Hope Not Hate’s 2017 warning

February 14, 2017 at 10:01 am (anti-fascism, Anti-Racism, campaigning, Europe, fascism, Human rights, Jim D, populism, Trump, UKIP)

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Hope Not Hates‘s report 2017 State of Hate is essential – and disturbing – reading for anyone concerned about the present resurgence of the far-right in Britain and Europe.

The report notes the rise of a new generation of far-right activists as part of the white nationalist “alt-right” scene, especially active on social media.

I am grateful to the Morning Star for drawing my attention to this important report. Today’s M Star paraphrases an opening section of the report thus:

It also said that the flames of fascism had been fanned by international events, including the election of Donald Trump, growing racist parties in western Europe and authoritarian states in central and eastern Europe.

The actual report states:

Now, with the uncertainty of the Brexit negotiations, the fall out from Trump’s presidency, increased influence of far right parties in Western Europe and the authoritarianism seen in parts of Eastern Europe, the problems emanating from Britain’s far right will be more numerous and multifaceted.

Spot the difference.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    It was the lefty liberals that allowed islamic fascists to swarm into Europe. They are responsible for the terror.

    • Mick said,

      Left wingers just apply any old labels to people they don’t like and call them Nazis. This Berkeley riot teacher woman was interviewed on TV and said people she didn’t like must be silenced in restaurants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVYKG49rgto

  2. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Hope Not Hate fingered the Henry Jackson Society as an org that was dragging anti Muslim hate into the mainstream. Upper echelons of the Labour Party are up their necks in HJS associations. Interestingly, nobody cares. Do you Jim ?

    The Labour Party’s problem with Muslims.


    • Mick said,

      That article’s a bit of a hatchet job, especially when the usual ‘Zionists’ are blamed. There are indeed serious issues with Islam in Britain, unchecked for so long, when Pew finds that 75% of Muslims globally still want death for becoming lapsed.

      Labour’s real problem around Muslims is what we saw in Rochdale or Rotherham, where PC authorities colluded to keep Islamic rape gangs covered up, for fear of being called names by the rest of the Left. In 2009, minister Jim Fitzpatrick said Labour was in fact infiltrated by radical Muslims, which perhaps explains segregated Labour meetings to this day.

      Labour also stiffened the law to send people to jail for criticising Islam, with Ed Miliband vowing to tighten it still further if he became Prime Minister.

      If there’s any hate put in the mainstream, it’s been Islamic hate by Labour. Indeed, Blair and Lord Ahmed’s own endorsed mosque ended up exposed by Channel 4!

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Muslims seem to be able to drag themselves into the mainstream by their own actions. The British Government is spending millions shadowing hundreds of them in the UK. And of course the Islamist terrorists fear the right because they would be removed promptly from the UK without lawyer fees!😢

      • Mick said,

        Indeed. My main beef is with the Left. When Undercover Mosque, its sequel or What Muslims Want were broadcast, a universal screech of condemnation was hurled at Channel 4. Complaints were made to police and it was said that broadcasting this would demonise Islam in front of the bigots.

        However, the Ch. 4 documentary on the BNP went by with no problems. I guess some extremists are more valuable than others, as Martin McGuinness being guest of honour at Labour Conference proves.

  3. Mick said,

    Not THE Morning Star, a communist paper with links to the likes of the same Chinese Communist Party which represses the Tibetans? And a paper which calls people racist, just for their opposing a barbaric and sexist legal system called Sharia Law.

    If anyone knows about hate, then, it’s the Left. Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and all the concocted bogeypersons are only there because the Left have failed us. They’ve had plenty of chances to get things right in power but they squander them every and each time.

  4. Political Tourist said,

    Crikey, the Fash don’t even hide it anymore on here.

    • Mick said,

      Yup, we wear our left wing case histories on our sleeves for times like this.

      Wait, Fash? That name makes your imagined enemies sound kind of glamorous. Bit glittery jackets and styled hair.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      You have arrived again, further proof required fash bhoy?

      • Mick said,

        Further proof makes them run straight to their safe spaces, c’mon!

        Indeed, leftists only want to block the streets more after Theresa May confirmed Donald Trump’s State Visit invite. The writ of the Left has been ignored, you see.

        And after Brexit, you would have thought a President putting Britain at the front of queue again would receive some grace. Especially when thugs and tyrannies the Left can excuse are a gazillion times worse than they say Trump is.

  5. Waterloo Sunset said,

    Wow, poor Mick really has had his feelings hurt by the kicking given to the Milo supporters, no? He won’t shut up about it. Do you need a safe space Mick?

    • Mick said,

      My feelings aren’t hurt but it’s normal people needing safe spaces from the violent Left. And I know they can’t stand it to have their foibles called out.

    • Mick said,

      My feelings aren’t hurt but it’s normals needing safe spaces from the violent Left.

      • Waterloo Sunset said,

        What kind of normal person goes to see Milo speak? You weirdo.

    • Mick said,

      I’m glad the Left are on hand to physically punish people for being weird!

      Now you see the violence inherent in the system! 😀

  6. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The left hate dissent in any form. My favourite was being shouted down during the biannual T&G conference in Glasgow during the seventies. Merely for opposing unilateral disarmament. And the pure venom was a sight to behold from the comrades who had the whole conference stiched from beginning to the end.
    And the tossers were stunned when Thatcher won the GE. We now have momentum and Labour are fucked again. They learn nothing from history.

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