Morning Star or Daily Mail? Spot the difference

August 31, 2017 at 1:11 pm (apologists and collaborators, Beyond parody, class collaboration, conspiracy theories, CPB, Daily Mail, Europe, Jim D, language, nationalism, populism, publications, Racism, stalinism)

Image result for picture Morning Star EU

OK, the picture above is a bit of a giveaway, but pretend you haven’t seen it and play the game. Guess which national newspaper has recently used the following wording in editorials about Brexit:

  • “‘Soft Brexit’  would represent contempt for democracy”
  • “Irrespective of what governments in Dublin and London or the people of Ireland and Britain may want, others in the EU will disregard these views and impose their own”
  • “Such unsubtle pressure is surely intended to encourage British MPs unreconciled to the referendum result”
  • “…misrepresenting the 17 million-plus people who voted to leave the EU as racists or xenophobes”
  • “…an elite institution that does not represent them – undermining popular sovereignty in Britain”
  • “Starmer’s deluded hope … running up the white flag”
  • “…agreeing to remain in the customs union … will weaken Britain’s negotiating position”
  • “… further evidence that there is a ‘fifth column’ in British political, business and media circles”
  • “…continuing subjugation to EU diktat”
  • “The alternative is to stand up to EU bureaucrats”
  • “Britain given the runaround” (headline)
  • “[Barnier] has briefed, leaked, grandstanded and stonewalled in his efforts to maximise the pressure on … David Davis to capitulate”
  • “[Barnier] has … rejected all proposals put forward by the British government so far on post-Brexit residency rights”
  • “Those [EU] proposals would make even the greediest gold-digger in a divorce court blush with embarrassment”
  • “Yet it is the EU which insists that there must be customs controls between the EU and the United Kingdom”
  • ” … the ECJ or its puppet European Free Trade Association”
  • “in Britain, we can unelect our negotiators. The Irish people have no such option”

Yes, all this borderline-racist anti-Europe conspiratorial rhetoric and de facto support for the British government against Johnny Foreigner appeared in various editorials in the same newspaper … and it wasn’t the Daily Mail.

  • See also: Coatesy on other recent pronouncements from the pro-Bexit “left”, here


  1. Robert R. Calder said,

    o, du mein holder Abendstern
    when will your writers ever learn?
    Round about when your failing wail
    becomes the same as the Daily Mail —
    oh, differences awkward to discern!
    Except between what each dim tract’s hacks earn?

  2. Robert R. Calder said,

    The comment above was only a rough, or draft.

    Morning Star and Daily Mail

    On account of their printing identical crap about Bwreckshit

    O, du mein horror Morgenstern
    when will your writers ever learn?
    Least of all when your failing wail
    shrills the same as the Daily Mail —
    oh, differences awkward to discern!
    Except between what each tract’s hacks earn?

  3. Andrew Coates said,

    When the Morning Star cites the authority of Frank Field on the EU who needs the Mail?

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Today’s Morning Star editorial, in full Daily Mail mode, now shamelessly supporting the Tories:


    EU intransigence
    The third round of Brexit negotiations finished last week, followed by the customary EU jibes about British light-headed incompetence over the weekend.

    This is despite the reality that progress was made between Brexit secretary, EU chief negotiator Michal Barnier and their respective teams — or massed army in the latter case — of officials.

    While the divorce settlement demanded by the EU was exposed item by item for the financial extortion that it is, agreement was reached on important aspects of citizens’ rights and the Irish border.

    What is becoming clearer, however, is that the intransigence is coming mostly from the EU side, with Barnier’s hands tied and his wires being pulled by eU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

    The EU bosses in Brussels, Bonn and Frankfurt want to show other dissident member states that it doesn’t pay to leave their big business club.

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