Antisemitism? What antisemitism?

August 23, 2017 at 9:44 am (anti-semitism, apologists and collaborators, conspiracy theories, fascism, labour party, scotland, Troothers)

Above: SPSC supremo Mick Napier rants about “Zionism” and “Israel” (sic) at the anti-Semitic Al Quds Day rally

By Dale Street
The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) has issued two statements in response to the report Jew Hate and Holocaust Denial in Scotland, published earlier this month by Jewish Human Rights Watch.

The report contained 140 pages of screengrabs of antisemitic material – including Holocaust revisionism, Holocaust denial and multiple references to the Rothschilds – posted by Scottish Palestine solidarity activists on their personal Facebook pages.

A number of those activists have been involved in PSC events – the report included pictures of them staffing SPSC stalls, and copies of posts supporting SPSC events.

The first SPSC statement was empty verbiage. It ignored the report’s contents. Instead, it denounced the report’s author, Jewish Human Rights Watch and the Israeli government for alleged collusion in “undermining and criminalising the Palestine solidarity movement.”

The second statement was an even longer exercise in empty verbiage, peppered with accusations of “incremental genocide”, “sinister racist language”, “Israel’s settler colonial project” and “invective worthy of Goebbels ‘Die Sturmer’.”

(The paper was actually called “Der Sturmer” (not “Die Sturmer”), and its editor was Julius Streicher (not Goebbels). But why should the SPSC bother itself with what it doubtless considers to be a detail of history?)

But the second statement distinguished itself by including the following piece of hitherto unsurpassed idiocy:

“Even those who fall into the trap of seeing the criminal impunity of the Jewish supremacist State in the Middle East as part of a world-wide Jewish supremacy are rarely driven, as Collier alleges, by animus towards Jews, for which Palestine is only a cynical cover.

“Rather, almost all are moved by human compassion at the terrible suffering inflicted on the people of Gaza by Israel and its sponsors in Washington, London, the EU, supported by Israel’s Arab allies such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

That is to say: Antisemities (i.e. people who believe in world-wide Jewish supremacy) are rarely driven by antisemitism (i.e. animus towards Jews).

And when these antisemites boycott the world’s only state with a Jewish majority-population – but no other state on the face of the earth – they are driven by the milk of human kindness (“human compassion”), not by anything so base as antisemitism!

But as the SPSC continues to wrestle with its torturous arguments that antisemites are not driven by antisemitism, least of all when campaigning for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish-majority state, help may be at hand in the form of “Jewish Voice for Labour” (JVL).

Describing itself as a “network for Jewish members of the Labour Party”, JVL will have its official launch at this year’s Labour Party conference in Brighton in September.

JVL chair is Jenny Manson, described in a JVL press release as “a retired tax inspector”, the Garden Suburb branch chairperson in Finchley and Golders Green CLP, an active supporter of Jews for Palestine, and editor of two books (one of them on consciousness: What It Feels Like To Be Me).

Manson was one of the five Jewish Labour Party members who submitted statements in support of Ken Livingstone in March of this year. According to her statement:

“… These actions by Ken were not offensive, nor anti-Semitic in any way, in my view.

 … In my working life as a Tax Inspector I saw a (very) few instances of anti-Semitism, such as the characterisation of ‘Jewish Accountants’ as accountants who skated close to the edge. I have never witnessed any instances of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

 Anti-Semitism has to be treated as a serious issue, which is entirely separate from the different views people take on Israel and Zionism.”

 The JVL’s brief “Statement of Principles” includes the following:

“We uphold the right of supporters of justice for Palestinians to engage in solidarity activities, such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. We oppose attempts to widen the definition of antisemitism beyond its meaning of hostility towards or discrimination against Jews as Jews.”

A JVL press release likewise states that the new organisation:

“Rejects attempts to extend the scope of the term ‘antisemitism’ beyond its meaning of bigotry towards Jews, particularly when directed at activities in solidarity with Palestinians such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.”

In other words, this “network for Jewish members of the Labour Party” will be campaigning in support of the ‘right’ to boycott Jews, and in favour of restricting the definition of antisemitism so as to exclude the most common forms in which contemporary antisemitism manifests itself.

JVL already has the backing of the “Free Speech on Israel” campaign and the “Electronic Intifada” website. It is sure to find a natural ally and kindred spirit in the SPSC as well – and vice versa.


  1. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Jewish Human Rights watch ? You are having a laugh Dale.

    I guess you are happier in the company of JLM the hard right of the LP hard right. Headed by a notorious union busting arrogant liar. Each to his own I suppose.

  2. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Are you against free speech on Israel Dale? Are you against free speech on any other country ?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Are you a complete fucking idiot as well as a little-ol’Jew-hater, Bellamy?

      • Stephen Bellamy said,

        Jim the reply was to Dale who I trusted to respond with good manners.I do understand that good manners are not an Antipodean strong point. Oopps an anti Antipodean racist trope..

        Forgive me father I have sinned. I got pissed and I got pinned.

        On Rain Street.

      • Stephen Bellamy said,

        And Jim you may call me Stephen. Far more implaceable enemies than you do.

  3. Dale Street said,

    Which section of this post (supposedly) relates to the issue of freedom of speech? Which section of this post (supposedly) seeks to restrict someone’s freedom of speech?

    • Stephen Bellamy said,

      VL already has the backing of the “Free Speech on Israel” campaign and the “Electronic Intifada” website. It is sure to find a natural ally and kindred spirit in the SPSC as well – and vice versa.

      • Dale Street said,

        Sorry – I genuinely still don’t get it.

        “JVL already has the backing of the “Free Speech on Israel” campaign and the “Electronic Intifada” website. It is sure to find a natural ally in the SPSC as well – and vice versa.”

        That is simply a statement.

        It is a fact that “Free Speech on Israel” and “Electronic Intifada” have carried articles on their websites in support of JVL.

        And it is a fact that there is an overlap between the politics of JVL and the SPSC in their approach to the ‘right’ to BDS of Israel and in their approach to definitions of antisemitism.

        (Having said that, JVL will probably shape up to be not as bad as “Free Speech on Israel” and “Electronic Intifada”, and nowhere near the depths inhabited by the SPSC. For example: Tony Greenstein has denounced JVL – and that must count as a plus for JVL.)

        But the statement you quote is simply a statement, not a covert call for anyone to have their freedom of speech restricted.

      • Jim Denham said,

        The man’s an anti-Semitic idiot who can’t read or think.

  4. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Not quite. You refer pejoratively to

  5. Stephen Bellamy said,

    OOP S Not quite. you refer pejoratively to SPSC and state that FSI would find it a natural ally. Obviously you are not keen on free speech on Israel. I there any other country you are not keen that we should speak freely on?

    • Dale Street said,

      Hi Stephen, I’ve just read your comment about Dave Hirsh which you’ve posted in the thread about the review of his book. Jim’s right: you are an antisemitic idiot who can’t read or think. Sorry if I’ve disturbed you while you’re re-reading the Protocols.

    • Jim Denham said,

      What a total. ignorant, illiterate wanker (as well as being an anltisemite) you are, Bellamy.

  6. Chris McDermott said,

    I think this position is more accurate than the right-wing drivel promoted on this blog.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Sadly, the Jewish Socialist Group has a long history of being more exercised about the historic dispute amongst Jews between Bundists (with whom the JSG identify) and Zionists, than about anti-Semitism, which they consistently deny or downplay. They are classic “Asajew”‘s (to use Howard Jacobson’s excellent term).

  7. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Jacobson ( Being critical of Israel doesn’t make you antisemitic, it just so happens that you are) is a fascist pig almost on a par with Hirsh. Non Zionist Jews are obsessed self haters that should be on 24 hour suicide watch.Jim for an alleged socialist you sure hero worship some weirdos. Hoffman, Hirsh,Jacobson for starters You come over as a gentile Israel firster, if I may make so bold. Like you are incapable of conceiving of Jewish racism. Jews are monolithically incapable of it. Jim you are an antisemite. Maybe you should take your mate Hoffie’s proper Jew test,

    • Jim Denham said,

      The moment I take any notice any notice of what an anti-Semite like you has to say, Bellamy, is the moment I give up any kind of serious politics. Anyway, I think we’ve had enough of humouring you: for the second time, fuck off and this time don’t come back.

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