How do we get rid of sexual abuse and violence? Ask the SWP!

October 25, 2017 at 2:30 pm (Beyond parody, crime, cults, Human rights, Jim D, misogyny, sexism, SWP, thuggery, women)

“Men can behave in dreadful ways towards women,” Socialist Worker argues this week, in an article on how to get rid of sexual abuse and violence. Actually, it’s not a bad article, except that it comes from the SWP

Socialist Worker:

Recent revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s abuse and rape of women have exposed the sexism at the heart of society.
Many people knew about Weinstein’s behaviour, yet it continued for decades.
Several women have said they didn’t come forward because they felt Weinstein was so powerful he would destroy their lives.
The violence and harassment he is accused of are all too common for women and girls across the world. But why does it happen?

Well, the SWP should know

Above: Martin Smith aka ‘Comrade Delta’

H/t: David Osland


  1. Iain F said,

    They bent over backwards to keep him in the SWP. It was only when hundreds started leaving he resigned. The stories of his supporters (a group of men in their 4O’s) spitting in the faces of the victim’s friends at a special conference in 2013 was shocking to hear.

    Rumours are that he still controls the SWP/UAF/SUTR and dictates their political direction through his blog.

    It is suspected that he was behind their recent pivot to confront the FLA as he believes in building the Far Left through confrontation on the streets, given that the electoral path is sewn up for Corbyn’s Labour at the moment.

  2. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Aye, leftie men they can give women a sermon about Marx on the mount but no one votes for them. Silly women.

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