Why Damian Green should be sacked (but probably won’t be)

December 3, 2017 at 4:02 pm (Conseravative Party, cops, Jim D, law, misogyny, sexism, Tory scum, wankers)


  1. mark taha said,

    One-workplace should be “beyond reasonable doubt” as well.Two-how many people haven’t looked at porn? It wasn’t child pron,was it?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Anyone discovered to have looked at any kind of porn on a work computer can expect – rightly or wrongly -to be sacked.

  2. WeatherEye said,

    Meanwhile in Yemen…

  3. Jim Smith said,

    Good point, WeatherEye, but another issue is – if the material was not illegal, what business is it of the police? Retired police officers should not gossip about matters that are not criminal. If decisions are made on the basis of police gossip, police gossip could be used against the Left (e.g. “I searched Jeremy Corbyn’s flat in 1983 and found works by Trotsky and a poster of Che Guevara”, or whatever)

  4. Keith said,

    So strong and stable maybot cannot do anything as it means the fall of her Government. Green the DUP veto, the ever more demented far right headbangers etc. She cannot do anything at all of use without one of the hostages to fortune blowing her coalition of chaos apart. Awful.

  5. wikifreaks disrael sniper1 said,

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