The Labour Brexiteers who would deny basic rights to EU citizens

March 3, 2017 at 9:11 pm (apologists and collaborators, Europe, Human rights, Jim D, labour party, populism, Racism)

Kate Hoey and John Mills at Labour Leave launch

Above: Hoey and fellow Labour reactionaries and racists at the launch of Labour Leave

Today’s Times, commenting on the Lords’ amendment to the Brexit Bill, calling on the government to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, speaks for a lot of us:

“The spectacle of the unelected House of Lords hindering the business of the elected House of Commons is never a comfortable one. In the case of Wednesday’s amendment to the Brexit Bill, there is the added discomfort of the peers rather having a point.”

But of course, a similar amendment was put in the Commons last month, moved by Labour. Five Labour MPs voted against. We must never forget the names of these xenophobic scumbags: Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, Graham Stringer and Gisela Stuart, Labour MPs who voted against basic rights for EU citizens.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The British do not have any responsibility for the rights of EU citizens. The British should uphold the rights of British citizens. We are soon to be out of this EU gravy train. The individual nations that have joined the so called trade agreement are responsible for their citizens. I look forward to my passport being rectified. The redundant MEP’S can look forward to being job seekers. Most cities in Britain need bus drivers.

    • Mick said,

      Also, the EU repeatedly says it has no obligation to guarantee the rights of the British after Brexit.

      The Left and EU alike can go and suck themselves off.

  2. Robert R. Calder said,

    Gisela Stewart a xenophobic scumbag ???
    Well, she does come from Germany
    and there is such a thing as the singular zeal of the convert


    Or even for Bonny Prince Charlie

    It does seem that some Scottish person has just posted on a FACEBOOK page a photo of Hoodolf Hesssss captioned “MAN OF PEACE” with expressions of something like compassion (an arrow which goes astray is still an arrow) and an expression of the conviction that the German word for Friend is FRUNDE.
    The next thing would have been a polite request, from the German Imperial Ambassador to the Court of Distinct Shame for an untroublesome handover of these people of foreign origin or ancestry pointed out in recent years by that nice Mr. Mosley (or would that have been part of the Bwreckshot agreement Hess came across crackbrainedly to organise assuming the then Duke of Hamilton would meet up with and assist a protege of the father of a friend of Hamilton’s, the husband of Hamilton’s friend’s Jewish mother.
    Hamilton’s friend was, as he feared he’d be, bumped off by the Nazi regime, and the Nazi father did himself in.
    If there had been anything left in archives I’d imagine the Hamilton family would have been anxious to bring it out to try to silence all the crap about dark secrets.

    But no doubt some of the xenophobic machines who want to be left left would oppose any investigations of the truth of the Hess case and pursue some sort of conspiracy crap, feeling they had a duty of distortion —

    as in the general xenophobia:
    is it better to impoverish one’s children financially and have them a proud citizens of a broke Republic in which only global warming would foster the growth of bananas? Not to deny that plenty people in the country are bananas and yellow and becoming daily even more over-ripe,

  3. Jim Denham said,

    The loathsome Stuart after the Lords vote: “The British people voted in their millions to leave the EU, and their elected MPs passed the Article 50 bill without amendment.
    “The House of Lords should do the same and not seek to frustrate the Brexit process.”

    • Mick said,

      Lib Dem lords want to put tens of camp beds in the Lords, so their loathsome unearned peers can leap up and block Brexit at a moment’s notice.

      And Gina miller had to be told on TV to respect the outcome of the vote. Anything to block Brexit on any pretext is the new game plan by Remoaners and it is THAT which is loathsome.

  4. Political Tourist said,

    Using EU citizens in the UK as political hostages.
    Says it all about the Tories and certain sections of the Labour Party.

  5. Bruce said,

    This looks like a remoaner blog
    The eu nationals here will be treated in excactly the same way that British are treated who live n work in the EU simples

    • Jim Denham said,

      “This looks like a remoaner blog”: yeah, we are: and now we’ve won we’re gonna hold Corbyn to blocking Brexit.

  6. john young said,

    Now even Labour’s brexiteers are employing the Express’s (& of course, the Mail’s) increasingly hysterical and ridiculous mantra: The will of the people! While 17.4 million may have, for one reason or another voted to leave the EU, it remains worth mentioning that 29 million of us DID NOT.
    So, ‘the will of the people’? Do me a favour, please. Just grow up and show a little more respect to the people you’re so intent on letting down.

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