Local election results and the task ahead: we agree with the Morning Star !

May 6, 2017 at 6:25 pm (campaigning, democracy, elections, labour party, posted by JD, reformism, Tory scum)

For the first time ever, Shiraz agrees wholeheartedly with a Morning Star editorial (though that doesn’t mean we can ever forgive their support for Brexit and continuing state of denial over its consequences):

Don’t abandon hope just yet

THERE is no point in trying to dress up the local election results as positive for Britain’s left.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is absolutely right to say the outcome of the vote across Scotland, Wales and some parts of England was mixed, and that Labour won important victories.

But there is no hiding the fact that Labour lost hundreds of seats and that the Conservatives gained hundreds of seats.

It is especially worrying that Theresa May’s party is making significant gains across Scotland, for many years a virtually Tory-free zone.

The advance shows that the politics of competing nationalisms, Scottish and British, are continuing to drown out the politics of class north of the border — which is bad news for working people.

Gains for Plaid Cymru and the Tories in Wales suggest similar forces are at work in that country, although Labour fared significantly better in the only British nation it currently governs than in Scotland.

The total collapse of Ukip will cheer anti-racists, but its cause is clear — Theresa May’s Conservatives are now virtually indistinguishable from the party taken to prominence by Nigel Farage.

A government that moots forcing companies to draw up and publish lists of foreigners in their employ, demanding to see passports at the hospital gate and returning to the days of grammars and secondary moderns offers everything Farage’s “back to the ’50s” outfit did to voters, especially now the decision to leave the European Union has been taken.

The Liberal Democrats also notably failed to make any recovery from the well-deserved drubbing they received in 2015, after shamelessly helping the Conservatives privatise our health service, triple tuition fees, sell off Royal Mail and wage war on disabled people and the unemployed.

Tim Farron might declare that Labour’s losses prove only a vote for his party can stop the Tories, but the claim is nonsense when the Lib Dems are also losing seats — and given that his party is openly willing to return to coalition government with the party of racism and the rich.

No, as journalist Abi Wilkinson has pointed out, these results mean June 8 is a two-horse race — between Labour and the Conservatives.

The Conservatives have a commanding lead, but it is not invulnerable. Local election turnouts are low, much lower than those for general elections.

The younger and the poorer you are, the less likely you are to vote — but the younger and the poorer you are, the more likely you are to support Labour, meaning low turnouts benefit the Tories.

Huge numbers of students have been signing on to the electoral register in recent weeks, and polling — otherwise so dismal for Labour — shows that among young people the party leads.

If the vote was confined to the under-40s, Jeremy Corbyn would beat May easily. All this points to the need for a mammoth get-out-the-vote campaign between now and June 8.

Labour has a huge asset in its party members. This half-a-million-strong army represents man and woman-power on a scale the Tories can only dream of.

However much the parliamentary party and its bureaucracy have mistreated them, Labour members understand what is at stake for Britain and the awful consequences of a victory for May.

Beyond that, the entire movement needs to come together to stop a government committed to smashing trade unions and impoverishing families in or out of work.

A Labour win is the only method of doing so. Over the coming month, everyone on the left should be out fighting for that victory.


  1. Mick said,

    “Labour has a huge asset in its party members. This half-a-million-strong army represents man and woman-power on a scale the Tories can only dream of.”

    That’s the beautiful, buffed and polished Sunday runabout of a mistake the Left keep making – despite the new sore balls they’re nursing this weekend. It’s not party members who count in the end but the Labour voters, a majority of them now wanting Corbyn to step down after he’s finished ruining the party at the General Election.

    Entryist Labour members – fired with rage and Marxism – made their high-handed voting errors with Corbyn as boss and now see the wider public retreating in disgust. In Scotland, unionist Tories helped make the running, while even in Wales, there’s a raft of reasons: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2916081-why-are-the-welsh-voting-conservative

    I enjoy the left retreating back into platitudes as their Rome burns. My glee is almost palpable as the loony left make the same error as Tony Blair – that Labour voters can just get what they’re given because where else can they go?

    The only party the Left are truly petrified of, that’s where! Let’s go to ‘mummy’, she’s calling!

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Your link sums up modern day opinion. Labour and the trade unions did fight for better conditions for working people and the poor.
      We now have the SNP in Scotland claiming to be the working class heroes while adopting Tory policies… And a substanial ammount of Scots swallow the SNP lies…..Fascism is never far away.

      • Mick said,

        Yeah, that’s the platitudinal stuff. If the public wanted fascism, they would have voted BNP all these years. Especially by Nick Griffin’s bosshood, the party had laid itself out like eggs on a plate.

        The people know that Labour think they’re bigoted women, etc., who need to be reprogrammed. They fail to deliver on vitals yet are long on PC ruin. Yet John McDonnell is to be given even greater leeway on waffle during the election in the belief that more of the same will finally wake us all up.

        Many people still want left wing politics but nothing from the student union. Rhetoric and putting even the employed on free dole isn’t the wise way to run Britain and people know it.

    • Karl Greenall said,

      Mick! Why don’t you tell us what Labour should be offering “Labour voters”?

      • Mick said,

        That question sums up the Left. They haven’t really listened, so they assume they haven’t been told. So let me unveil this dusty, evidently unread Labour voter dissatisfaction survey: https://yougov.co.uk/news/2016/08/22/labours-lost-voters/


        We know about the loopy unilateralist brain farts, the bitter infighting, etc. But the real comedy lies in the voters also turned away by the popular traditional policies, as the costing and communication is so eccentric and cocked up! More money for the NHS, yeah, but Corbyn goes on a class war rant instead of quantifying the costs! And he can’t even sit in his office as the workers there leak like sieves and threatens to go on strike if he doesn’t stand down.

        Oh god, it’s beautiful.

      • Mick said,

        And now, breaking midnight news, John McDonnell has been forced to conform! He’s announced Labour’s the party of low tax now! First time in bloody history! 95% of workers will get no rise in income tax or VAT, he says.

        JUST LIKE TONY BLAIR! And he had to rely on stealth taxes too.

  2. Roger McCarthy said,

    Because at least part of my brain is still functioning I have no choice but to quote Comrade Churchill here:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    In fact I may get that last sentence put on a T-shirt…

    • Mick said,

      Oh, the humanity! Slaves? Oh, the laughter! Corbyn and McDonnell give speeches in Trafalgar Square in seas of communist flags – with fanboy leftists chanting ‘Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin’. I think I want the slavery of freedom, please!

      Poor little left! Now their high-ground tax morality’s shredded as they both want to crush aspiring job creators earning £80,000 a year AND still be unable to quantify any spending plans: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/801352/Thornberry-British-voters-tax-Labour-Party

      No moral fibre, mate! The Left can barely take the stresses of campaigning, let alone office. In America, Hillary Clinton had a total breakdown when she discovered she had lost.

    • Jim Denham said,

      I never thought I’d say this: but “Hear, hear, Churchill!”

  3. Mick said,

    Woooo, left! Even your own public have become baffling sociological studies in all the names you call people. Long live it, I say, if keeps you even more divorced from power.

    • Jim Denham said,

      I repeat again, Mick: do you support le Pen?

      • Mick said,


      • Mick said,

        …As I said.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Jim, do you support Corbyn and Momentum. Do you support Sinn Fein IRA. Do you support Islamic Fascists that want to destroy Israel.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Yes, yes, not really, definitely not. OK?

      • Mick said,

        Aah, I don’t like the sound of that ‘not really’! Bit indecisive, isn’t it?

  4. LeoXamine said,

    France just can’t stop surrendering. Curious selection that la marseillaise video by the way. I thought nationalism was a bad thing. Ha!

  5. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Indeed Jim ‘not really’. Many on the left supported the IRA then PIRA. The joke of course is many of the left thought the terrorists were Marxists and liberators. Tell that to the familys of the missing…

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