SNP: the dirtiest, most undemocratic party in Britain

June 3, 2017 at 3:06 pm (cults, elections, labour party, nationalism, populism, posted by JD, reformism, scotland, SNP)

Difficult to see why the SNP is proposing a “progressive alliance” with Labour.
SNP election leaflet, Airdrie and Shotts constituency:

                                            Inline image
Meantime, social media are highlighting the silence of the ‘left’ nationalists:

                                                                  Inline image

And the “All Under One Banner” super-size demonstration for Scottish independence appears to have opened up some rifts in the nationalist camp. (Stewart McDonald is an SNP (ex-)MP standing for re-election. Sandra White is an SNP MSP. I don’t know who Darini is.)

                                                  Inline image

                                                             Inline image

By Dale Street

When the SNP government’s record on the NHS was criticised by a nurse during the Scottish party leaders’ debate a fortnight ago, the response from the SNP and their followers was to vilify the nurse.

SNP MSP Jeane Freeman and SNP (ex-)MP Joanna Cherry led the charge, falsely claiming that the nurse was the wife of a Tory councillor. Once unleashed by Freeman and Cherry, the allegation was then taken up by other SNP parliamentarians and by SNP cybernats. In fact, they ratcheted up the smear campaign to the level of a frenzy, claiming that the nurse had been a BBC “plant” and that she was not actually a nurse. While her criticisms were ignored, the nurse herself became the target of systematic abuse and denunciation. But the nurse was a nurse. And she was not the wife of a Tory councillor. (Even if she had been – so what? Women won not just the right to vote but also the right to have their own political opinions a long time ago.) The SNP’s social media campaign of smear and vilification crumbled within a matter of hours. But not before it had demonstrated that Scottish “civic and joyous” nationalism is just as putrid as any other variant of nationalist ideology.

The SNP itself is the most undemocratic party in Britain. Policy adopted at its 2015 conference bans its elected parliamentarians from public criticism of any other parliamentarian, and from public criticism of SNP policy. The SNP’s intolerance of criticism by an NHS employee is emblematic of its intolerance of criticism in general. Substituting itself for the people which it claims to represent, the SNP responds to criticism of its record by denouncing critics for “talking Scotland down”. The SNP does not use rational political arguments to bond together its cult-followers. Instead, it specialises in emotional denunciations of its political opponents.

Thus, Labour are “Red Tories”, even as the SNP simultaneously proposes a “progressive alliance” with Labour, and also sits in coalition administrations with Labour in Scottish local authorities. And the Tories are defined as the party of the “Rape Clause”, even though the SNP ignored the “Rape Clause” until they found a role for it in their current election campaigning.

In 2017, as in 2015, the SNP claims that only SNP MPs will “stand up for Scotland” and “give Scotland a stronger voice” in Westminster. In fact, its MPs have consistently ignored the majority of the Scottish electorate, which remains hostile to independence and a second referendum. At Holyrood, where the SNP has now been in power for over a decade and has had a real opportunity to “stand up for Scotland”, it has made steady progress backwards. Cuts in council funding, declining literacy and numeracy standards, less teachers, less FE places and teachers, less working-class access to Higher Education, falling NHS standards, declining economic performance, and more child poverty. In fact, the SNP’s main achievement in recent years has been to revive the Scottish Tories’ electoral fortunes.

The polarisation of Scottish politics around the single issue of independence has allowed the Tories to rally support from “No” voters in the 2014 referendum. Through its sole official spokesperson (i.e. Nicola Sturgeon), in the six weeks since an election was called the SNP has bounced back and forth on whether the election results in Scotland should be interpreted as a mandate for a second independence referendum and for Scottish membership of the EU. But this is all a matter of political calculation.

To argue openly that the general election in Scotland is all about independence (and for the SNP, it is) would fuel the growing backlash against the SNP. To argue openly in favour of EU membership would alienate the one third of SNP voters who backed “Leave” in 2016.

Sturgeon has dismissed Corbyn as “unelectable” and as someone who “won’t be going anywhere near Downing Street.” As in 2015, the optimum outcome of the general election for the SNP would be either a Tory government or a minority Labour government. The former would allow the SNP to run with the theme that only independence could save Scotland from permanent and alien Tory rule, even though over a quarter of the Scottish electorate are now likely to vote Tory. The latter would allow the SNP, or so it hopes, to demand a second referendum in exchange for not bringing down the government, even though Corbyn has rightly ruled out any deals or alliances with the SNP.

Doorstep canvassing confirms that support for the SNP is in decline. In the time remaining before the general election, Labour canvassers need to push the SNP vote into further decline, and to make sure that the decline is to the benefit of Labour rather than the Tories.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The SNP are as far right as the Tories. Their policies are similar.

  2. Replier said,

    Actually, the SNP are a glove-fit for an alliance with Labour.

    Remember that Crew and Nantwich by-election where the Labour team had their Tory Toff campaign? That’s using Tory as a slur just the same as against that nurse, with Labour people calling each other Tories for not being Marxist enough since.

    Linking rape to the Tories is as despicable as lefties in England saying Jo Cox was killed by Brexit, while Sturgeon is even less likely to sit in Downing Street than Jeremy Corbyn.

    Both parties are mudslingers and two-faced and self-indulgent. They’ll get along fine in a coalition of the losers, as they wanted in 2010.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I was just mentioning similar policies!

      • Replier said,

        Frivolity are half the policies!

        Labour’s garden tax will see up to 4 grand a year extra on a homeowner’s tax bill. Labour overtaxes and wants the people to own the utilities by mismanaging them itself. Meanwhile in Scotland, the SNP are also statist right down to the Named Persons Scheme, where the Sharon McShoesmiths of the North can mismanage your kids, again for the low low price of another huge tax bill.

        The SNP are like the Lib Dems by blowing two directions with many prevailing winds. But they are deepset leftist when you get to the social conditioning. And it’s a gift for a genuine Righty for the SNP to be called Tories as it completely muddles the rest of the left as they fail to grasp the public mind all the further.

    • Jim Denham said,

      “as despicable as lefties in England saying Jo Cox was killed by Brexit”: no it isn’t! On the whole, pro-remainers held back from making that point, but -privately – most serious people know it to be true.

      In the wise words of Alex Massie (one of the few journalists to make the link at the time, though he stopped short of holding Farage personally responsible):

      “When you encourage rage you cannot then feign surprise when people become enraged. You cannot turn around and say, ‘Mate, you weren’t supposed to take it so seriously. It’s just a game, just a ploy, a strategy for winning votes.’

      “When you shout BREAKING POINT over and over again, you don’t get to be surprised when someone breaks. When you present politics as a matter of life and death, as a question of national survival, don’t be surprised if someone takes you at your word. You didn’t make them do it, no, but you didn’t do much to stop it either.

      “Sometimes rhetoric has consequences. If you spend days, weeks, months, years telling people they are under threat, that their country has been stolen from them, that they have been betrayed and sold down the river, that their birthright has been pilfered, that their problem is they’re too slow to realise any of this is happening, that their problem is they’re not sufficiently mad as hell, then at some point, in some place, something or someone is going to snap. And then something terrible is going to happen.”

  3. kb72 said,

    I have seen a meme passed around by an SNP supporter that a freeze on council tax is one of the SNP’s successes! In Edinburgh there have been 1000s of redundancies of Council staff and cuts to services.

    That nurse business was incredible – and those on the leftist side of the nats going totally Daily Mail over pictures of her enjoying a glass of Prosecco.

    BTW the pics aren’t displaying properly.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Re pics: they’re displaying OK at my end. What’s the problem?

  4. kb72 said,

    Also, I caught a snippet of Corbyn saying, sensibly, that Brexit would have to be sorted before there would be another referendum, and that support for a referendum was dwindling.

    Lord forbid the SNP should get into a coalition at Westminster but they don’t want another referendum which they are likely to lose and which about 3/4 of the population don’t want to have.

  5. Political Tourist said,

    SLAB are hoping the Tories win.

  6. Political Tourist said,

    Slab hate Corbyn more than the Tories do.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Very immature. My local Labour man is out and about bringing the fight to both Tory parties. Good chance of winning.

  7. Political Tourist said,

    Glasgow Bigot gave up on Ukip?
    hee hee

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