Trump repudiates science and the future of humanity

June 2, 2017 at 8:49 am (Asshole, climate change, environment, populism, posted by JD, Republican Party, Trump, United States)

 Q: How can you tell when he’s lying? A: His lips move

Bill McKibben is eloquent on Trump’s disgusting move.

People say, if all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. We should be so lucky. President Trump has a hammer, but all he’ll use it for is to smash things that others have built, as the world looks on in wonder and in fear.

That is Trump. He has nothing to offer himself. He’s an empty vessel, his only skill being to market ugly tasteless buildings. All he wants to do is smash things up and piss people off – no doubt to console himself for the fact that intelligent people, no matter how rich and selfish, will not go near him.

The latest, most troubling example is his decision to obliterate the Paris climate accord: After nearly 200 years of scientific inquiry and over 20 years of patient diplomacy that united every nation save Syria and Nicaragua, we had this afternoon’s big game-show Rose Garden reveal: Count us out.

It’s a stupid and reckless decision — our nation’s dumbest act since launching the war in Iraq. But it’s not stupid and reckless in the normal way. Instead, it amounts to a thorough repudiation of two of the civilizing forces on our planet: diplomacy and science. It undercuts our civilization’s chances of surviving global warming, but it also undercuts our civilization itself, since that civilization rests in large measure on those two forces.

Trump doesn’t do diplomacy, which requires intelligence, thought, knowledge, experience, the ability to see and understand points of view not one’s own. Trump knows nothing but brute force and insults, because he is that stupid and empty.

The reason Paris is a series of voluntary agreements and not a real treaty is because the world had long since understood that no binding document would ever get two-thirds of the vote in our oil-soaked Senate. And that’s despite the fact that the agreement asks very little of us: President Barack Obama’s mild shift away from coal-fired power and toward higher-mileage cars would have satisfied our obligations.

Those changes, and similar ones agreed to by other nations, would not have ended global warming. They were too small. But the hope of Paris was that the treaty would send such a strong signal to the world’s governments, and its capital markets, that the targets would become a floor and not a ceiling; that shaken into action by the accord, we would start moving much faster toward renewable energy, maybe even fast enough to begin catching up with the physics of global warming. There are signs that this has been happening: The plummeting price of solar energy just this spring persuaded India to forgo a huge planned expansion of coal plants in favor of more solar panel arrays to catch the sun. China is shutting coal mines as fast as it can build wind turbines.

And that’s precisely the moment President Trump chose to make his move, a bid to undercut our best hope for a workable future in a bizarre attempt to restore the past.

The past in which there were more coal mines – as if coal mines were inherently desirable and good things, source of careers as enviable as any other.

And so we will resist. As the federal government reneges on its commitments, the rest of us will double down on ours. Already cities and states are committing to 100 percent renewable energy. Atlanta was the latest to take the step. We will make sure that every leader who hesitates and waffles on climate will be seen as another Donald Trump, and we will make sure that history will judge that name with the contempt it deserves. Not just because he didn’t take climate change seriously, but also because he didn’t take civilization seriously.

I wish Kathy Griffin had waited two days.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Seems the British miners strike was futile after all. The left would be for closure of the mines and thousands of lost jobs.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Actually, the question of phasing out coal production and an alternative plan for green energy production was raised by some of us during the miners strike, though it didn’t qualify our unconditional support for their cause.

      Progressive US unions have taken up the campaign for green jobs:

      See also:

      • Mick said,

        Socialists ARE dopey on coal mining, torn asunder by opposing PC forces.

        Hence Jeremy Corbyn wanting the mines reopened, yet saying coal is the sperm of the devil and must never be burned, mate!

        VOTE LABOUR! They have a new solution to suit every ear!

    • Mick said,

      That’s the arbitrary Stalinism of the left – Thou shalt not burn coal nor drive cars, if they don’t fancy it. But Mrs. Thatcher’s still a bitch!

      (Though the irony’s delicious. They want freedoms restricted for some common good, yet hit the ceiling when the state busts them for doing and peddling drugs.)

  2. Mick said,

    PC establishments worldwide are squeaking with impotent fury. From EU governments whose prime move to combat pollution is to overtax us, to the class of Dem civic leaders who also want to obstruct the law by refusing to help deport illegal immigrants, to Jeremy Corbyn.

    The IRA-lover fails to see the irony in calling Theresa May ‘subservient’ for refusing to condemn Donald Trump enough.

    But the howler monkeys need not worry. Isn’t he guaranteed impeachment anyway, according to them? And according to jittery talking heads on the PC Radio 4 this morning, Trump won’t upturn the ecomania wagon one scrap. Even China will just take full control of being that nice eco-Stasi everyone wants and everyone will live happily ever after.

    Poor little Left. They hate being defied.

    • Jim Denham said,

      • Mick said,

        President Trump’s a strong character, stepping into the talking shops of the mighty to rattle a few cages, demanding value for money. Sounds familiar, history fans!

        Brunhilda and her little French pet whine like vacuum cleaners about Trump raping sweet Mother Earth. No sign of impotence there. Same with the leading lavatories of the EU filling with the finest crafted continental turds, just over having to pay their full whack into NATO too.

        Trump was always going to be hated, before he even made any so-called gaffes. The White House says upsetting EU leaders was just a secondary benefit and they’ve defied the undefiables just sweetly.

      • Jim Denham said,

        A “strong character?!?” Only if you’re impressed by vainglorious baby-men and narcissistic bullshitters. Most people in the world (and the majority of Americans) have his measure and despise him accordingly. Putin’s poodle, indeed!

        This sums him up pretty well:

        … and why the comparison with Nixon is unfair … to Nixon:

      • Mick said,

        Aaah, poor little Der Spiegel. All it can do is rehash the cliches. And call him a racist. (As if namecalling hurts him.)

        The Nixon one’s a little more interesting. Time for the Left to re-evaluate the Trump they knew because there’s now Trump. Though Trump has already succeeded in breaking one Dem blockade by getting Neil Gorsuch in the Supreme Court, seeing a huge drop in illegal entry to the US by his strong words alone, by his leaving the straitjacket Trans-Pacific Partnership – hated also by the left – as well as getting US self-sufficiency in coal and oil and gas well and truly boosted in tandem with huge trade deals.

        Trump’s is a strong personality. That’s different to ineptitude.

  3. Catherine R Shepherd said,

    Right on, Mick! Trump has been accused of arrogance, but obviously that is just what we need in America. No more falling into line with stupid liberal/progressive policies worldwide just because it’s expected. We had enough of that crap with Obama and his socialist, treasonous cronies. Time to put our country and its citizens first for a change. Time will tell if we’re right about Trump, but I say we give him a chance. So far, I agree with most of his actions, especially the consigning of our idiot mainstream media to the cesspool they created themselves.

    • Mick said,

      Oh yes, indeed! Especially when Obama had just as little patience for media outlets which he and the leftbots bellyached about!

      Obama let Islamonutzi fanatics kill his own ambassador, with Hillary asking So What when asked about it. He undermined Israel by belittling it and having tea with terror leaders. And he started the nuking-up up Iran with precious few checks, yet Trump’s the danger man for encouraging crackdowns on Islamist lunatics!

      This also helps put the left’s primary concern for foxes and smokeles chimneys into perspective.

    • Jim Denham said,

      “treasonous cronies” says a supporter of Putin’s poodle! Bring on the impeachment!

      • Catherine R Shepherd said,

        By “Putin’s poodle” you must mean Obama, whose famous hot mic moment of telling the outgoing Russian leader to tell the incoming one that he would have more flexibility AFTER he’s re-elected (funny he didn’t say “when”, but after, like he knew in advance he would be). And hell no, I sure never supported Obama the poodle!

      • Jim Denham said,

        Obama, whatever his weaknesses, never praised Putin as a great leader, supported his policy in Crimea or encouraged him to interfere in US elections.

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