Defend Gina Miller

October 16, 2016 at 6:10 pm (anti-semitism, democracy, Europe, law, misogyny, posted by JD, thuggery)

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman

Gina Miller is the lead litigant in the Article 50 case that started in the High Court on Thursday.  The case is about the fundamental role of Parliament and preserving our modern democracy.

She is getting death threats, racist and sexist abuse – including to her corporate email addresses (she is an investment manager and runs a philanthropic Foundation).

However you voted (and if you didn’t vote) please do not stand aside while this is happening.

We all have the right to go to Court if we feel that an injustice has been done.

Antisemitism lies not far beneath this hate. Gina isn’t Jewish but her lead Counsel is Lord Pannick who is, and Mishcon is the law firm (they have also received serious abuse). You can bet that they will continue to get antisemitic mail.

This article is from July:

However you voted, to support Gina and stand up for what is right, please tweet these articles, write op-eds or blogs and interrupt the nastiness happening on Twitter at her handles. politics/2016/oct/13/gina- miller-theresa-may-article-50- brexit-parliament-legal- challenge business/anthony-hilton-high- principles-clothed-in-low- politics-for-may-a3368356.html



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PS This is from Lord Pannick’s submission on Thursday:

LORD PANNICK: Yes, those are my points, my Lord, thank you
very much.

I am sorry, my Lord, there is an important point and
it is this: your Lordships may have seen that in the
hearing before Lord Justice Leveson, there was
a reference to the abuse by way of emails and other
matters, of claimants who were bringing this case.
Regrettably, I am informed that my client is getting
further abuse, and threats, and insults. I don’t know
whether your Lordship would think it appropriate to
repeat the comment made by Lord Justice Leveson, that
such comments are entirely inappropriate, and in extreme
cases, the court has ample powers to deal with it.

THE LORD CHIEF JUSTICE: We do indeed. This is a point of
law that is being taken. It is not a point that has –
although it may have political significance, the point
is not a political one.
LORD PANNICK: I am very much obliged, my Lord, thank you.



  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The British people voted to get out of the corrupt EU.

    • dtgm said,

      an ex-foreigner who was a corrupt south american politicians daughter sent to britain to be privately educated on the expense of starving locals and whose business interest lies in uk being in the eu while the working class suffers -> is derailing british democracy and we are supposed to defend her now there was a time they used to cut the heads off of traitors and now we have to defend them -> take her passport strip her of her british nationality and send her home

      • shrek british said,

        Absolutely. She should be dragged onto the roads, taken all the way to heathrow and place in her cargo hold of the plane going to nigeria

  2. Matthew Thompson said,

    I voted Remain, but think this is an awful tactic. It basically says, “You ignorant plebs in the North and your rundown seaside towns should learn to accept what we the clever, rich people want”.

    It should go without saying that the abuse against her is to be condemned and those guilty of it should be prosecuted.

  3. Robert said,

    Interesting but secondary question, whether it is the more ignoble to send abusive mail as sick fun, or as sick sub-politics?

    Some British people voted for whatever they understood by “Brexit”.
    This does not mean “the British people voted for…” any more than I imagine a lot of people who receive this blog voted Conservative at the most recent General Election. People vote, and that cheapening of language is no argument. I remember the line still used, WHEN SCOTLAND FINALLY GROWS UP… and how that invites an ambitious
    geologico-gynaecological fantasia (futurologicist geopoetics without the studied neutralities of the balloon Kenneth White):

    I imagine that some people did vote pro-Brexit because of nothing more or better than xenophobia, which might be to say they voted regardless, even if the country collapsed completely …. or some such disaster.
    But how, pray tell, is anybody going to negotiate terms not unfavourable to the UK when they have hee-haw with which to negotiate?
    At the risk of seeming to praise Obama, but merely reporting what any official would have said, can I mention that when he stated that the UK is not a dependency or any part of the USA and that any arrangements come to regarding UK – USA relationships, as is normal between two distinct bodies, shopper and shop, buyer and seller, USA put its interests, operations and so forth first, and Obama merely said that. If Borus Jawingson called that bullying perhaps he was not only a fraud but one willing to let other people suffer while a mother-fixation persists.


    Did Germany vote for Merkel, and for whom and which party will France (other than as an abstraction) vote?
    We will use the Pound, said Eckie Saumond of the Scottish rendem.
    Who said?

    With quite what will the entrepreneurial spirits be holding up their side in
    the so-called negotiations?

    The ae haund haudin up the breeks
    since the galluses broke
    and the other even busier because
    ane o the skis is flappin loose
    in the slalom
    and there’s nae wey o stoppin the poles
    comin in
    to the face o the dounhill ski-er

  4. Stephen Bellamy said,

    I keep rubbing my eyes and refreshing the page but the vision won’t go away. Is this really a post by Jonathan Hoffman on Shiraz Socialist ?

    • Jim Denham said,

      Yes: and your problem is?

      • Ian said,

        He’s a groupie of the fascist English Defence League

        But then Denham hates Muslims too so quite fitting Hoffmann should goosestep his way into Shiraz Socialist.

        After all, Jimmy the Billy Boy is a regular here, “knee deep in Fenian blood”, so why not an EDL supporter also?

      • Jim Denham said,

        So defending Gina Miller against misogynistic and anti-Semitic trolls makes me a Nazi? You really are a tosser, Ian.

      • Stephen Bellamy said,

        Hoffie isn’t my problem Jim. He’s yours.

      • Jim Denham said,

        So defending Gina Miller against misogynistic and anti-Semitic trolls makes me a Nazi? You really are a tosser,

    • Stephen Bellamy said,

      I don’t recall calling you a Nazi Jim.

  5. Ian said,

    Not much of excuse for publishing material by someone who delights in demonstrating side by side with the EDL. If you are so enthused by this case, you could have written about it yourself. But you were making a point. EDL symps are welcome here alongside Billy Boy.

    • Jim Denham said,

      So defending Gina Miller against misogynistic and anti-Semitic trolls makes me a Nazi? You really are a tosser,

      • Ian said,

        Do I hear an echo? It’s certainly not an argument.

  6. Stephen Bellamy said,

    Here is hoffie at his homophobic best

  7. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Ian has demonstrated his bigotry by his Fenian Billy Boy comment. The worse thing than a bigot is a bigot in denial. Ian probably thinks the murderous Fenians were revolutionary socialists.

  8. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The Irish, English and many more nationalities came to Glasgow for work and survival during the industrial revolution but it seems some decendents of Irish Catholics who benefitted are moaners! They could go back to Oirland and hug a Priest! Or be huggered.

    • Ian said,

      Perfect corroboration of my point.

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        What was your point!

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