Deluded Stalinist fools still don’t get it as Article 50 is triggered

March 29, 2017 at 8:43 pm (CPB, Europe, fantasy, grovelling, Jim D, Marxism, nationalism, populism, Racism, reactionay "anti-imperialism", stalinism)

Brexit opens the way to progressive politics? Even the Stalinists now have doubts

On the day that Britain takes a great step backwards towards nationalism, isolationism and nativism, Tory backwoodsmen, Ukip and other and racists throughout England are celebrating.

Those on the left (and, indeed, liberal-left and Greens) who campaigned for internationalism and anti-racism against Brexit are divided between advocates of giving up in despair and those who vow to fight on to reverse this historic defeat.

But by far the most pathetic, incoherent and demoralised observers of the Article 50/Brexit debacle are the shower of supposed “leftists” who advocated Brexit on the grounds that it could magically turn into something progressive – a “people’s Brexit” or “Lexit” some fantasists called this mirage. Chief amongst these self-deluded idiots were the Stalinists of the CPB and Morning Star, though a few degenerate ex-Trots followed in their slipstream, bleating about how the vote was nothing to do with immigration, but all about opposition to neo-liberalism, austerity, etc, etc.

Most of these fools remain (in public, at least) in complete and utter denial – even in the face of sustained increases in racist incidents directly attributable to the Leave campaign and referendum result. The wretches of the Morning Star show some very slight signs of recognising the disastrous results of their pro-Brexit idiocy. Today’s editorial (which can be read in full here), includes the following admission:

“Since the result of the June 23 vote, almost everything has gone wrong, with the significant exception of the left’s success in mobilising even more Labour Party members to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn in 2016 than in the previous year.

“To those who see Brexit as a victory for narrow nationalism, this is hardly surprising.”

To which those of us who do, indeed, see Brexit as a victory for narrow nationalism, can only agree that we’re not surprised in the least. In fact, we predicted it.

The M. Star continues:

“The vote to leave the EU is interpreted as a triumph for the right which has predictably knocked the stuffing out of the left.

“But the risk is that assuming people voted to leave the EU for right-wing reasons, and that Britain will therefore lurch to the right in consequence, is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Right! so the fault lies with those of us who warned about the inevitable consequences of a Leave vote, and “interpreted” it as “a triumph for the right” instead of deluding ourselves with the ridiculous reactionary socialist fantasies of the CPB and the Morning Star.

On this day of defeat and shame, serious socialists need to recall the words of a Marxist revolutionist who doesn’t meet with the approval of the Morning Star:

“To face reality squarely; not to seek the line of least resistance; to call things by their right names; to speak the truth to the masses, no matter how bitter it may be; not to fear obstacles; to be true in little things as in big ones; to base one’s programme on the logic of the class struggle; to be bold when the hour for action arrives — these are the rules of the Fourth International” – Leon Trotsky, The death agony of capitalism and the tasks of the fourth international, 1938.

NB: see also Comrade Coatesy, here


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The vote to leave was a sensible decision taken by people who see an unnesesary gravy train of politicians some elected and some not.
    The fall of the EU should be seen as equivalent to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. Small is good, agreements good but not unaccountable beaurocrats.

    • Jim Denham said,

      “The fall of the EU should be seen as equivalent to the fall of the Berlin Wall”: if you believe that, you really are an idiot with not the slightest grasp of history. It’s also an insult to the heroic democrats who risked their lives to bring down Stalinism: not quite the same as the lumpens, golf club reactionaries and racists who risked nothing to vote “Leave.”

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        You are the sensible one Jim and not an idiot! The EU was supposed to be equal but look what happened to Greece and the total failure and capitulation of the Greek left to the EU German capitalist bankers. Your grasp of history Jim is onerous. Britain is out now and the British will determine our future. Your socialism is also onerous.

      • Mick said,

        What the hell’s a Stalinist? Most of the Left? They’re bossy and spiteful enough. Wacists, is it? Yup, that’s half the public they’re gobbing on.

        If the EU’s so good, why are professors in Spain badgering the PM there to leave due to its huge debts? And why do two bosses of the EU itself say that it will fail in the end because it is so SHIT?? It has to change from being SHIT to somehow LESS SHIT.

        Yeah, Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, and Manfred Weber, an MEP and key ally of Angela Merkel.

        Ah yes, even ‘wacists’ know better than EU fans, the deluded incompetent chumps on the wrong side of history. You had your chance. N=Now it’s time to change.

      • Stephen Bellamy said,

        Well since nobody else is going to mention Ken I suppose I better.. Ken and Jeremy you just couldn’t make it up.

      • Mick said,

        The slimy toads in Labour reap just what they sow.

        Remember when Nick Griffin was acquitted on all charges during his hate trials, when Gordon Brown said it was time to toughen up the law on people calling Islam a wicked, vicious faith? Well, they backed to the hilt an EU law on hate crime, which put you in court for making comments merely if some third party claimed they were offensive. Didn’t matter if you weren’t slanderous, didn’t matter if it was true. It saw a guy arrested last year, for example, merely for tweeting that he ‘wasn’t impressed’ with a Muslim woman’s reaction to Islamic extremism when he confronted her.

        Now people in Labour use it to make hay against each other, and bloody good work it is too. Serves them damn right and long may they never reign o’er us for a hundred bloody years.

      • Mick said,

        Well actually the mentality they follow in the road to ruin, rather than the law. They hold their own courts, like extra-judicial morons.

        But in spirit, the Labour Party, each damn side, is cocksure and bullish and arrogant and dictatorial and mind controlling and spiteful. The likes of the Metric Martyrs or Tony Martin are in some way vindicated by these swines destroying themselves out of power, in full public view.

  2. Mick said,

    This is beautiful! Oh happy happy happy! The Remoaners are the ones in deluded self-imposed denial and absolutely creamy mania. This will noble them.

    Gina Miller says she feels ‘like a superwoman’ as she keeps failing to block Brexit. Alistair Campbell still insists Brexit can be stopped, while Michael Heseltine says Article 50 will DESTROY British sovereignty! Ah, we’re recovering it.

    The far left have been crushed – Article 50 is NO mandate for state socialism. And the PC wankers have also been crushed. They can howl about wacism all day. The fact is that the EU is going WEST! But the Remoaners can hardly boast of the EU’s own fortunes, can it!

  3. Mick said,

    “This will noble them.”

    Noble? NOBBLE! My god, they think the sun shines out of Junker’s arse as it is, except for half the EU which hates his guts!


  4. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Trade agreements are good as is prosperity. The EU project is a political nepotist project where politicians and their friends have bleed the working people. Throw butter from the mountain tae the plebs, not forgotten.

    • Mick said,

      Yup and the EU made the mountains instead of giving us the land of plenty. And now they want 50 billion quid as a golden handshake.

      Now the EU Parliament is now looking at laws to punish us for daring to think about doing trade deals on our own before 2019.

      The EU still can’t stop acting like pretentious, entitled snowflake nobends, just like the rest of the PC brigade who love it so much.

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