Seymour embraces Althusser

November 13, 2011 at 10:54 pm (Jim D, mental health, post modernism, stalinism, SWP, wankers)

Anyone foolish enouigh to waste their time reading the SWP anti-semite and Libya expert  Lenny “Seymour” Tombstone’s blog, will have noticed how pretentious his language, and obscurantist his ‘logic’ has become of late. Now the explanation is revealed: he’s become an Althusserian!

Louis Althusser and socialist strategy posted by lenin (aka Seymour – JD)

Above: Althusser considers the epistemological break, before murdering his wife
Lenny “Seymour” Tombstone writes:
“I was going to proceed with the series on Poulantzas, but to do so properly, I need to address the influence of Louis Althusser.  There is, as Ellen Meiksins Wood has pointed out, a trajectory that can broadly be sketched with Althusser, Poulantzas and Laclau/Mouffe as its three compass points: from Maoism to Eurocommunism to ‘radical democracy’ and the abandonment of class politics as a ‘fundamentalist’, ‘essentialist’ error.
“Yet to simply read the failings of his followers back into Althusser’s project would be a travesty as unfair as E P Thompson’s execration of the ‘Stalinist’ Althusser.  It is, in fact, a bitter irony that many of Althusser’s followers ended up in the social-democratic camp…” read the rest of Seymour’s apologia here, if you can be bothered.
There was a time when the SWP took a rather less enthusiastic view of this anti-working class, anti-humanist Maoid Stalinist:
Chris Harman:
“Althusser’s approach was not merely slightly different to that developed by those of us inspired by the revolutionary insurgency of 1956 (in Hungary -JD). It was in many respects the complete opposite, since Marxism (according to Althusser – JD) was no longer seen as a theory connected to the struggle for human emancipation from the alienated structures of capitalism, in which self-conscious self-activity of workers plays a role”
Read the rest of Harman’s scathing attack on Althusser  here.

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