De Niro on Trump

October 9, 2016 at 5:49 pm (anti-fascism, celebrity, elections, posted by JD, United States)

I’m usually quite sceptical about showbiz people commenting on politics; but in this case I’ll make an exception:


  1. Robert said,

    just among friends, I circulated Max Bygraves from the grave, as a follow-up to the groping story.

    It would seem that that too was a transatlantic implant, for YouTube also has an earlier recorded performance by Eydie Gorme — with somebody else doing the sand or tap dance — presumably Max was doing it himself since the cost of a separate dancer was beyond the funds of a country still paying back the 1945 debt


    I did think of a parody involving glands …

    A few years back an anti-Dubya canvasser accosted me in the street in Philadelphia and assured me “we need a president with a brain”.

    I assured him he did indeed but the poor fellow didn’t quite get the bit about my “I’m sure you do, sir, but I have no vote in your country.” Of course I was once flannelled by a would-be senator, who had to be told by an aide that his fascination with my being Scottish ought to have been matched by an appreciation that I had no vote (actually anywhere, I was then too young!) Anyway it’s an appalling thing when such low standards apply that Tomhnall Drumpf hangs (oh, there’s a thought!) so low below. Does YouTube still have that spoof advert about the nut bra… ?
    It’s more human spirits that need kept up, though.
    Nuts have too many nuts in support….

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      The more Trump is attacked by the left and liberals the more he emerges as a future President. No one should worry about this as the beaurocrats will still run the USA as they do elsewhere.

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