Reactions to Indyref2

March 14, 2017 at 11:33 am (Beyond parody, Europe, nationalism, populism, posted by JD, scotland, SNP)

These are all genuine:

It’s odd. I voted in the Westminster & Holyrood elections. Can’t remember anyone offering to fuck my life up.
Politics today: Insert silver bullet into single chamber, spin revolver, place barrel on temple.
Like King Arthur, summoned from sleep when the realm is threatened, our heroes awake from slumber:
                                             Inline image

 Sturgeon wants an indyref without a plan on the basis Brexit is happening without a plan.
Spent all day (and many prior) trying to grasp the idea that the answer to nationalism is more nationalism. It’s an inscrutable mindset.
I knew life expectancy in parts of Scotland was lower than the rest of the UK, but a generation lasting 5 years is pretty bleak #indyref2
As a 24 year old it is nice to know I have lived for six generations. Mightily impressive. #indyref2
Not even an hour since the announcement and I’m already sick of this shite #indyref2
BMG poll for Herald: 49 per cent of Scots do not want a 2nd independence referendum before Brexit; 39 per cent do; 13 per cent are unsure.
I’ve already seen an international publication photoshop Nicola Sturgeon’s face onto Mel Gibson’s body. Please, not again.
#Indyref1 was flag-wavers screaming at a passive majority. #Indyref2 will be two lots of flag-wavers screaming at each other. I can’t wait.
2017-19 was going to be longest stint without a major UK election in half a decade so at least #indyref2 is job creation for journalists.
As Scotland pushes for #IndyRef2, what would Europe look like if all independence movements won? #maps
                                                   Inline image


  1. kb72 said,

    My thoughts exactly. Every. Last One.

    An indy ref? Open-heart surgery? Both equally desirable.

  2. kb72 said,

    However knowing how Sturgeon plays, it’s likely she wants May to block it so she will have yet another nationalist grievance.

  3. Political Tourist said,

    The left in England and Wales can’t say too much.
    They were a complete letdown with Brexit to the point of embarrassment.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      At least England and Wales have a left.

      • Mick said,

        The vipers probably know they can exploit the Indyref division to attack the Tories. Attacking Tories is the base level on everything and it thankfully blinds them.

        The stated motivation for the referendum is ‘Ooo, Bwexit!’ That’s the whining noise from them anyway, so I’ll damn bet that they will stay lukewarm for the mo’.

        And England and Wales? The left have made much mayhem that they are, too, only electable in localised areas where any regional culture can be different to the national stage. So at least there’s that comfort while Mrs. May actually practices leadership politics.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Support the referendum and independence, but not on the basis that Sturgeon has called it – on an entirely different, imaginary basis. The SWP predictably incoherent:

    • Mick said,

      “Working in a united way, the left helped shape the debate in 2014.”

      I see what you mean by laughable! Oil revenues are down, growth is down, productivity is down. The only thing up is the yen to break Britain apart for being Donald Trump’s ‘imperialist’ poodle.

      But it’s not just the SWP. Swathes of the loony left believe they are totally rational in their manic obsessions to end Britain and extend the EU ’empire’, as top EU bod Barroso called it.

  5. Political Tourist said,

    Is it true a couple of ex SLAB MPs have joined the Tories?
    Scottish Labour destroyed from within.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Many slab left labour thus the Blairite/Thatcher policies adopted by the Tartan Tories.

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