May fails!

June 9, 2017 at 2:28 am (Conseravative Party, democracy, elections, gloating, Guardian, posted by JD, Tory scum)

Steve Bell (with whom we sometimes have our differences) in the Gruan the day before the election:

Steve Bell cartoon 08.06.17


  1. Political Tourist said,

    No Mick!
    No Glasgow Bigot!
    No UKIP!
    No Theresa May!
    What can it mean?

  2. Political Tourist said,

    SLAB completely silent on Corbyn.

    • Joe Baxter said,

      Even Kezia Dugdale has to acknowledge the role played by the Corbyn-led Labour Party in the turnaround in Labour’s fortunes. I’ve been surprised at the number of people, previously extremely hostile to Corbyn, who are now praising the part he has played. A few weeks before the election my CLP passed a motion calling on Corbyn to resign. At least some of the people who supported that motion are now applauding Corbyn’s performance.

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