Fats Domino RIP

October 26, 2017 at 11:52 am (black culture, culture, jazz, music, New Orleans, posted by JD, RIP, Sheer joy)

Fats (Antoine) Domino, born Feb 26 1928; died Oct 24 2017

Above: Fats evokes a feeling all-too familiar to many of us

Obit in the New Orleans Advocate here


  1. petrel41 said,

  2. Robert R. Calder said,

    I was amused to discover that when a 4lp set came out some decades ago there was a mistake and possibly his own and otherwise unissued commercially made solo recording was included, by which time the delight of the error had been denied people — the one initially intended was put in in its place on new pressings.
    But like other people — including Eddie Boyd, whose late recordings for Storyville include his very best performances — popularity during the 1950s led to a succession of ever more Mickey Mouse band mass produced recordings on which cheap effect blurred musical detail, Rather a shame. But he was never poor enough financially to have a gig like the one Professor Longhair had in London with only a bongo player, recorded and issued on JS (Steadman) and in a series of CDs sold with a magazine.

    The version of a primitive piano style in which Domino performed was kept up by Dr. John and to my amusement resurfaced simultaneously on a couple of sets, a CD and a multi-CD selection of material, the former with McCoy Tyner and the latter in performances by New Orleans bands in the old cornet, trombone, clarinet style — except the pianist came on like Prof. Longhair (whose London set did include as an encore the George Lewis speciality ICE CREAM.

    Next thing, I’ll be going on about Champion Jack Dupree — of whom I first heard on the BBC Tonight programme, when he appeared I think inspired by the late Kenneth Alsopp (who interviewed Paul Oliver on the news maganize programme when BLUES FELL THIS MORNING was published!) singing “I’m goin’ from town to town” with Keith Smith on trumpet.

    I don’t think I ever heard that again. But there was some TV film of Jack duetting with Domino when the latter’s touring took him to the German city where Jack was living at the time. Memories!

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