Socialist Unity’s Kronstadt Moment

October 31, 2016 at 6:24 pm (reformism, Rosie B, sectarianism, solidarity, stalinism)

Via Howies Corner we have been informed of the split in Socialist Unity. John Wight has been ousted and the forces of the trade union left have taken over in the person of Comrade Andy Newman.

To follow the lead up to these events check out the comments section at the site. Nationalism vs socialist trade unionism was the root cause.

Note one disgraceful comment:-

John Wight has had his ‘jumping the shark’ moment and has increasingly descended into delusions of grandeur and with it all the hallmarks of a sociopath. Heaping abuse and smearing those who dare disagree with his increasingly bizarre statements as cowards or racists is beyond the pale.
He does have a home at Shiraz Socialist and they are welcome to him.

We totally deny this calumny. We at Shiraz join in the denunciations of John Wight. The personnel at Shiraz Socialist have been on Wight’s banning list for years. Indeed I can date my Kronstadt moment with Wight. It was 30th March 2012, the day after George Galloway won the Blackburn/West Bradford by-election. While Wight was exulting and gloating I said Gallows had run a terrible sectarian campaign, calling his opponent “a bad Muslim”.

That got me deleted, then exiled to Siberia.


Others writers and commenters at this blog would have had similar experiences. Please share if you do .

And your spell in the Gulag of being made an unperson by Wight is now at an end. Comrade Newman has lifted the banning order.


  1. @pplswar said,

    So what caused this world-historic split?

  2. kb72 said,

    Follow the link in the 2nd paragraph to see the footage. Comment 77 is the climax::-

    “This has gone on long enough. I have given John a great deal of slack due to past friendship, but given that he has now reduced to personal abuse against me, and deleting anyone who disagrees with him. I have removed him from the Su editorial team.”

    Comrade Newman awaits his time, and then strikes ruthlessly.

  3. Ben said,

    I have been abused and insulted by both Newman and Wight, being called by them a fascist, racist and who knows (I just don’t remember) what else when I expressed support for Israel’s rights. My comments have been automatically deleted from SU for years now. But given the choice, I think Newman is distinctly preferable, as he is a much more able and intelligent person than Wight.

    • kb72 said,

      Agreed, and far less hysterical. Cde Wight loves to find a Messiah and exalt him – Galloway, Assange.

  4. Dave O said,

    Dave’s Part (deceased) joins the denunciation of Cde Wright.

  5. Makhno said,

    I think Wighty’s head exploded in the sheer effort of reconciling his full-throated Putinism with his recent newfound love for the EU.


  6. Andrew Coates said,

    It is indeed a outrageous to suggest that Wighty would find a welcome home on Shiraz.

    After this disgrace, following a lengthy and distinguished career, the only fitting punishment is surely banishment to NewsThump.

  7. mark taha said,

    I remember Socialist Unity in the late 70s-followon from International Marxist Group. What’s this one about? Can’t resist cynically observing that Socialist Unity is surely a contradiction in terms!

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