Jackie Walker and Scottish PSC: full-on anti-Semitism at Edinburgh Fringe

August 5, 2017 at 6:24 pm (anti-semitism, apologists and collaborators, conspiracy theories, Jim D, labour party, posted by JD, Racism, scotland, stalinism)

Any pretence that Jackie Walker and her supporters might once have had, that she’s simply an honest-to-goodness”anti-Zionist” but not an anti-Semite, now lie in ruins. She’s now in Atzmon territory:

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Can anyone tell us who the “they” might be in the sentence “What they wouldn’t let Jackie Walker tell you?”

                                         Inline image

 The banner at the front of the stage is the banner of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Last week a report was published contained 140 pages of screengrabs of antisemitic material posted by SPSC members and activists:
If the link does not work, google: jewish human rights watch holocaust denial in Scotland
(Gosh! I didn’t know that Princess Di was assassinated by Mossad. Gosh! I didn’t know of plans to build a statue to Adolf Hitler in Israel. Gosh! I didn’t know that the Rothschilds were behind the assassination of President Kennedy. Of course, I already knew that 9/11 was really an inside job by Mossad, just as ISIS is really a Mossad front organisation.)

To save anyone spending time reading the entire report, here are examples of what has been posted by (some) SPSC members and (some) PSC activists:

“The Real Holocaust of World War Two: The Genocide of 15 Million+ Germans.”

“I had not known that many of the claims they (i.e. Jews) made about the Holocaust were in fact fraudulent.”

“It is mostly they (Jews) who push for race mixing and miscegenation, knowing full well that it would eventually lead to those of white European descent being minorities in their own countries and the eventual extermination of white European DNA”.

“Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof.”

“International Red Cross Report Confirms the Holocaust of Six Million Jews Is a Hoax.”

“Not ‘Death Camps’ but Work Camps.”

“ISIS Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ is Jewish Mossad Agent.”

The Paris attack “had every single hallmark of a Mossad false flag operation.”

“The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated: Princess Diana was assassinated by Mossad because … …”

“25,000 Ukrainian Children Organs Harvested in Israel.”

“What do both these men (Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi) have in common? They refused to accept American dollars for oil and their central banks were not owned by the Rothschild family.”

“I suggest you investigate the role of the elite in the creation, funding and propagation of Bolshevism and Communism, both Jewish led and funded movements.”

“Israel Did 9/11 to Destroy Seven Countries in Five Years.”

“The problem here is Bashar Assad. He still refuses to open the door to Jewish greed, i.e. Rothschild Central Bank and all the Zionist corporations of the Jewish Lobby, therefore must be replaced by an obedient puppet as in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc.”

“Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer Genrikh Yagoda was responsible for between 7 and 10 million deaths. The fact that you’ve never heard of him is exactly why the Jews should not have total control of the media.”


  1. rotzeichen said,

    Michael Gove
    In October 2011, the Telegraph reported that Michael Gove’s private office had received a £5,000 donation from Manrows, a company of which Weiss was the only director.[5]

  2. SteveH said,

    I am so glad you guys are highlighting the most pressing problem of our age, no not Islamophobia but of course that ever present ubiquitous problem of our time, anti Semitism. I mean you can’t go to any pub or Football match without hearing some reference to anti Semitism, Muslim hatred doesn’t get a look in. It is so obviously the problem of our age that I almost want to scream it to the rooftops. But luckily you are here to document every last single possible example, no matter how tenuous!

    But what is this, could it be, there has been as clear a case of anti Semitism as it is possible to get only the other day and you guys missed it! How did this happen, how could this happen? The beleaguered Jews of this nation are crying out, have you forsaken us, how did they miss this. We should leave the country now before they come for our children they scream. How, they say, did the guys at Shiraz miss this! Have Shiraz become anti Semitic they ask themselves? Have they been infected by the rest of the left they ask. And without Shiraz we now only have the entire state apparatus to protect us! What will we do they shriek!

    I am also amazed you didn’t pick up on this clear case of grotesque anti semitism..

    North Korea have had sanctions imposed on them for firing missiles, yet Israel has a massive arsenal of Nuclear weapons and yet the international community has refused to impose sanctions.

    What explains this incredible double standard, why has Israel not faced sanctions? Why do they treat Israel differently, I mean hey bleat if Iran steps out of line yet nothing when poor old Israel do it.

    This inconsistency can only have one reason, anti Semitism.

    In the name of fighting anti Semitism I can on all comrades to support immediate and crippling sanctions against Israel.

    • DT Johnson said,

      Spot on.

    • Abtalyon said,

      If and when Israel follows in the footsteps of North Korea, repeatedly and provocatively firing long and medium range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and threatening other nations, near and far with ruin, then by all means, impose crippling sanctions on her.

  3. Ben Bruges (@benbruges) said,

    Clearly this has ziltch to do with Jackie Walker…

    • Jim Denham said,

      It has everything to do with Jackie Walker as she is appearing on a platform organised and endorsed by the SPSC.

      To be precise and entirely accurate (for the historical record): the screengrabs are not taken from the SPSC Facebook page.

      What the report’s author did was: go to the SPSC Facebook page; identify people who turn up for SPSC activities (in fact, by naming people taking part in its activities, the SPSC itself identified the people); go to the Facebook pages of people identified by the SPSC; and this is what he uncovered.

      His (legitimate) conclusion: there are SPSC members and activists who are antisemites; some of those people (actually: quite a lot of them) standing behind a stall on your high street on a Saturday afternoon dishing out SPSC material which calls for a boycott of Israel are definitely antisemitic; Mick Napier, who runs the SPSC as its Supreme Leader, either does not care about this antisemitism or is “galactically stupid”.

      The SPSC has put out two statements about the report.

      The first statement, which seems to have disappeared, says that it is part of a – you guessed it – Zionist conspiracy to silence critics of Israel, that most people mentioned in the report are not SPSC members, and that most people mentioned in the report are ‘Facebook followers’ who have turned up to an SPSC event ‘at some point’.

      To say that “most” people mentioned in the report are not SPSC members is to admit that some of them are (probably more than the SPSC is prepared to admit). To say that most are only ‘Facebook followers’ who turned up to an SPSC event ‘at some time’ is dishonest. The report demonstrates that they have turned up to rather a lot of events.

      The second statement does not really go beyond saying that the report is all part of a Zionist conspiracy, etc., etc.

      Re. who puts this stuff up on their Faceboook pages, they seem to be not much more than anti-semites who feel a natural inclination to want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and can therefore find a natural home for themselves in the SPSC.

  4. Jim Denham said,

  5. Political Tourist said,

    Is there link between the AWL and the old WRP. Almost exactly the same line word for word.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Ehh? The origins of the AWL are in a split from the WRP in the 1950’s – long before Healey’s sexual abuse of young comrades became known. A major reason was (according to Sean Matgamna) the bullying that went on, that Sean observed and wanted no part of. So what are you on about, Tourist?

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