Arrogant Brexiteers better get used to the Irish standing up to them

December 6, 2017 at 10:38 am (Brexit, Europe, Ireland, nationalism, posted by JD, Tory scum)

Superb commentary by the Irish Independent‘s Colette Browne (5 Dec 2017)

 Theresa May and Leo Varadkar

The UK government’s arrogant colonial mindset, and its patronising belief that it knows best when it comes to Ireland, is the reason the Brexit negotiations are such an unmitigated omnishambles.

When the UK voted to leave the European Union, there was lots of frenzied waving of Union Jacks, lots of teary-eyed reminiscing about the glory days of empire and lots of fanciful bravado about the economic heights the UK would soar to – now that it wouldn’t have to carry the dead weight of the world’s biggest free market round its neck.

Some of its more zealously frothing-at-the-mouth pro-Brexit newspapers spent months fantasising about being able to change the colour of UK passports and commissioning a new Royal Yacht Britannia to cross the seas and provide a “showcase for everything that is best in Britain”. They’re going to call it Brexit-annia, by the way.

So much time was spent on fripperies and jingoistic fantasies that precisely zero thought was given to the messy mechanics of Brexit. How on earth could 45 years of ever-closer union be unwound in just two years?

Even less consideration was given to the Irish question. There was lots of talk about German cars and French wine – but the fact that an entire country was inconveniently affixed to one of its borders didn’t warrant any consideration from any of the geniuses who promoted Brexit.

In recent weeks it has become apparent why so little thought was given to Ireland by the current Tory government – most of its members couldn’t find it on a map and are embarrassingly ignorant about our people, our politics and our culture.

The Little Englanders who comprise the UK government didn’t think about Ireland because they don’t care about Ireland. They didn’t think that we’d dare to give them any trouble. They thought we’d doff the cap, raise them in salute and let our betters dictate the terms of any deal.

They articulated their vision for Brexit – a brave new world in which all of their fervent nationalistic delusions would become reality – and expect the Paddies to simply roll over and let them get on with it.

The wails of despair you now hear from senior Tories and their supporters, as the reality of securing Brexit proves much more difficult than merely holding a referendum, is the sound of those dreams dying.

For the first time in our long history with the UK, the supplicant has become the master – and the former master doesn’t like it.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, having barely had time to wipe the egg off his face after he suggested last week that the reason the Irish were being so intransigent was because of an upcoming presidential election that no one else knew about, boldly went on the record again yesterday to lambast our government’s obstinacy.

“I don’t see what we have got to sign up to. We have given them all the reassurances they have asked for. If Ireland wants to block us from going on to discussing trade, we will just get on and leave on World Trade organisation terms,” he told the ‘London Evening Standard’.

If you look closely at that statement, the visceral contempt for the Irish daring to protect the interests of its citizens actually drips from the page.

The DUP’s Sammy Wilson was so enraged by the Irish Government’s rigidity that he threatened to veto any Brexit deal involving any reference to ‘regulatory alignment’ in Stormont – appearing to forget that there is no Stormont Assembly at the moment so the DUP can’t veto anything there.

Historians will look back on these botched Brexit negotiations as a case study of what happens when one side abandons all reason, logic and rationality as part of its negotiating strategy.

If anything, after the bedlam on display yesterday a deal enabling the British to move on to phase two of Brexit negotiations is further away than ever.

As soon as details of the proposed agreement with the Irish Government leaked out, that there would be regulatory alignment between Northern Ireland and the Republic, the Scots, the mayor of London and the Welsh were all clamouring for similar deals.

In order to gauge the true extent of the dystopian nightmare that this creates for long-suffering British Prime Minister Theresa May, it is necessary to consider that the Welsh, unlike Scotland and the City of London, actually voted to leave the EU – but now apparently want a Brexit deal that entails them remaining, for all intents and purposes, in the single market and the customs union.

Faced with revolt from all corners of the UK, Mrs May did what she has become adept at in recent months – ran for cover, prevaricated and finally reneged on the agreement, with the result that nobody is happy.

Now, the true horror for Mrs May really begins, as she attempts to cobble together a deal that simply doesn’t exist – simultaneously keeping an open Border on this island while Northern Ireland moves, with the rest of the UK, outside the single market and customs union. Even European President Jean-Claude Juncker felt some sympathy for her predicament as he tried to cover her blushes, in a press conference yesterday, praising her as a “tough negotiator”.

There was no such sympathy on show in Dublin, where a blunt Leo Varadkar stated he was “surprised and disappointed” that a deal, which he was led to believe had been signed off, suddenly evaporated.

Embarrassingly for Mrs May, the man who turned up to Government Buildings yesterday morning wearing a crimson singlet and shorts ended the day looking more stately than she could manage.

Over the coming days, as the deadline to the December 14 date when a final decision will be made by the EU on the ability of the UK to proceed to the next phase of the Brexit talks approaches, expect lots of vitriol and venom to be spewed at the Irish from incensed Tory grandees and their Brexiteer chums.

They may not like this new assertive Ireland, but have only their own ignorance, pomposity and pretention to blame for the position they now find themselves in.

Ireland is a sovereign country intent on defending her interests. They better get used to it.


  1. petrel41 said,

    Possible solution:

    Merger of the 26-county-stalelet with the 6-county statelet, which voted against Brexit, into an united Ireland.

    However, the European Union should then dump the militarist and forcing Thatcherism down the throats of people Lisbon treaty; which the 26 county voters voted against. And which is a carbon copy of ‘Bokassa diamonds’ Giscard’s ‘European constitution’ which French and Dutch voters had voted against.

    Scotland voted against Brexit, and has the right to apply for EU membership as an independent country..

    The City of London and affluent boroughs of London which voted for Remain may have a referendum to vote on an independent city state, member of the EU, as the mayor of London suggested.

    Brexit for the rest of England and Wales, where there was a democratic majority for it.

    ‘To hell with the British empire!’ as the supporters of Irish socialist James Connolly said over a century ago.

  2. charliethechulo said,

    Letter to Irish Independent:

    Letters to the Editor

    December 6 2017 2:30 AM

    After the recent turmoil within the Brexit process, it is appropriate that we be reminded of the milestones and highlights which took us to where we are today, and that we also take a look at possible future scenarios.

    The Past:

    1) The Conservative Party under David Cameron, in a failed powerplay, led the United Kingdom to a Leave vote, with 51pc of UK voters opting to leave the house in which they currently live to move to a new house, the design, cost and move-in date of which were unknown.

    2) The Conservative Party under Theresa May, in a failed powerplay, lost its majority, and with it, the ability to govern.

    The Present:

    1) Wales, which voted to leave, does not want the type of Brexit proposed by the Conservatives for the UK ‘mainland’.

    2) London, which voted to leave, does not want the type of Brexit proposed by the Conservatives for the UK ‘mainland’.

    3) Scotland, which voted to remain, does not want the type of Brexit proposed by the Conservatives

    for the UK ‘mainland’.

    4) The DUP, from within Northern Ireland, which voted to leave, does want the type of Brexit proposed by the Conservatives for the UK ‘mainland’.

    The Future:

    1) Stop everything and call a general election.

    2) Labour will run in this election as a single issue party, promising another referendum.

    3) Labour will win the election and the outcome of the ensuing referendum will be a resounding Remain vote.

    4) Problem solved.

    I trust that the above will demonstrate that while the situation may seem complicated at the moment, it can all be resolved very simply.

    Graham Nolan

    Address with editor

  3. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Over a million Scots voted for Brexit and it was a UK election. The majority in the UK voted Brexit. Fascists are prone to not accepting ballot results.

    • Jim Denham said,

      I think you’ll find that fascists, historically, have be rather keen on referenda.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Only if they fiddle it and win.

      • Jim Denham said,

        You mean, like the lying, Kremlin-funded racists, opportunists and charlatans of the “Leave” campaign?

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Jim, did the Kremlin funders influence you? Maybe they influenced me and I did not notice when I hobbled up tae ra polin station.

      • Jiim Denham said,

        “Maybe they influenced me and I did not notice when I hobbled up tae ra polin station”: I can well believe that.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Aye Jim the Kremlin has an agent at every Glesga bus stop talkin tae ra pensioners.

  4. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The last sentence of this post should also say Britain looks after its interests and not ROI.

  5. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Jim , the real charlatans are those who have convinced the people they need an EU gravy train pariament and a woy bhoy House of Lords wine swigging 300 quid a day elite.

    • Jiim Denham said,

      You are an ignorant, boring, racist buffoon and your banal opinions arte of no interest: you’ve already been told to fuck off once. Now fuck off for good, and don’t come back.

  6. Sunday’s Child said,

    Well said Jim.

  7. wikifreaks disrael sniper1 said,

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