Why Ramadan and Weinstein are not quite the same …

November 10, 2017 at 2:22 pm (anti-semitism, celebrity, conspiracy theories, identity politics, intellectuals, islamism, misogyny, sexism)

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 By Yves Coleman (first posted as a BTL comment at Tendance Coatesy):

I should add something about an argument which is actually quite often used by pro Ramadan fans on the social networks. Many of them pretend that the American producer Harvey Weinstein is less attacked than Tariq Ramadan by the media. Some even pretend that Charlie Hebdo did not do a front cover against Weinstein … which is a lie. Although I think both front pages (against Weinstein and Ramadan) were vulgar, stupid and not funny at all, this argument is based on a lie or on ignorance.

But one must go further to answer this comparison between Weinstein and Ramadan:

– Weinstein has a Jewish name but I don’t have any idea about his religion. He is not a rabbi, a Jewish theologian [and] does not represent anything [to do with the] Jewish religion

– Ramadan is certainly a theologian, a man whose books deal with Muslim ethics and morals. A man who preaches a religion every time he opens his mouth or writes an article.

So to put these two persons on the same level and compare their treatment in the media is not only absurd but reveals a covert or unconscious anti-Semitism …

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  1. Yves Coleman said,

    Harvey Weinstein = Dominique Strauss-Kahn ? = Tariq Ramadan ?: an absurd “parallel” with an antisemitic subtext

    Several so-called “Muslim feminists” have written an article published in Le Monde on 7/11/2017 under the title “We have chosen to reverse the burden of the proof and to believe women’s declarations.” In this text they state: “One can easily draw a parallel between the authority of a charismatic community leader and that of a rich and powerful man like Dominique Strauss-Kahn on a maid or Harvey Weinstein on the actresses of the films he produced.”
    This parallel is both absurd and hypocritical: faced with Tariq Ramadan’s supposed violence (1) against women we dont need to quote the established (or supposed) violent acts of two men of power bearing a Jewish name but about whom no one knows if they have any religious Jewish practice …
    If we wanted to draw a useful parallel, we should rather mention the sexual violence committed by Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist or Jewish theologians or religious intellectuals. Or priests, ministers, monks or rabbis. But this attitude would have been risky for the “Muslim feminists” who wrote the above quoted text because it could have led them to criticize ALL religions.
    To put in parallel the (real or supposed) acts of a Muslim theologian with those of individuals bearing a Jewish NAME is plain antisemitism – conscious or unconscious, I don’t care.
    No one knows the religious practice of Strauss-Kahn and Weinstein. Nobody has ever read the theological writings of these two individuals … for the good reason that they do not exist.
    The power of a political leader and former director of the IMF or that of a film producer over the women they meet is not based on religion, ethics or morals. And their authority does not depend on their (real or supposed) faith or on their (real or phantasmatic) affiliation to a religious community.
    To draw a parallel between supposed “Jews” and a Muslim theologian is clearly an antisemitic amalgam, unfortunaletly quite common today on the left and on the far left.

    Yves Coleman, Ni patrie ni frontières

    1. As long as Tariq Ramadan has not been judged by a court, we must stick to the fact that his violence has not yet been proven – even if it seems totally unlikely that women would have exposed themselves to torrents of insults, death threats and heavy convictions for defamation if they had not been victims of this man.
    We must also point out that the far right, the anti-Muslim racists and even part of the Gallic-Secular-Republican Left use the supposed behavior of Ramadan to stigmatize all Muslim men, which leads to the most abject manipulation and racism especially in a country where violence against women is, in the overwhelming majority of cases, perpetrated by men who have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.
    One could also easily reproduce many quotations from Tariq Ramadan to demonstrate that he has never been a supporter of women’s equality and liberation (a fact which his left and “revolutionary” friends have never noticed) but it seems to me dangerous to establish a mechanical link of cause and effect between his reactionary conceptions and his alleged violent behavior.
    Religion does not explain everything ….

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