Hungarian Right destroying and remaking history

February 20, 2017 at 1:31 pm (anti-fascism, history, Hungary, intellectuals, literature, Marxism, philosophy)

 Image result for picture Budapest statue of Georg Lukács

On 25 January the Metropolitan Council of Budapest decided (by 19 votes to 3) to remove the statue of the Marxist philosopher Georg Lukács from the 13th District and replace it with a statue of King Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian nation. The proposal was put by a member of the neo-fascist Jobbik Party, Marcell Tokody. Last year, despite opposition, Lukács’s house which has served as an open archive since his death in 1971 was closed by the authorities. The fate of the documents in the archive, many of which have yet to be translated in languages other than their original Hungarian or German, is unclear.

In the history of 20th century Marxism Lukács is a central figure. He is certainly not without his critics but some of his writings, particularly History and Class Consciousness, are seminal works of Marxism and have stood the test of time. We should not standby and allow the barbarians of the Hungarian right, and their odious leader Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, to destroy his legacy.

Please sign the petition:

John Cunningham

(the author of these few words lived in Hungary from 1991 to 2000 and is currently working on  a full length study of Lukács and his legacy)


  1. Jim Denham said,

    I’ve emailed John Cunningham to let him know that the link provided in the main article isn’t working. I thought readers might be interested in his reply:

    I have checked the petition address and as far as I can see it should be OK. So, I’m at a bit of a loss to explain what the problem is. Will keep trying. In the meantime anyone wanting to protest this action could usefully write to Dr. Laszlo Lovasz, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at: OR

    [… and a further comment]:

    Me again. The Hungarian Free Press has an excellent article on Lukacs (statue and archive) and, significantly, locates the central problem as Jobbik’s anti-semitism, despite the obvious fact that although Lukacs was of Jewish origin this was of no importance to him whatsoever. Jobbik also, apparently, blame Lukacs for the establishment of the Frankfurt School (!!!!) which of course, Lukacs hated! Do a search ‘Hungarian Free Press – Lukacs’ and it will come up, including two very nasty examples of anti-semitic propaganda (not as far as I am aware from Jobbik), one of which features Lukacs. JC

    • Mick said,

      I think I’ve a template letter for all our good buddies:

      Dear Laszlo,

      Would you mind not demolishing one of the left’s festish statues. Then they might not complain about Mussolini’s memorial monument still existing in Italy. Let all extremists live in peace, especially one who bolstered Lenin, one of communism’s premier butchers and quashers of democracy!

      Regards,a fellow crank.

  2. Glasgow Working Class said,

    You are right Jim we should not let history be destroyed and should complain.
    The Islamists are doing it now as we speak and now Christian Hungary who openly sent Jews to the holiday camps are at it again. Then of course Stalin wiped out Trotskyism! Aye. RIGHT.

    • Mick said,

      Leftists can be so obsessed with Nazis, and whoever else they pass off as Christian, that they then lose sight of their own whackjobs for a while.

      Trotsky was a bloodthirsty imperialist, lusting after European territories for his anti-democratic buddy Lenin… who himself was responsible for the deaths of up to 8 million people through famine, killing of dissidents and the like.

      So much for the anti-extremists.

  3. Mick said,

    Oh boo hoo, a Marxist is being toppled, like so many others.

    Interestingly, a few statues of Lenin and Marx are dotted around the old eastern stomping grounds even today. Maybe, though, we should leave them up. When my granny, and other survivors of the old concentration and re-education camps are gone, there should still be some reminder that such evils must never be revisited.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Mick, leaving all that aside pulling down statues is an agenda by some people for their own interests. We have a Rabbie Burns statue in Glasgow George Square and a Duke of Wellington statue nearby.

      • Mick said,

        My gran was in a re-education camp, indirectly because of this guy. She couldn’t leave until she vowed that Lenin and Marx were cool dudes. So no, there’s no important enough reason to leave it aside.

        There’s no comparison between this and Wellington or Burns. Putting up Marxist statues follows an actual extremist agenda, so I suppose it’s fitting that another extremist wants to pull it down.

  4. Georg said,

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