Nuttall and Hillsborough: liar, fantasist … or just unwilling to support the campaign?

February 13, 2017 at 8:07 pm (fantasy, Guardian, populism, posted by JD, reblogged, tragedy, truth, UKIP)

Reblogged from the excellent SKWAWKBOX:

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX raised questions about UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s claim, on a regional BBC politics programme, to have been present at the Hillsborough disaster that claimed 96 Liverpool lives and highlighted the serious apparent inconsistencies in his claim – within the space of a minute – to have been inside the ground observing, inside the ground in the crush and outside the ground in the crush.


As with the exclusive on the European investigation into huge fraud allegations, the Hillsborough article led to some claiming that the SKWAWKBOX was propagating ‘fake news’.

And, as with the fraud investigation article, after a month or so the mainstream media ‘broke’ what this blog had aired first. And Nuttall himself seems to have led to it.

First, the Express featured an article in which Nuttall accused ‘trolls’ and ‘sick individuals’ of a ‘dirty tricks campaign:

nuttall express.png

It was a ‘doth protest too much’ moment that appears to have caught the interest of the Guardian, which [on Saturday] published its own article on it – building on what the SKWAWKBOX revealed (without credit, naturally) and adding further incriminating information under a title that doesn’t do justice to the content:

nuttall guardian.png

While indeed mentioning Nuttall’s denial, the article also reveals:

  1. that Nuttall produced two statements to corroborate his claim: one from a UKIP employee and one from his father – who got his son’s age wrong
  2. that Nuttall never publicly claimed to have been at Hillsborough until 2010
  3. that one of Nuttall’s former teachers said the school had a list of its pupils who were at Hillsborough – and Nuttall’s name was not among them
  4. a man who has been a friend of Nuttall for decades states that they had never discussed Hillsborough
  5. that Nuttall has apparently never given a statement to police about that day, even though he must have known that they wanted to hear from all witnesses
  6. that Nuttall has never offered to help the Hillsborough Families Support Group

As the Guardian states, the above points do not constitute definitive proof that Nuttall was not present at Hillsborough, but they do underline the serious questions about his claims in black ink – and his responses may suggest a man in a hole and still digging. If he is found to have lied about it, it would surely end his political career.

It will now be interesting to find out whether he has ever come forward to make a witness statement to the police, as making a false statement would be a punishable criminal offence and therefore something to avoid if he wasn’t really there.

FOI request to the IPCC, then.

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  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    So the dirt has started prior to the bye election in which Nuttall is standing as a candidate. Football and tragedy will be the issues and not policies.

  2. david walsh said,

    A strange trait seen in some male members of the far right is claiming false membership of the armed forces – usually the SAS. I recall the distinctly odd Adam Walker of the BNP who turned up at rallies in full military fatigues, but was just a teacher. The Nuttall claim to have been at Hillsborough is, I guess, an extension of that personality trait.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Your comparison is ridiculous and has no credibility. I have seen those who turn up in uniform some wearing medals and they need help in the community. Do not let your biased view get in the way of political reality. Maybe Nuttall needs help, who knows! He will be in good company in Westminster if he wins.

  3. Political Tourist said,

    Strangest part of the story not mentioned.
    He’s an Everton fan!!!

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Not a blue nose Rangers fan.😂

  4. Paul Nuttall & Hillsborough – Empirical Anecdotes said,

    […] via Nuttall and Hillsborough: liar, fantasist … or just unwilling to support the campaign? — Shiraz … […]

  5. IainF said,

    I feel sorry for Nutall.

    Blokes bullshit all the time to big themselves up.

    He should have said “Yeah…I lied…What of it?”

    That would have been refreshing and is what working class people are looking for. Somebody who doesn’t give a shit about the liberals and their media.

    Nick Griffin’s problems started with that terrible cloying performance on QT where he tried to suck up to the establishment vermin.

    He should have just given them both barrels like I’ve seen him do in meetings.

    • Mick said,

      I’d say Griffin’s problems ran deeper than that. I’ve seen the videos myself and he was a good speaker and showed how the BNP could set the agenda some years back. For example, they made big noises about Rotherham or peak oil first.

      But his own past, and that of the party, was always the leg iron which hindered his growth. Leftists have a tested line in mobbing meetings with menaces, shouting people down, calling them fascists and trying to get them sent down in court. Just with the BNP, they had a readymade pretext which chimed with people.

  6. Mick said,

    Nuttall does seem less harmful than Snell, which is my point. I voted UKIP in the 2015 general election and there is still a real need for it now, so Nuttall’s little brain diversions don’t help the big issues at all.

    So assuming Snell wins, I’d like to know how he expects to do things like balance Labour’s multimillion Pound debt the Labour council ran up. Abstract issues are one thing but this is where it gets important.

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