Ex-Marxist SNP’ers out on their ears

June 13, 2017 at 1:21 pm (elections, identity politics, nationalism, populism, scotland, SNP)

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Above: Kerevan’s advert in his local paper: odd that he said that the general election was not about independence, and then subsequently goes on to say that the election result is a chance to seize independence.

Dale Street writes:

Ex-IMG’er George Kerevan and his bag-carrier  Chris Bamberry (ex-IMG and SWP) both lost their jobs on June 7th.

But the ‘thinking’ of Bamberry on the ‘thinking’ of Kerevan is still apparent from an article by Kerevan (or in Kerevan’s name) in The National.

(The front cover below is genuine. The one beneath it is a spoof.)
 Inline image

 Inline image


  1. Robert said,

    I see one crackpot declaring

    “The people of Scotland in 35 of the 59 constituencies, made it clear they wanted a pro independence candidate by returning the SNP to Westminster.”

    Presumably there were transport problems, the people of Scotland would have a job getting to all 59 constituencies. But presumably in those 35 constituencies there were votes from NOT THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND?

    Who were these other voters the crackpot commenter in the GNATSHITONALL (NATIONAL some call it) ignores as the official figure didn’t, in some cases substantial majorities of all who voted?

    One of the occasions when Hugh MacDiarmid was allowed through the blacklisting which helped him be the batty author of LUCKY POET, was when he blew the gaff admirably on some eedjits in Glasgow with guns. On the verge of shooting rather more than mere party power champions of Scotland through the brogues, he used the line TAILORS OF TOOLEY STREET — which folk used to be taught at school referred to a minority of little account who led off their petition WE THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND …

    Possibly the management of the NATIONAL could have spiked the comment on George Kerevan’s article? Maybe they will yet.

    It’s goin’ yet? (Cf. “It’s comin’ yet”)

  2. Political Tourist said,

    Wasn’t Kate Hoey in the IMG?

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Arggh! The pics have disappeared! I’ll try to restore them.

  4. Political Tourist said,

    Heard quite a few Labour MPs called Kate Hoey, the DUP member for Vauxhall

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Very Very nice woman then! Fash Bhoy.

  5. kb72 said,

    Shame about the pics. I enjoyed the result in Scotland. Alex Salmond. My constituency SNP to Lib Dem. Shame the awful Pete Wishart held on to his seat by 38(?) votes.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Pics have returned where I am …

      • kb72 said,

        Not for me.

  6. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Strange thing is we now have a real British government of British loyalists.
    Corbyn fan of Irish Gaylick Papists and Islamic fascists is now in the wilderness.
    May has gained two extra years for the Tories.
    Who will lead Labour before the 2022 Election.

  7. DS said,

    With Bamberry as his mentor, Kerevan simply goes from strength to strength.

    Yesterday he tweeted:

    “I believe every Scotsman should be a Scottish nationalist.” John Buchan, House of Commons, 24 November 1932.

    Buchan was a Tory and an imperialist.

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