To oppose Trump you have to oppose Brexit!

January 31, 2017 at 6:03 pm (apologists and collaborators, economics, Europe, grovelling, labour party, populism, Putin, Tory scum, Trump, United States)

 Martin Rowson 20.1.2017Illustration: Martin Rowson (Guardian)

By John Rogan
It amazes me that there are many Labour MPs who say there is a “Tory Brexit” and a “Labour Brexit”. The implication is that the present Govt can somehow choose and implement whatever Brexit conditions they want with the EU27. This helps feed the delusion, on both the Left (Corbyn) and Right (Watson), that Labour could, somehow, negotiate a Soft Brexit. That the EU27 would be much kinder to a Labour government for some reason.

A Soft Brexit is just not going to happen. The leadership of EU27 have enough internal headaches (Le Pen, AfD and Freedom Party) this year to ensure that, if they wish to hold the line against the eurosceptic Far Right, there will be no concessions to the UK. Brexit means Brexit means Hard Brexit.

Now we have Trump whose possible EU Ambassador, Ted Malloch, seems to gleefully want to see the EU finished. After all, a much weakened EU (or no EU) would help the “America First” agenda of Trump.

This would also help the agenda of Putin who wishes to exert greater control in Eastern Europe.

The Trump-Putin Pact (wanting to split, weaken and carve up Europe) is another perfectly good reason for EU27 sticking to a Hard Brexit – especially a need for the defence of Eastern Europe.

Theresa May is actually correct in her sucking up to Trump and Erdogan. If we leave the EU on a Hard Brexit (which we will) then grovelling for some crumbs at their tables is all we will be good for.

And that is the question Corbyn, Watson and McDonnell have to answer. After a Hard Brexit, who should the UK deal with in trying to get good trade deals? How will we be able to do it?

If you oppose Trump, you have to oppose Brexit.


  1. Mick said,

    There is a point or two missed here, so let’s get the real ball rolling.

    First, I agree that many leaders and apparatchiks in the EU want us punished for daring to defy them and ruin their Superstate, especially in France. We are indeed seemingly as troublesome as those neo-Nazis, after all! But it’s ironic that the blogger implies that sentiment and says to oppose Trump means opposing Brexit. In doing so, it’s another attack on the inconvenient UK referendum outcome and directly fighting the popular tide, as even Remain voters respect the poll result. At least the real fascists are honest in their fight against reality.

    Next, a united Europe against Putin is an impossibility as the EU is inward-looking and dead-handed. Remember Merkel going over to bend Putin’s ear and nag at him? He just waited for her to go home and simply played with his tanks anyway. It takes a REAL organisation, like NATO, to do anything anywhere – hence even the Left sticking up for it of late.

    And crumbs from the table? This guy talks like we never negotiated for international trade deals before the EU, or that nations across the globe – from the USA to the Australasians to the Koreans – are lining up the bumper post-Brexit deal talks.

    ….Or that we voted Brexit immediately after David Cameron failed to gain the minor reform crumbs he begged the EU for! Now there’s irony, isn’t it Left. We’re now effectively getting the goodies gift wrapped with a box of Milk Tray! We just need to be a bit smooth with the spiel, something we can use to make profit now.. not merely waste to get something back from, or not lose too badly with the EU.

  2. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The EU attempted to humiliate Britain over the Calais refugees who were deliberately allowed to travel through the EU to Calais. The EU mainly France attempted to blame Britain for the so called refugee crisis. The EU are not our friends moreso France. Le Manche is our friend. Inspite of all the rhetoric that the EU is ONE that is not the case. The EU countries look after their own interests whist expecting Britain to be compliant to their whims. They think they are doing us a favour. We are almost oot and it should be celebrated …

    • Mick said,

      It’s what you get from liberal-leaning elites. Once-genuine ethics of probity and alternative thinking has long become a system of moral repression.

      Half of Americans have some broad agreement with Trump’s anti-terror lock-out – based on Obama’s actual research of terror threats to the USA – yet the EU’s howls of moral rage have been legend. (Which is rich, given they apparently let refugees drown at sea!) The BBC drops all impartiality for an agenda of hippy outrage in interviews. It could at least cover Germany’s exploitation of the Euro and the Trump Administration calling them out on it.

      Trump was right but his methods could have been less cack-handed. That gets lost in the noise of name-calling, strawman burning and ulterior motive and hypocrisy. Great fun in a blog and its comment page but less handy outside in the open air.

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