The pathological liar Paul Nuttall

February 17, 2017 at 3:03 pm (elections, fantasy, fascism, jerk, nationalism, populism, posted by JD, UKIP)

From Our Person in Stoke, Phil Burton-Cartledge at All That Is Solid:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Paul Nuttall

Where to you start with a politician like Paul Nuttall? Like a foul dinner that keeps repeating, his every action belches falsehood upon fib upon lie. Saying you played professionally for Tranmere Rovers and having a PhD when you didn’t and don’t is good knockabout for politics anoraks, but it’s serious when your habitual lying extends to the seminal tragedy of modern football. Claiming you were there, that “you are a survivor” when everyone is saying you weren’t, and saying you lost “close personal friends” only to row back reveals a slimy opportunist who has to turn to a dictionary every time integrity is mentioned.

Having finally seen Nuttall up close at Monday’s by-election hustings at Staffordshire University, I found nothing that challenged my earlier assessment of him. For example, after saying he wouldn’t have a problem waterboarding a 10 year old he immediately disassembled and denied saying it, just as my moggy gives me one of those looks after finding her piss again on the kitchen floor. If only someone had recorded it. He cannot help but lie. If he’d had Ready Brek that morning he’d say he had Weetabix.

I understand why Paul Nuttall lies, and that’s because he’s a nothing man, an empty vessel that eats, walks around, and draws breath. All that there is a desire to be important, a hunger to be noticed, and that’s difficult if there’s nothing about you worth noticing. Consider UKIP’s leading figures for a moment. Douglas Carswell is the intellectual. Neil Hamilton the sleaze. Suzanne Evans the Tory. And Nigel Farage the cigarette swilling, pint smoking demagogue. Each have definable and discernible qualities, however much you may dislike them. But Nuttall, what of he? He’s alright in the media, he’s bald, he’s a scouser, and that’s about it. There is no presence to the man, something that was clearly evident at Monday’s hustings where Labour’s Gareth Snell and the Conservatives’ Jack Brereton both affected more weight on the stage.

If you are a politician without qualities, you can do one of two things. You can drift into obscurity and quietly draw a salary, much like the rest of UKIP’s anonymous cohort of MEPs, or make stuff up to give your character a bit of, well, character. In this by-election, we’ve seen Nuttall indulge Nigel Farage cosplay with his tweed outfit and flat cap look. Where the bloody hell he got the idea from that this is an appropriate look for Stoke is beyond me. He has also been taking a leaf out of Tristram’s book, too. Readers may recall that the dearly departed was hailed as a breath of fresh air, as a national figure with all the London connections that would help the Potteries. And give Tristram his due, he helped put the city on the national media’s radar and a number of interesting and important initiatives were born of these links. Nuttall has latched on to this and now parades around telling everyone who will listen that he’s a “national figure” too. And because he’s a big cheese, everything is going to be fine. Really Paul, if you have to go round convincing folks you’re a Very Big Deal …

What I find interesting is this is more than a Paul Nuttall issue, the cynical lies he tells is a property of hard right populist and fascist leaders generally. Nick Griffin and his coterie were pathological liars. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Facebook fash, Britain First, are compulsive liars. Marine Le Pen, just like dear old papa, lies, lies, and lies. And the Grand Poobah himself, Donald Trump, lies as easily as he breathes. What we’re dealing with here is not just the individual flaws of a deeply average and, actually, quite dim man but a sociological phenomenon common to a family of politics. As with everything else, Nuttall doesn’t stand out among his peers. He’s utterly typical and indistinguishable from them. The banality of evil, indeed.


  1. Mick said,

    So the man is a crock, so utterly devoid of substance and character that Labour people find it tough to compete with him on the stump. Adam seems to have found his Eve.

    The Left ignore polls when it suits them but the polls don’t put UKIP all that much behind Labour in a worse case scenario.

    Considering Labour themselves are full of liars, frauds, cranks, perverts, cheats and sellouts, I’m not altogether sure they are the right people to hector the public on solid morals. But they still always do, as they did with their Nanny State for 13 years.

  2. Mark said,

    Great article and sums nuttall up precisely.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Diane Abbott now there is a name. Leftie against private education!
      The personal attacks on Nuttall could backfire as did the attacks on UKIP over Brexit.

      • Mick said,

        That Labour thinks she’s the secret sauce for a Brexit-voting area just shows how they’ve lost the plot.

        But that kind of senility is a very sad way for the Left to deteriorate. Abbott is also racist and muddled. She’s the woman who said white people play divide and rule with blacks. And that she sent her kids to private school only because West Indian mothers go that extra mile for their kids. Bear in mind she doesn’t want the kids of anyone else to go anywhere other than crappy Labour-run state schools.

        The article talks about Nuttall being evil but it is also leftists, fired by Abbott’s kind of poison, becoming way more prone to political intimidation and violence. UKIP people are often harassed, with Nigel Farage himself the victim of confrontations by thuggish Remoaners.

      • Jim Denham said,

        “The article talks about Nuttall being evil” … well, it borrows Hannah Arendt’s phrase “the banality of evil”, coined by her following the Eichmann trial, to make the point that Nazis like him were often just bureaucrats going about their business, indifferent to the hideous human results of what they were doing. Nuttall is (obviously) not in the same league as Eichmann, and has not signed off mass murder. But his nationalism and racism is indeed “evil” and his banality is self-evident – manifest in his routine lying, which seems to verge on Walty Mitty-type self-delusion..

      • Mick said,

        I love the way these commentators chuck in a Godwin for good measure, as if they’re unsure of their own ground after all. Yup, Nuttall could have lied over surviving Hillsborough. But it’s too weak saying he’s like the bloke who worked for Hitler, just because the leftists say so.

        The leftists have to up their game. In America, Hillary Clinton called Trump voters ‘the Depolorables’. Here, Gordon Brown, Emily Thornberry and Dianne Abbott think voters for the other side are bigoted, white van-driving racists. Hell, leftists now call climate change, air pollution and babies a racist, so only the converted are attracted to them.

        No wonder way fewer people listen when Trump and UKIP are lumped in with Nazis, not least the considerable voterbases for the two.

      • Jim Denham said,

        The rise of Trump and his admirers like Nuttall and Le Pen makes Godwin’s Law irrelevant, as Raphael Behr explains here:

      • Mick said,

        A Godwin is always irrelevant, barring Obama’s own words that if Congress continued to not pass the exact immigration reform he wanted, he would ‘borrow’ power to act only on his own initiative. Things like that and his backing of local authorities blocking the investigations of ICE, in the ‘sanctuary cities’, show a real contempt for democracy and the undermining of the government he ruled so personally.

        That’s way more Hitlery than Trump finding his travel ban blocked and waiting to pass a counter order, which is also only within the powers of Congress. Or seeing two of his cabinet picks disappear and having to wait for the Senate to approve new ones.

  3. Mr Johnson said,

    I think the press have been harsh on serial liars lately. People are quick to forget that Nutty Nuttall is a former Iraq war veteran and also fought in the Falklands and was decorated sixteen times for bravery. The ex world karate champion and close friend of Mother Theresa of Calcutta has worked tirelessly for the UKIP Trust raising money for foreign children in need and it is high time we give this distant cousin of the Royal Family a break.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I agree perhaps mother Theresa could be the candidate. After all she could be in two places at the same time. Nuttall is a mere mortal.

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