Billie Holiday: I’ll Be Seeing You

June 17, 2017 at 9:18 pm (culture, jazz, posted by JD, song, Soul)

Any musical interlude, just at the moment, needs to be sad. This version of I’ll Be Seeing You, by Billie Holiday with Eddie Heywood’s Orchestra in 1944, is certainly that; Billie was a jazz improviser first and foremost, but she also respected the lyrics:


  1. Robert said,

    It is of course EDDIE HEYWOOD Jr., about whose playing Lucille Ball’s character in a 1940s movie enthuses … there is however a problem insofar as within the course of the film one of the musical passages occasioning words of praise could even be taken for a re-dub of something heard before. Actually, with its sensitive organisation of phrasing it’s just Heywood doing the same thing so precisely yet again it, although not illegal (cf. Fats Waller, “This is so nice it must be …”) is certainly mechanical. When I was a young lad I knew a jazz enthusiast of considerable seriousness called I believe Edmund Gregory, exact namesake until an impressive saxophonist quit the name and was called Shihab Shihab. He was played a sample of a reissue in a little office which served as Glasgow’s jazz specialist. HEYWOOD he recognised immediately and his face became grim.
    He may have been unspontaneous, but he did employ Doc Cheatham as a soloist in the 1940s. And I have of late learned that Doc was a mentor to Benny Carter in respect of trumpet.
    Little Brother Montgomery when in London in 1960 recorded an LP with guests including Ken Colyer. He included a performance of Eddie Heywood Jr’s CANADIAN SUNSET, which I gather he liked at the time to play on non-Blues gigs — he said he had played it because he knowed Eddie Jr. Daddy. Who did have a modest discography in the 1920s.

    All of this will perhaps utterly boggle readers with no jazz interest, but as the earth was unto Antaeus (cf. Homer) so is jazz to some of us!

    • Jim Denham said,

      Wonderful stuff, Robert! Many thanks: I shall immediately correct the spelling of Eddie Haywood’s name …

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