Lucian Freud, 8 Dec 1922- 20 July 2011

July 22, 2011 at 6:16 am (Art and design, Champagne Charlie)


The greatest portrait painter of our time…

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping

 …no longer actively seeking, or available for, work


  1. Mr Jelly_not_Jolly said,


    Lucian Freud has died. He was Mathew Freud’s uncle.Mathew freud is married to Elizabeth Murdoch and his PR company is up to it’s neck in the current cesspit. There are hundreds of othr Freuds – Emma Freud married to Richard Curtis – all of them useless tossers. Lucian Freud fathered about 40 children none of which he took any responsibilty for – financial or otherwise. If the tabloid press had found a working class father of 40 kids who didn’t provide for any of them they’d have had a field day…HOW COME LUCIAN FREUD WAS NEVER ON THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW …..but not dear old satyr Lucian and his ‘muses’. No doubt Mathew is already flogging Uncle Lucian stories to the Sunday times – owned by his father-in-law. Pass the sickbag.

  2. Mr Jelly_not_Jolly said,

    BTW — in case you didn’t get me — fuck Freud cunTS

  3. Jim Denham said,

    His younger brother’s greatest achievement:

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