Fascism defeated in France

May 7, 2017 at 9:45 pm (anti-fascism, democracy, Europe, France, posted by JD)

Breaking news from the BBC: https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor


  1. Mick O said,

    A classic scene from a classic film.

  2. Mick said,


    See, Left. You DO get what you want from time to time. Now you can let the British public have theirs. And a ‘Blairite’ ISN’T so bad for you, again. So no more tantrums, no more tears.

    Oh. There’s still the parliamentary elections for the left to fart through, where the FN could secure main opposition status. And Theresa May will be in the chair again after the Electorate kicks left wing balls to powder at the General Election. And that’s not to mention the other Red meltdowns over Brexit, and the Labour Party crumbling to the core for me to enjoy.

    But Le Pen’s defeat yesterday give you all a chance to catch your breaths.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Thanks to Comrade Martin for this:

    These are Google translations, so will read very oddly in parts, but are mostly good enough for you to get the gist. (One oddity is that “her” is often translate as “his”, because “her” and “his” are the same words in French).

    Le Monde

    Marine Le Pen announces a “profound transformation” of the National Front

    After her defeat, the candidate frontiste said she wanted to “constitute a new political force”, based in particular on a “strategy of alliances”.

    The candidate conceded defeat a few minutes after the results. Marine Le Pen said he had a telephone conversation with the new president to congratulate him on his victory and “wished him success”. She took the opportunity to thank the voters who “trusted” her, promising in passing a “profound transformation” of the National Front:

    “By this historical and massive result, the French made the alliance of patriots the first force of opposition. ”

    “Building a new political force”

    “The first round has endorsed a major breakdown of French political life by eliminating the old parties,” she said in an allusion to the Socialist Party and Republicans, whose candidates were ousted on 23 April. “This second round organizes a major political recomposition around the divide between patriots and globalists,” she added.

    “The National Front, which has embarked on a strategy of alliances, must also deeply renew itself in order to live up to this historic opportunity and the expectations of the French. I will therefore propose to undertake a profound transformation of our movement in order to constitute a new political force that many French people call for their vows. ”

    The president on leave of the FN did not give any precision on the form that would take his party at the end of this “transformation”.

    “It is necessary that the FN is renewed deeply, it has already begun,” believes Philippe Olivier, counselor and brother-in-law of the candidate. It is in a strategy of alliance, it is new for him. There will be a convention [probably early 2018], I think the FN will change name, practices will change, and so on. ”

    “This question will depend on the party congress”

    Jean-Marie Le Pen immediately reacted to his daughter’s statement in a reply to Le Monde.

    “This question will depend on the party congress. It does not depend either on Marine Le Pen or Florian Philippot, which should be discreet given the failure of tonight. Florian Philippot can not boast, nor propose a change of name. He must remember that he is only a guest in this house. ”

    For Le Pen, the disappointing score of the candidate of the far right party is due to the highlighting of central themes “like the euro, Europe and retirement at age 60”.

    Florian Philippot instantly replied to this attack on the set of TF1.

    “He is not the honorary president of my party, he excluded him. He made 18% in the second round, right? He has no lesson to give. This is the opinion of a citizen like any other. (…) We are proud to be sovereignists. ”

    “We have had a very good campaign on the substance, on the real issues, and today we seem to be the first force opposed to Mr. Macron and his government and I think that the policy will be very hard for the French people”, said the National Front number two.

    “There will be a new political force, the alliance with Dupont-Aignan will continue. We have a real alternative patriot project. ”

    “A part of disappointment”

    National Front MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen acknowledged Sunday called for a “reflection” on the strategy carried out during the campaign by his party: “There is necessarily a share of disappointment, it would be dishonest to say the opposite.” Ms Maréchal-Le Pen regretted on BFMTV that the French had “chosen continuity, continuity with the quinquennium of François Hollande”.

    “We could not impose the idea that this election was a referendum, a referendum for or against France, for or against mass immigration, for or against the inevitability of insecurity, for or against France Free and sovereign, for or against the European Union as it currently operates “.

    Questioned a few minutes later on France 2, the youngest member of the National Assembly nevertheless expressed optimism for the legislative elections. “Today, we are clearly positioned to be the first opposition force against Emmanuel Macron. We have 10 million voters behind us, “she insisted.

    The member for Vaucluse insisted that there were “obviously some lessons to be learned”. “We have to gather beyond Nicolas Dupont-Aignan,” she said.

    Dominique Albertini, in Libération

    Despite a historic vote for the party, Marine Le Pen fails at the gates of the Elysee, far from the 40% mark. A disappointing result for the candidate of the self-proclaimed “first party of France”, who had done everything to soften his image before cracking in the final straight.

    After its defeat, the FN in full crisis of growth

    When do you lose an election? During the campaign, will judge some, because it was badly conceived, badly carried out. Long before, others will say, seeking vice at the source. Marine Le Pen now has five years to meditate on this, and we too. That the candidate of the National Front could win Sunday, few of his relatives considered it sincerely. That the defeat was so severe, on the other hand, that was not on the program. And that the end of the campaign takes the form of a political and moral collapse, even less. Despite his accession to the second round, Le Pen did not emerge reinforced from the ballot. It will need an excellent result in the legislative elections to recover, with its own troops, a credit today begun.

    Paradox: this finding comes after the woman beat, on Sunday, a new electoral record. Never did a candidate of the National Front achieve such a score in a presidential election. Never had the party or its representatives, all polls combined, collected so many ballots.

    It should not be forgotten that a considerable part of the electorate sees Le Pen’s “integral sovereignty” as an acceptable, even desirable, solution to the problems of the country, and no longer hesitates to publicly express its support. Two novelties to be credited to the president (“on leave”) of the FN.

    Can such a denouement be called a failure for this one? It is enough, at bottom, to take her at the word: in recent years, she and her loved ones have constantly presented their movement as the “first party of France”, and judge their “majority” ideas in the country . When she took over as head of the FN, in 2011, Marine Le Pen embodies this ambition: to conquer and exercise power after years of fruitless protest under the authority of Jean-Marie Le Pen. The objective was to be his exclusion, and to the frontispiece a severe dressage, compensated only by the odor of the triumph to come.

    Combined with a long economic crisis, a massive disavowal of outgoing power and a series of Islamist attacks, these adjustments were to open the doors of the Elysée to the self-proclaimed “candidate of the people”. On Sunday, we had to face the obvious: the effort will be longer than expected. Perhaps it will be up to others other than Marine Le Pen to carry it out.

    “We come, we break everything, we leave”

    If the election is lost during the campaign, then let us take this one at its inception. At the beginning was Ecouis, village of 850 inhabitants in the Eure and theater in January of one of the first movements of the pretender to the Elysee. Surrounded by cameras and sympathizers in the surrounding area, Marine Le Pen pulled out of his vehicle and rushed into the Municipal Public Service House. The idea may come as a surprise: come to denounce the abandonment of rural communities, here it is in a place there, on the contrary, maintaining many services.

    She will spend only a few minutes – enough to surprise the staff by her poor knowledge of the device. At the end of the visit, an employee blew, hustled by journalists in search of images of the candidate. Who is already heading for another meeting elsewhere in the region? “One comes, one breaks everything, one leaves again, deplores then an elected frontist. As long as it makes pictures on BFM, we are happy. “Reserves evacuated with a shrug of the shoulders by the marine environment.

    At the very end, Wednesday, was the second round debate. Much has already been written about the curious performance of a Marine Le Pen casual and sometimes trivial, breaking with the “Gaullian height” supposed to transfigure his campaign. The following days, many mariners confided their consternation. “The day after the debate, an activist called me to say:” We’ve been breaking the ass for five years, and everything is screwed up in one evening! ” Reports a Provençal frontist. He was not the only one to think that, far from it. Whereas our militants are usually unwavering supporters. ”

    For a member of the political bureau of the FN, “the presidentiable side of Marine clearly took lead in the wing that evening. It will not be easy to recover. ” And “at the technicians who worked on the program, it’s cold anger, they feel like they’ve worked for nothing,” says another. A sign that there was little illusion on Sunday in the Le Pen camp: the day before, the press was warned that the election evening, organized in a room in the Bois de Vincennes, would take place behind closed doors from 22 hours.

    • Mick said,

      Interesting. If making little gangs is the new rock and roll, the FN’s copying the left in another small way. And if the FN helped shape debate on issues like immigration without the reward of office, it may consider becoming more of a pressure group – as the leadership of the BNP allegedly wondered for itself.

      Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like ‘progressive alliances’, ironically enough. Labour people ignore him but if lefties put their effort into small beer candidates just to try and get rid of Jeremy Hunt, say, then a tinier Labour presence in the Commons is probably the sugar for Theresa May to swallow with the pill.

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