Help Luqman Onikosi

February 23, 2016 at 4:39 pm (Human rights, posted by JD) ()

In 2007 Luqman Onikosi came to the UK from Nigeria to study at the University of Sussex. Whilst in the UK he developed chronic liver disease. After finishing his degree, he began to work in the Nigerian High Commission, before becoming to ill to continue work. In 2012, the Home Office attempted to deport Luqman. If he had been deported in all likelihood he would have died. Fortunately a successful campaign kept him in the country. Now the the Home Office is trying to deport him again. Support Luqman’s appeal for further legal advice, and the campaign to prevent his deportation so that he can access the treatment he needs to stay alive:

Campaign to Stop the Deportation of Luqman Onikosi

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