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May 25, 2017 at 5:42 am (democracy, elections, islamism, Rosie B, terror)

My local hustings was cancelled last night. Electioneering was put on hold after the Manchester bombing and will not resume until tomorrow. Outside of Manchester itself, one day’s pause would have been enough.

There has been plenty written by Mancunians celebrating their city, their football and music and creativity. That is their Manchester, and they cherish it and celebrate more now it is wounded.

I’ve only visited the city once and was taken with its buzz and friendly citizens and its mighty Victorian industrial past preserved. I had heard the music of course but my Manchester, the one I saw, was the civic pride of the Victorian industrialists with its splendid town hall and art collection.

Manchester had come to me from other angles – from Mrs Gaskell’s North and South with its outspoken women factory workers who astonish the lady from the agricultural south. It is Peterloo and the Chartists and the Anti-Corn Law League, the Manchester Guardian, the liberals and the radicals who sought to extend the franchise. Emmeline Pankhurst was a Mancunian. I remember the suffragettes every time I cast a vote. That Manchester shaped British politics.

To honour its spirit we should get back to the door-knocking and leafletting, the hustings and the interviews, the debates and the polls and the betting, the manifestos, the wriggling out of questions and the bad-tempered exchanges and all the noise – some of it fairly cacophonous – around an election.

The democratic process should not be derailed by a failed piece of humanity with a foul ideology who tried bigging himself up by murdering a bunch of gig-goers.


Work by Ford Madox Ford, Manchester Art Gallery


  1. Mick said,

    Foul ideology? Is there a slight twinkle of an epiphany here from the all-knowing left? How many more bombings does there have to be before the Islamic establishment is called in and told to root out Islamofascism with the authorities?

    Probably many. Other liberal lights include Andy Burnham, who said that Muslims don’t need to report grievances to the police. He said instead, at the last Labour conference, that ‘trusted’ people – say like people in Labour or Tell Mama – should hear it instead because the police can’t be trusted.

    Burnham also denied that the Muslim bomber was a Muslim, despite his pedigree and fellow Muslims – again – acting shocked that anything bad could ever happen on account of Islam.

    The work has not started!

    • Mick said,

      And a further thought for the unwilling left is that their navel-gazing at time like this also occur during natural disasters.

      Which isn’t surprising, seeing as terror attacks are ‘just to be lived with’ and it’s an unwitting admission that Corbyn’s friends just can’t help themselves anyway when Islam is into them.

      • Mick O said,

        I think everyone knows by now that you’re not a fan of the left Mick.
        Got anything else to contribute?

      • Jim Denham said,

        … apart from ignorant and irrelevant comments and (occasionally, and at best) statements of the bleedin’ obvious.

      • Mick said,

        Well perhaps it was time I was educated. How DO you pull this issue up by the bootstraps and clear out violence from certain places, without blaming the cops?

        Thanks for dropping by, Left!

  2. Mick said,

    And ah,what do we find in the news today?

    More evidence that Labour can’t be trusted on national security, as Corbyn and Abbot abstained or voted against legislation to stop the things they say they abhor.

    The Left can’t be trusted on security, can’t be trusted on immigration control, can’t be trusted on Sharia and can’t be trusted on treason.

    And all very relevant, with socialism facing its trial by fire on June 4!

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