Stewart Lee: “Why I despise Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond the most.”

June 12, 2017 at 8:57 pm (comedy, posted by JD)

Jeremy Clarkson’s fawning sidekick Richard Hammond has emerged more or less unscathed from another high speed prang. This gives me an excellent excuse to bring you Stewart Lee’s magnificent rant on the subject of Top Gear (as was) in general and Hammond in particular. This dates from about three years after Hammond’s first prang in 2006:

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  1. Robert said,

    DICK THE HAM indeed, a crasher of cars
    heid- rather than old banger, see-er of stars,
    what a lot of money the rotter must have got
    (the open road leads to the used car lot?)
    who has earned not even (pointless as his life) his scars
    celebrating an enormous waste of cash,
    air and other resources — must work on my lash …

    Top Gear, at the sign of the triple arse —
    three automata combining in a farce
    which much self-amuses piles of expensive trash.
    The horrors such confusions can keep hidden
    testing mechanical performance as bidden
    — all other considerations overridden —
    the team of dustbin, refuse cowp and midden.!

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