Jackie Walker to tour Scotland despite efforts of “well financed agents” of Israel to “silence” her

February 18, 2017 at 12:12 pm (anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, israel, labour party, palestine, reactionay "anti-imperialism", scotland, stalinism, zionism)

Above: a typical Jackie Walker performance

By Dale Street

Jackie Walker, currently still suspended and under investigation by the Labour Party in connection with allegations of anti-Semitic conduct, will be doing a speaking tour of Scotland in March. The speaking tour has been organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

The SPSC’s main claims to fame are:
– Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day with readings from Perdition (to demonstrate that the Holocaust was a joint Nazi-Zionist endeavour), with the added attraction of Ken Livingstone’s intellectual guru Lenni Brenner as the special guest speaker.
– Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day the following year by hosting Azzam Tamimi (who thinks that Israeli Jews should “go back to Germany” (sic), and has also advocated: “The US, the Zionist father through adoption, [should] grant [the Jews] one out of its more than fifty states.” (sic)).
– Campaigning, with an unsurprising lack of success, in defence of Paul Donnachie

The leaflet advertising the speaking tour (Palestine, Free Speech, and Israel’s ‘Black-ops’) states:

“Jackie Walker is a high-profile target of false, evidence-free accusations of antisemitism that we have become all too familiar with. They are now seen to be part of the ‘black-ops’ organised by the Israeli Embassy and its well-financed agents in every mainstream political party. Jackie joins those supporters of Palestinian rights who have been attacked for challenging Zionist political ideas.

“She dared to criticise the official Holocaust Memorial Day organisation set up by Tony Blair as not dealing sufficiently with all genocides. HMD blanked, and a Tory Minister then attacked, Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer when he spoke at meetings across Scotland and compared the current Israeli dehumanisation of Palestinians with the vile racism he suffered as a Jewish kid in 1930s Germany. …

“We have the right to challenge any political idea in the public domain, but pro-Israel voices seek to exempt the racist ideology of Zionism from criticism and smear opponents as ‘antisemitic’.”

The fact that the SPSC thinks that the allegations against Jackie Walker are “evidence-free” does much to explain their lack of success with the ‘Paul Donnachie is Innocent’ campaign.

And isn’t it a bit odd that it’s always the Israeli agents who are the “well-financed” ones? Hmmm, sounds familiar!

As for Holocaust Memorial Day being an initiative of Tony Bliar – well, say no more!

Is Jackie Walker’s speaking tour going to prove to be a boost for the defence, or a boost for the prosecution?


  1. Mick said,

    This is a pretty sweet article – high praise from me, indeed – but it could go a little further. It couldn’t be coincidence that so many antisemitic fruitcakes – on the far-Right too – back Palestine is because the Palestinians themselves are overwhelmingly antisemitic? 97%, according to Pew. A certain fuel for the fire keeps them coming, which proved itself in the bizarre melting pot of the Tehran Holocaust denial conference.

    Religion comes into it, as certain holy books are loaded with hateful and murderous passages against Jews. So similar percentages were found across the other Middle Eastern countries of that certain majority demographic; though to be fair, only 35% of Israeli Arabs were found to hate Jews.

    As much as to clamp down on the symptoms, other nettles have to be grasped, which is where too many noisy leftists fall flat. The likes of the BNP have been mobbed and picked with fine-toothed combs by them, yet these same supposedly pro-Semitic activists howl with fury when the government also tries to hack down on other flavours of extremism equally. Prevent is rarely never a whining point.

  2. Andrew Coates said,

    She has appeared with Tony Greenstein at similar events.

    The Evil Zionist Sheriff fails to stop meeting going ahead:


    Could he not be get to Scotland?

  3. Howard Fuller said,

    Good article. The woman and her playmates in the SPSC need to be exposed for the hatemongers they really are.

    “Well financed”. Sounds so far-right…..

  4. Glasgow Working Class said,

    We should not kid ourselves that anti semitism and anti Jew is inherent in Christianity and Islam. Israel and the Jews are not stupid they know that there are those who would wipe them out given the chance. The so called moderates that claim they want a two state solution are part of the problem. Israel is a State and was previously. Palestine was a Territory and never a State.
    The whole purpose of supporting Palestinians is to wipe out Israel.
    There is plenty of room and money in the Middle East to accommodate Palestinians or indeed Syrians etc however the end game is kill the Jew.

    • Mick said,

      Well said, though I’d add a small point. Antisemitism is a direct driver in Islam, which isn’t comparable to historic antisemitism by Christians. They were actually bad Christians.

      Christianity shares a bedrock with Judiasm, Jesus was also king of the Jews, was followed by Jews and made a special point of acceptance of Jews. Muhammad, by contrast, compared Jews to pigs and apes and even told a couple of fanboys to ‘kill every Jew in your power’ (Tabari in the Hadith, the traditional Islamic book and context of the Koran.).

  5. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Maybe she could concern herself with the people of North Korea that dream of a socialist country we all look up too.

    And the working conditions of the North Korean Coal Miners.

    And that dose of the clap that inflicts the North Korean people when Kim Jung no resemblance to Alec Salmond is around.

  6. Dale Street said,

    The Facebook page which advertises the speaking tour’s meeting in Aberdeen


    carries posts from an Angus Neil Maclean urging attendance at the event:

    “UK Zionists caught red-handed collaborating with the Israeli Embassy to take down MPs that don’t support the apartheid state. Come along and hear the facts from Jackie Walker who was labelled anti-Semitic and suspended from Labour Party for taking a stance against apartheid Israel.”

    On his own Facebook page (pro-Assad, pro-Putin, pro-Gaddafi, pro-Saddam Hussein – all well-known champions of free speech) Angus Neil Maclean posted the following, in a conversation dated 11/09/2016:

    “Not get reported today all the Zionists are out celebrating 9/11, State sponsored terrorism for Zionist leaders that day as always.”

    “One day plez without Zionist tricks.”

    In response to a post from someone else (“Fully agree, the Zionists ruin nations”), he responded: “Well said, Sanaa”.

    Does Jackie Walker ever wonder why she attracts support from such quarters?

    Is she concerned that her speaking tour – given that it’s being run by the SPSC – is going to act as a rallying point for this kind of politics?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Shite rolls down hills therefore easy to locate.

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