Norwegian puppet, Breivik, to oppose only Muslim immigration while supporting all the other immigration from the Third World.  At the same moment they support Israel fanatically, which of course is the opposite of real national spirit and solidarity of the people among whom these Jews dwell. Because they are essentially telling people that they must put in the interests of Israel ahead of their own nations and people, even to the point of enduring terrorism for Israel.

2.The vast majority of influential Jews who hold real power in Media, politics, academia, and finance are hell bent to promote massive immigration of all types. They receive great pleasure from every degeneration and degradation of the European people. They are  exampled  by the Jewish porn kings who openly boast how they are purposely degrading the Gentile enemy and subverting the ethical values of the European Christian people. They also celebrate and make cool, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual degeneracy in their “mainstream media,” and yes, we shouldn’t forget how they promote making White miscegenation with non-Whites a fashionable moral imperative, even though it is a genocidal destruction of the expression of White diversity on this planet. When combined with low White birthrates and massive immigration it is devastating. The existential threat to the Western World hardly touches the great mass of Asians in China and Japan or the Africans in Africa. Only Whites are supposed to solve the race problem by genetically exterminating their seed from the planet.

Ultimately, all this is reflective of the good cop, bad cop routine, and we Europeans are the object of the charade. Jews  lead almost every destructive element in the Western World, from immigration to sexual degeneracy, to drugs and alcohol abuse, to White Slavery and organized crime, and the huge theft of the Zionist banksters such as the leaders of the Federal Reserve and IMF. They lead the cult of selfishness, materialism, and egotism as compared to altruism and idealism.

Our own people are told that the tiny minority of “conservative Jews” are the ones to save us from what their own brethren are doing to us, but actually these conservatives support their own brethren materially and morally and they are entirely dedicated to Jewish power which results in the nefarious destructive policies of America and the West.

The truth is, Gilad, they hate the European people many times more than the Muslims, who the overwhelming majority of powerful Jews see disdainfully as a woefully impotent enemy. They will not be happy until they see every last European either dead or dissolved in the rising brown sea. They believe they can eventually control all Arab politics as they did Mubarak, and as they do Turkey today, which whose leaders despite occasional public protestations, are lackeys of Zionism. They have openly stated that they believe Jewish media such as Zionist Rothstein’s MTV can corrupt and degenerate Muslims just has it has done to Europeans.

The truth is they want to create more Zionist trolls such as Breivik,  for idiots like Breivik are schooled in the Jewish terrorist way at looking at things. Creeps like Breivik embody traditional Jewish hatred of their enemies and commit evil and unspeakable acts of violence, often against our own people.

The 90 percent Jewish power base can use this violence to demonize and brainwash our people into believing that the genocide of the European people is a good and moral thing and resisting it is the epitome of evil. Perhaps even more importantly, Jewish extremists are the ones behind the increasing Globalist hegemony and shrinking human rights in European populated nations. As you know, Jewish extremists have led the fight to criminalize opinion, limit and restrict political discourse, and generally constrict the democratic and personal rights of Western citizens in many nations. Acts such as Breivik’s lead directly to more suppression.

Jewish Commies and Jewish Neocons: Good cop bad cop.

They keep the conflict boiling, divide and conquer, and in the process are eliminating the longest and most hated enemy of the Jewish people, the European Christians.

To these Jewish extremists, Europeans are not humanists as people might characterize the proto-European Charles Dickens, but are anti-Semites, just as Dickens is hated by them for encapsulating evil and corruption in the hook nose of Fagin.

Jews, of course, are not completely monolithic, but please understand the Jews lead the two most influential movements in the world which are commonly characterized as being in fundamental conflict with each other, Radical Zionism and the radical Marxism that embraces Feminism, and Egalitarianism.

As you have pointed out these “humanitarian, Marxist Jews” have carefully led the anti-Zionist discourse to avoid the fundamental issues of Jewish supremacism and racism, terror and murder.

I am a European who respects all other peoples and who wants, nay demands, that my own people are allowed to live and flourish in its unique expressions of form, and life and culture; in a harmonious society reflective of our people’s soul and spirit. Jewish Supremacism, under the banner of Marxist Egalitarianism such as the mass murderers Lenin and Trotsky, and the their Jewish ideological descendants in the cultural Marxist movements of today –  seek to rule over all the earth and end independence and all real freedom.

The true patriots of our people don’t see any Jewish extremist “good cops,” only bad ones, and the sad truth is that very few people of Jewish descent, such as yourself, dare to carve out a moral platform dedicated only to truth and fairness that goes even beyond the flesh and blood.

As you have pointed out so well with the Jewish corruption of the so-called Anti-Zionist Movement, please understand that for these radical Jews, destruction of European heritage and loyalty is a weapon they use to divide and conquer. Multiculturalism is a weapon for Jewish supremacism. Immigration is means to divide and conquer ,and they are already using its bad effects to garner support for Israel from unsuspecting European people.

It is my task to warn the world of this Trojan Horse before there are many more Breiviks and the immense damage and evil they cause our people.

Best to You,

David Duke

H/t: Bob, commenting at That Place

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Tina MacKay

July 30, 2011 at 4:24 pm (good people, health service, Jim D, Unite the union, workers)

Gill George writes on the UnitedLeft list (29 July):


Comrades in London and Eastern Region and the Health Sector (of Unite) will be shocked to learn of the death of Tina MacKay yesterday.

Tina (pictured above) was the victim of a hit and run incident when she was on her way home late last night. She died instantly.

Tina was the Lead Officer for Health in the region.  She cared about what she did. I’d seen her twice in the last few weeks – at a meeting where we established an embryonic ‘action committee’ for speech therapists in London and before that on Unite’s demo in defence of the NHS on 5th July. She pitched up early at the demo, bouncing around with armfuls of Unite flags to press on anyone who would take them – as she always did. She brought passion and commitment to building the union, on the little things as well as the big ones.

Over the last few months, Tina played a brilliant role building support in Unite for a whole series of NHS demonstrations in London. I met her in the street a few days before one of them and she grinned and said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna go mental about this.’ She had infectious energy and enthusiasm and threw herself behind any hint of a fight back in Health. There’s a layer of young active pushy reps coming through now in Health because of the work Tina did, sensing the beginnings of a mood and going with it. There’s a layer of us older ones who are still around because of Tina’s support.

Tina really was a lovely person – good fun and great company. She’ll leave a big hole in Unite, and she’ll be missed by very many lay members, officers and staff.

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Richard Branson – the people’s capitalist

July 28, 2011 at 9:24 pm (capitalism, celebrity, James Bloodworth, parasites, plutocrats)

Cross-posted from ‘Obliged to Offend’

Sir Richard Branson is widely held up as an example of entrepreneurial success.
Not in the mould of the ruthless tycoon sat atop a shiny tower counting piles of
cash, but as the face of a new breed of capitalist who, at the end of the
20th-century, “tore off their ties, threw open their shirt necks and fretted
about their employees’ spiritual well-being,” as Terry Eagleton puts it.

Richard Branson is essentially a man of the “Cool Britannia” era. “We
are seriously relaxed about people becoming very, very rich,” Peter Madelson
said at the time; and this was reflected in people like Branson. It was no
longer a source of shame to have “loadsamoney”. Class, that old chestnut of
20th-century politics, was no more, or so the establishment liked to think.
Still lingering here and there like a bad smell, but on the way out,

Unsurprisingly perhaps, it didn’t take long before the rich
began to view the payment of tax as something they could be seriously relaxed
about, too. What would at one time have been shameful became over the course of
30 years something like a badge of honour. This did not restrict itself to those
at the top of society, either. Even members of the working class – those on the
receiving end of today’s government cuts – can at times be heard referring
disparagingly to the “tax man”, implying a dark, shadowy figure in it simply for
what they can get. Perhaps it is indeed language that is of greatest importance
in this respect, for one can hardly boast of “asset maximisation” when
well-aware they are depriving not an anonymous and shadowy “tax man”, but
terminally ill children of otherwise affordable cancer treatment, or pensioners
of the ability to heat their homes for more than a few hours a day.

Recently I wrote an article highlighting the behaviour of Bono and U2
when it came to the payment of tax. In it I quoted Jim Aiken, a music promoter
who helped stage U2 concerts in Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s. What he said
epitomised Bono and the new breed of ego-driven capitalist in a sentence: “U2
are arch-capitalists – arch-capitalists – but it looks as if they’re not.”
Looking beyond the self-glorification and ferocious publicity campaigns that
characterise Bono’s “charitable giving,” U2 were simultaneously cutting the feet
from under their own government’s ability to provide for the very poorest in the
world – the very people Bono feigned the greatest concern for.

A similar thing could be said of Branson, whose first company, Virgin Music, started amid
a sophisticated purchase-tax fraud that Branson himself admitted in 1971. The
company was sold in 1992 for £560m and Branson went on to build his business
empire from there. Despite a public persona as the amiable People’s Capitalist,
Branson, according to Tom Bower, author of the book Branson, has spent “a lifetime building

a fortune on hype, misrepresentations and…a criminal conviction for tax

Branson’s business interests would always come ahead of any
notion of the public good. For years Branson campaigned in Westminster for the
privatisation of the rail network, one of the most disastrous sell-offs of
public assets during the Thatcher era. Today Virgin Rail remains dependent on
state money, aggressively protects its monopoly, and is subject to an exorbitant
number of passenger complaints. (Bower, 2005)


Another of Branson’s obsessions, his “lifetime ambition,” according to a millennium
lecture he gave at Oxford, was to take over the running of the National Lottery.
As Bower points out, “possessing the lottery would bequeath a vast cash flow in
management fees and endless free publicity to Virgin by association while
Branson anointed the lottery’s millionaires. By controlling the lottery, Branson
would never again need to bother with dicey enterprises like cola, clothes,
cosmetics or even mobile phones. Most important, he would reverse the crushing
humiliation he suffered by two rejections”.

News surfaced today that Branson is planning to
move Virgin’s brand division to Switzerland in a switch that is likely to save
the company millions in tax revenue. The move is being undertaken, in the words
of Virgin, “to co-ordinate…international growth and brand management,”
whatever that means.

Commenting on Virgin’s historical tax record in
Britain before the latest move was announced, Richard Murphy from Tax Research
was already less-than complimentary, saying: “I didn’t think
Virgin paid any tax here, let’s be blunt about it. It’s been remarkably poor at
doing so.”

Whatever the case, the British treasury – and by that I mean
hospitals, schools and care homes, to name but a few – is about to become
several million pounds lighter, and no amount of rolling-up the shirtsleeves,
hairspray or aspirational rhetoric is going to change that.

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Norway: two letters to the Guardian

July 27, 2011 at 12:19 am (Guardian, Human rights, Ireland, Jim D, Norway, terror)

1/ I’m writing to voice my concern over the online articles that describe the
recent events in Oslo (Norwegian
gunman boasted of links to UK far right
, 23 July; Anders
Behring Breivik: profile of a mass murderer
, 23 July). The words “terror

attack” and similar phrases were immediately used to describe the events in
Oslo, until it transpired that the acts were committed by one local individual,
when the labelling of the atrocities changed to a “bomb and gun massacre”.

I can’t help but feel a sense of embedded passive racism developing; if the
terrorist attacks in London, crimes against UK citizens with the intention to
terrorise the public, were committed by a fellow white, previously law-abiding,
devoutly Christian UK citizen, would they have been considered terrorism, or
just mass murder? Yet here in Norway, the suspected perpetrator of the attacks
is still due to be charged and is being held for acts of terror.

White terrorists are always humanised by the media and labelled differently.
The individual is now stated to be a Christian, an extremist, somebody who
enjoyed “popular films, television shows and video games”. Muslims are
dehumanised through stereotype. It’s portrayed as being in their nature to be
cruel and hence deserve invasions and torturous imposition of foreign rule.

So, can we continue to refer to the acts of terror in Oslo as such, or do we
now see a future where all terrorist attacks are merely terrible crimes, with
the criminal humanised, regardless of race, religion or targeted nation?

Matt Cox

Oslo, Norway


2/ Matt Cox (Letters,
25 July) has a short memory. He writes: “If terrorist attacks in London against
UK citizens … were committed by a fellow white, previously law-abiding,
devoutly Christian UK citizen, would they have been considered terrorism or just
mass murder?” It is not so long ago that regular attacks were made on UK
citizens by white, Christian (Catholic or Protestant) citizens, which went on
for more than 30 years. These attacks were indeed labelled “terrorism”; they
were also labelled “mass murder”. By calling these acts murder, the state was
able to resist the perpetrators’ insistence that they be categorised as
political prisoners, with unhappy consequences that many in Ireland continue to

Most people hope that the new political settlement in Northern Ireland holds
– but language (nationalist, loyalist etc) continues to provide flashpoints of
disagreement, and underlines the continuing importance of getting the words
right in media commentary.

Máire Davies


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As Norway mourns, the “root cause” apologists break cover

July 26, 2011 at 10:33 am (apologists and collaborators, fascism, Human rights, Johnny Lewis, Norway, terror)

Even as the people of Norway were holding their dignified and moving anti-violence vigils in Oslo and elsewhere…

…the “root cause” apologists started to crawl out of the woodwork. These are the people who are not terrorists themselves, but come close to justifying terrorism by claiming that such acts are the inevitable result of some government policy – foreign or domestic – that they don’t like. Terrorism can never be defeated, they say, unless these policies – the “root cause” of terrorism – are changed. It’s a despicable line of argument that crosses the line between a legitimate exploration of what makes a terrorist tick, and a justification of terrorism. And whatever your opinion of the government policy that is the alleged “root cause”, no democrat or respectable commentator could possibly argue for changing the policy on that basis. Could they?

H/t: Max D

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The Lavender Hill Mob

July 24, 2011 at 4:52 pm (cinema, comedy, crime, Jim D)

It’s been a pretty depressing few days, what with Somalia, Norway and even Amy Winehouse. Time, I think, for some light relief. Happily, they’ve just re-released on DVD, ‘The Lavender Hill Mob,’ (1951), one of the best of the Ealing comedies.

Alec Guinness (already a “serious” actor) teams up with with the old-time music hall comic Stanley Holloway to make a marvellous pair of amateur criminal master-minds, who recruit the incompetent small-time crooks Sid James and Alfie Bass for their carefully-planned bullion robbery. Ray Galton and Alan Simpson saw this film when they were looking for a side-kick for Tony Hancock, whose radio show they were writing. They knew immediately that Sid James was their man, but they didn’t know who he was. They went back to the cinema and watched the film all over again, just so that they could note down James’s name from the credits. Those were the days.

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For Amy Winehouse and Ottilie Patterson: the Empress sings

July 23, 2011 at 10:17 pm (jazz, Jim D, song, The blues)

Amy died too young, and Ottilie died forgotten; both were in this great tradition:

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Norway’s Oklahoma

July 23, 2011 at 5:46 pm (anti-fascism, hell, Human rights, humanism, india, Jim D, Norway, terror)

So, the perpetrator of the Oslo outrage was a white Norwegian Christian-fundamentalist fascist who hated ‘multi-culturalism’ and Muslims.

I would hope that it’s common ground on the left (and not just the “left”, but all decent people), that the following apply:

1/ We cannot conceive of even the slightest degree of sympathy for this fascist;

2/ We must not say anything to the effect of “Norway had it coming“;

3/ We must not attempt to excuse this crime with vacuous talk of “victimhood” or “justified grievance

This was an action by a fascist- who is probably a nutter- and we must treat it as such: our only concern should be to defeat and crush him and any movement he is associated with.

Above: the “blond, blue-eyed” Anders Behring Breivik.

The left must say “No pasarán!” to far-right terrorism: full stop.

Whether it’s by a white fascist religious fanatic against innocent white people…

…or by brown fascist religious fanatics against innocent brown people:

Injured victims of a bomb explosion are loaded onto a truck to be taken to hospital in the Zaveri Bazaar area of Mumbai

Above: victims of Islamo-fascist terrorism in Mumbai, India, July 2011

Details of the Oklahoma bombing here.

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Support Palestinian quarry workers!

July 22, 2011 at 10:27 pm (Jim D, palestine, solidarity, unions, workers)

Striking  Palestinian quarry workers need your help today.
Is  this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.
Striking workers at the Salit quarry.
It’s now been more than a month since 35 Palestinian workers began their strike at the Salit quarry in the occupied West Bank.They have now asked for a global online campaign to pressure their
Israeli employer to come back to the bargaining table.
Please  send off your message and spread the word.
Thank you.
Eric  Lee

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Lucian Freud, 8 Dec 1922- 20 July 2011

July 22, 2011 at 6:16 am (Art and design, Champagne Charlie)


The greatest portrait painter of our time…

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping

 …no longer actively seeking, or available for, work

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