Apologies to the heroic Kurdish liberators of Kobane!

January 31, 2015 at 4:40 pm (anti-fascism, democracy, good people, Human rights, islamism, Jim D, kurdistan, liberation, Middle East, misogyny, Syria, terror, war, women)

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YPG fighters celebrate their victory: note the gender of many of them. 

Over at That Place, Gene has noted the lack of coverage on leftist blogs and websites, of the wonderful news of the defeat of the ISIS (aka Daesh) occupiers of the Syrian border town of Kobane, at the hands of heroic Kurdish forces.

Gene mentions That Place’s own coverage (fair enough), and quite correctly gives credit to Tendance Coatesy‘s coverage, which has been exemplary. I found myself nodding along in agreement, hoping that the silence of much of the left is not symptomatic of any residual sympathy with Islamism, “blow-back” nonsense, or a lingering belief in that highly sophisticated Tariq Ali-ish political philosophy “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

Then it dawned on me that over here at Shiraz we’ve so far said nothing. So, for the record:

Shiraz Socialist unreservedly apologises to the heroic fighters of the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, for our delay in celebrating your marvellous victory over the fascists and mass rapists of Daesh / ISIS in Kobane. We can only offer you our assurance that this delay is not the result of any political reservations about the justice of your struggle or the need for all principled leftists to give you unqualified support.

Your victory in Kobane is a huge physical and symbolic blow to Daesh’s ambitions.

We celebrate reports that Daesh have lost more than 1,000 fighters since it began its advance on Kobane in September 2014 in an attempt to control the border between Syria and Turkey. At one point the fascist-rapists had taken over most of the city.

Air raids by the US-led coalition undoubtedly helped the anti-fascist struggle, but the credit for this great victory must go the Kurdish forces. The role of women fighters is especially glorious and must be celebrated. As Gene notes:

“One way of countering Islamic State propaganda and recruitment in the West is the widest possible distribution of photos and videos of the female fighters who helped defeat IS– living proof that not only is IS losing, it is losing to women who will fight and die rather than submit to the forced marriage and sexual slavery which IS claims is its right.”

Death to fascism in all its forms! Victory to the Kurds! Victory to democratic, secular socialism!


  1. matthewblott said,

    Nice tribute of which i am in full agreement 🙂

  2. damon said,

    I’m more than happy to see Isis defeated.
    I don’t know what the significance of Kabone is today.
    I presume all the civilians had left and much of it is destroyed.
    Turkey could have driven Isis out in an afternoon had it wished, so we’re still stuck with the politics of the situation.
    YPG are allied to the PKK I believe. In Germany, riot police will charge into groups of Kurds protesting, just for chanting ”PKK”.
    The PKK bombed a bus full of tourists in Turkey in 2005, killing five people, one of whom was a 17 year old Irish girl.

    • Glesga Keeping Scotland Free From Loonies said,

      Bombs do not descrimate. Perhaps the Irish Republicans could have learned this lesson. I doubt they cared a bit.

      • Aaron Aarons said,

        The far larger number of far more powerful bombs dropped by the United Killdom, the United Snakes, et al. in their numerous invasions and counterinsurgency wars don’t always “descrimate” either, but, when they do discriminate, they do so in favor of the oppressors and against the oppressed.

  3. Jim Denham said,

  4. Steven Johnston said,

    Death to fascism in all forms…yes!
    Victory to the Kurds…no as it should be victory to the working class!
    Victory to socialism following the defeat of fascism? Err…are you having a laugh?
    Didn’t happen after WWII so why should it happen now? I thought everyone knew that, but unless you forgot…
    Japan embraced capitalism. Germany was divided between capitalism and state capitalism. America remained capitalist as did all the other nations that were liberated from fascism and/or fought fascism. The capitalists probably hated fascism as much if not more than socialists as the –ism had outlived it’s usefulness to the capitalist system and they no longer wanted to do business that way.
    Fascism must be stopped but 99% of those stopping it neither want nor understand socialism and until that changes you may end up with something just as bad. But socialism never, ever arises like a phoenix from the ashes of fascism.

    • Aaron Aarons said,

      Your argument is based on the premise that what came into existence in China, Korea and Eastern Europe (including Yugoslavia) after WWII was a form of capitalism. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  5. Steven Johnston said,

  6. Not George Sabra said,

    It was also a victory for the FSA, which had a few hundred fighters in Kobane fighting side-by-side YPG. https://notgeorgesabra.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/ypg-and-fsa-united-against-terrorism-and-for-a-free-democratic-syria/

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