Morning Star now “openly pro-imperialist” shock horror!

December 23, 2013 at 1:34 pm (Beyond parody, comedy, conspiracy theories, insanity, Jim D, reactionay "anti-imperialism", sectarianism, stalinism, strange situations)

Jang Song-Thaek (C) reportedly being dragged out from his chair by two police officials during a meeting in Pyongyang

Above: swift, decisive and resolute action against agent of imperialism Jang Song

The Morning Star (de facto organ of the Communist Party of Britan) took an uncharacteristically critical line on North Korea in its editorial following the Jang Song execution.

Today’s Star letters page carries a swift, decisive and resolute reply from reader Dermot Hudson upbraiding these craven revisionists for (amongst other crimes) failing to mention that the Pyongyang Metro is the cheapest in the world and litre of beer costs just 20p: “What is this if not socialism?” demands the imperious Comrade Hudson, no doubt causing these despicable pro-imperialist running dogs and lackeys to quake in their counter-revolutionary boots.

The Star may have published the letter for its entertainment value, but they should not be allowed to forget that as recently as 2003, a CPB internal report (written by our old sparring-partner Andrew Murray) stated “Our Party has already made its basic position of solidarity with Peoples Korea clear.” So don’t laugh too loudly, comrades…

YOUR editorial Schism in North Korea (M Star December 16) was without a doubt one of the worst articles ever to appear in the Morning Star.

The Star has truly crossed the Rubicon. It has degenerated from being a revisionist newspaper into being openly pro-imperialist, anti-communist and social democratic.

The editorial rehashed the lies of the capitalist press with a few cheap throwaway jibes aimed at currying favour with Trotskyites.

The article reads like a mixture of the Sun newspaper and the Socialist Worker.

The defeat of the counter-revolutionary faction in the DPRK should be a matter for congratulation.

The swift, decisive and resolute action taken by Marshal Kim Jong Un has dealt a blow to the imperialists — as shown by the reactionary Lord Alton’s comments that Jang Song Thaek was “a real hope for reform” in the DPRK.

The class enemy is angry about the elimination of its agent in the DPRK but why should the Star, a “socialist daily newspaper,” join hands with them in attacking the DPRK?

Had the Soviet Union taken similar decisive measures against Gorbachov and Yeltsin socialism would still exist in the USSR today — this is a fact.

All the old lies of the capitalist media about the DPRK are spewed up by the Morning Star.

Rather than living standards declining in the DPRK they are improving as a large number of leisure and cultural facilities have been built in the past 18 months.

Education and health care are free in the DPRK, housing is virtually free and people do not pay tax.

The Pyongyang Metro is the cheapest in the world at only 2.5p per journey and a litre of beer costs just 20p.

What is this if not socialism?

There is no schism in the DPRK — a handful of counter-revolutionary factionalists do not represent anyone.

The people are solidly united around the party and the leader.



  1. Robin Carmody said,

    I always thought the Left *supported* people paying tax and considered it to be a central tenet of socialism. Funny that.

  2. Morning Star now “openly pro-imperialist” shock horror! | OzHouse said,

    […] Dec 23 2013 by admin […]

  3. Howard Fuller said,

    Dermot Hudson is a member of the NCP (New Communist Patsy), purveyors of the Juche philosophy in this country.

    What a paradise North Korea must be. Beer at 20p a litre. What else could a worker want….

    other than food and freedom denied them all!

    • Jim Denham said,

      Actually, Howard, beer at 20p a litre is the only good thing I’ve ever heard about North Korea.

  4. cjcjc said,

    I’m guessing not very many people actually have access to this 20p beer

    • dagmar said,

      I’m guessing that the monthly wage is 45p.

  5. Bob-B said,

    Given that North Korea is such a great place, it’s funny that they have go to such lengths to stop people leaving the country. You would think that people would be queuing up to get in. Maybe Mr Hudson should set an example by moving there forthwith.

  6. Babs said,

    If you think you are too tall and wish to shrink a couple of inches go to North Korea for a while. They are far more advanced than any other country in that regard.

  7. jimmy glesga said,

    Hard to believe that generations of people are destined to die while the likes of the Great Leader(s) rule for eternity. Surely someone can poison the hairpiece on the little shits head. Surely one soldier with a conscience can give him the Clap.

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