Against Madrid’s repression; against a middle class Catalan breakaway state

October 1, 2017 at 9:02 am (Andrew Coates, capitulation, class collaboration, democracy, elections, internationalism, nationalism, populism, spain)

By Andrew Coates (at Tendance Coatesy)

Catalan independence supporters oversee polling

(Grupos de activistas pro referéndum toman las escuelas para garantizar su apertura el domingo)

From the Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International (Northite).

Rarely do we agree with this group, but here they say some important truths which most of the English speaking left seems unable to articulate.

We would add that it is astonishing that anybody who claims to be socialist or left, in the case of the Catalan ERC  Republican Left of Catalonia (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, ERC; IPA:  and the smaller  pro-nationalist ‘radical’ left outside, can justify an alliance of the Catalan nationalist left with a corruption riddled (and much larger) pro-business party, the Partit Demòcrata Europeu Català, PDeCAT), also known as the Catalan Democratic Party (CatalanPartit Demòcrata Català). It was founded in Barcelona on 10 July 2016, as the successor to  the now-defunct Democratic Convergence of Catalonia. Why the name change from its former incarnation, the Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya? There is one family name that sums the reasons up, Jordi Pujol, a byword for sleaze and insider backhander, something that marks out modern Catalan nationalism.

The strategy of this alliance, which won 47% of the regional vote in 2015,and 71 out of 135 seats in the devolved parliament, has been to blame ‘Madrid’ – with overtones of the profligate, lazy ‘Southerners’- for all their economic and political problems.

Appararently this is ‘civic nationalism’.

But then there are people who can convince themselves that the SNP is ‘left-wing’.

30 September 2011

Oppose the state crackdown on the Catalan independence referendum!

For working class unity! No to separatism in Spain!

Catalonia is Spain’s richest region, representing a fifth of the country’s GDP. The separatist parties aim to create a new mini-state, through which they can claw back taxes presently paid to central government, while establishing direct relations with the global banks, transnational corporations and the European Union. They hope to transform Catalonia into a low tax, free trade area based on stepped-up exploitation of the working class.
The Catalan nationalists and their pseudo-left backers dress themselves up as progressives. However, nothing fundamental distinguishes Catalan separatism from similar separatist formations across Europe—the Scottish Nationalist Party in the UK, or those of an explicitly right-wing character such as Italy’s Northern League and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang. In all these instances, separatism has emerged in regions enjoying some economic advantage over the rest of the country, which the local bourgeoisie seeks to exploit to its own benefit.

An “independent” Catalan republic, were it established, would be nothing of the sort. It would be even more dependent on the major powers, in Europe and internationally. In alliance with the EU, it would continue the policies the Catalan separatist parties pursued in their alliance with Madrid: brutal austerity, slashing funding for education, health care and other social needs and using police to smash strikes and protests. It would be a dead end for workers.


Against capitalist Spain and the creation of a capitalist Catalonia, the ICFI calls for building the United Socialist States of Europe!


  1. petrel41 said,

  2. petrel41 said,

  3. Robert said,

    It’s all too bloody obvious that the Gnatshitonallist, or that rag a press baronetcy sells ads in with promise of an SNP readership, is playing up to the idea that if the Catalans can do it so can the Caterans or whatever you can call the Kleinschottlanders.

    Quite why should I support Catalunya being under a rule from Barcelona rather than being part of Spain? And what has that to do with Scotland — the indieanal country ????

    My country is, so indie-anal —
    jazz fans will quickly recoignise the tune —
    and if I’d time I’d find some words
    and once she’d had her whey and curds
    Knickey’d play it on her needfu’ lang spune

  4. petrel41 said,

  5. Political Tourist said,

    The funny thing is, the only place in Western Europe that has successfully broke away from a larger Union is the Brit Nats in the UK.
    Explain that one, comrades.
    Ps, maybe Jeremy could explain it. Seriously, Corbyn, Farage and Mogg!!!
    You couldn’t make it up.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      And the British Union is still intact and will remain so. The EU beaurocracy is now on the defensive along with all their accumulated wealth. The Scottish Nationalists were against the CM but now have come on board with the EU. Loadsamoney inflates the waist.

    • BoilTheBell (@lost_mccynic) said,

      Er, that is not going to happen, FFS we haven’t even settled the Irish Border yet

  6. charliethechulo said,

    Its not just the violence today. Offices of political parties have bern raided and politicians arrested. This is the biggest attack in democracy by the Spanish state since the death of Franco

    One key thing for the left in Spain and beyond is not too leave this as a Catalan issue to be resolved or not by independence or working class unity but rather a urgent task for all workers in Spain whether Catalan, Basque, Castilian or more recent migrants to oust the Rajoy government. Today catalans are facing tomorrow striking workers in Castilian Madrid or Valencia

    During the troubles in Northern Ireland the labour left for all its faults was good at exposing human rights abuses and miscarriages of justice by british authorities even as they were crudely republican in general Irish politics. Point is they made them issues for the British labour movement to take up as instances of authoritarianism and brutality by the british state not just as an Irish issue to be resolved by the struggle for unification.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      The Catelonia bourgeoisie do not want unification unlike the fascist IRA who killed working class people for their cause. Some on the fascist British left disgraced themselves during the IRA campaign. The non Catholic working class in NI meant nothing to them. Protestants were fair game to them as Israeli Jews are.

      • SteveH said,

        Hey Cretin,

        You know you Glasgow Working Class you remind me of a character called Jimmy Glesga, he was a cretin too (not so much working class as a online defamation of the working class!).

        You Mr Glasgow are instead the following, and really take this on board, because this is you and in lots of ways this is Shiraz Socialist (about as socialist as a National Socialist incidentally).

        Two Romanians walk down a British street talking to each other in Romanian, you walk by and for you this provides irrefutable proof of the Islamification of Europe.

  7. petrel41 said,

    What the same ‘Northite’ site writes today, plus, graphic, videos and photos:

    including anti-police demonstrations by Spanish language Andalusian immigrants in Catalonia

  8. Glasgow Working Class said,

    StevieH, crap joke and you have to work for a living to call yourself working class. Two Romanians walking down a Romanian Street and saying not much crime here lets move to the UK.

    • Henry said,

      It wasn’t a joke cretin it was a metaphor of your very soul!

      Your two Romanians…not much crime here is so in keeping with your cretinous nature. I mean an absolutely perfect illustration of everything you are.

      I like you Mr Glasgow because with friends like you who needs enemies!

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        I am only friendly with those I keep close. You must be a religious type!

  9. Political Tourist said,

    Silly question for the Glesga Bigot, do you really give a monkeys whether Catalonia goes Indy?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      You are the bigot not me therefore I cannot answer your question.

  10. Political Tourist said,

    Glesga Bigot, you answered the question as i thought.
    Brit Nats couldn’t care less about Catalonia or Spain.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Why should a Brit Nat or Scot Nat or any Nat be concerned about Spain? You Scottish Tartan Tories should concern yourselves with the poor dying on our streets on a daily basis and stop blaming the Tories.

  11. Political Tourist said,


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