McCluskey Jewish News interview

December 21, 2017 at 10:36 am (anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, israel, labour party, Middle East, palestine, posted by JD, Unite the union, zionism)

Len McCluskey was recently interviewed by the Jewish News: given Unite the Union’s influence within the Labour Party, and McCluskey’s recent comments on the question of anti-Semitism within the Labour movement, we feel it’s important that his views, as expressed here, are more widely known. By linking to this interview, Shiraz is not necessarily endorsing what McCluskey says, or the commentary of his interviewer:

EXCLUSIVE interview with Len McCluskey: ‘Ken’s comments were indefensible’

Leader of Unite tells Jewish News he’s ‘uncomfortable’ about part of his union’s boycott policy and how Prime Minister Corbyn would have purchase with Hamas

By Stephen Oryszczuk December 14, 2017

Above: an earlier interview that Len now says could “be taken the wrong way”

Len McCluskey is big in size and influence, but his voice is soft and his messaging simple. The country’s top trade union leader, the boss of Unite was ‘what won it’ for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership, as the undisputed power broker in left-wing politics, with 1.5 million members. Whatever you think of him, his views count, so it’s interesting to talk to him about Jews, Israel, beating up anti-Semites, talking to terrorists, and what Jeremy Corbyn would do as prime minister. I ask how long we have. “As long as it takes,” he says. The others can wait.

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We start on Trump’s Jerusalem embassy announcement – “not in the slightest bit helpful to Israel” – although he understands why Netanyahu would welcome it. His main issue is that “it makes the process of bringing both parties together – of peace – that much further away”. Has the US relinquished its role as peace broker? “I think so. I mean, how can [Trump] offer an olive branch to both Israel and the Palestinians and say ‘come to Camp David’ when he has done this? Even when Russia recognised West Jerusalem, I think the world sees East Jerusalem as a legitimate Palestinian area. I just think this is so sad. It makes peace more difficult.”

The British government criticised it, to no effect, just as it does Israeli settlement building, so what would a Jeremy Corbyn government do differently, if anything? Nobody has a magic wand, he says, adding that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is perhaps the world’s biggest problem today. “It’s about trying to create a process, climate and culture where people can sit down and – in a reasonable and realistic fashion – try to see if there’s a way forward.” To that end, he says Labour should recognise a State of Palestine, because “we all agree about a two-state solution,” although he acknowledges growing calls for a one-state solution.

Read the full interview here


  1. Jim Denham, said,

  2. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The fact that Unite and other unions are perpetually getting embroiled in Israeli politics speaks volumes and shows their agenda. They are not Israeli friendy and the two State soultion is a hoax.

    • Ben said,

      The two-state solution the unions espouse is fraudulent. They want a Jewish state with a huge Arab minority, which also is forced to accept vast numbers of returning descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 war, a war of extermination launched by the Arabs against the Jews. They also want an Arab state that is free of Jews. and which has expelled all its Jewish residents. They support anti-Jewish apartheid in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, and they give not a whit about Israel’s security.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        The game is up for the Islamic fascists and their anti Jewish Western supporting fascists. The Israeli Jews know their enemy and those who pretend not to be their enemy.
        Well done Trump.

  3. Dave said,

    Nobody rows back like Len. How could
    anyone confuse ‘in 47 years I’ve seen no
    anti-semitism in Labour’ with ‘there is no
    anti-semitism in Labour’ two completely
    different things…..bloody bourgeois press.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Nobody knows like Ken. No one knows it better than Ken. The Jews world wide wdould put their trust in Ken. The Jews would walk 500 miles for Ken. The jews would have Ken as their dentist, Aye.


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  10. Raj said,

    Interesting site …Raj,Southall UK.

  11. BLAKCATZ said,

  12. BLAKCATZ said,



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