Counterfart’s café closes: ha-ha-ha

September 17, 2016 at 6:50 pm (Andrew Coates, apologists and collaborators, ex-SWP, gloating, John Rees, Lindsey German, middle class, Pabs, posted by JD, wankers)

This may have happened some time ago, but I’ve only just heard: ha-ha-ha:

This failed:

… but we hear they are opening this:

H/t: comrade Coatesy


  1. Pat said,

    Happened years ago. Counterfire was once described as a coffee shop with a Trot groupsucle attached. Now it seems it’s not even that.

  2. Wikiworldvoice said,

    LeCheile by lecheile – Issuu

    16/12/2020 · Search and overview … Search and overvie

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  3. Wikiworldvoice said,

    Wikifreaks World Vision by wikifreaks – Issuu

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  4. Wikiworldvoice said,

    Albert Makashov, Communist Deputy in the Duma since 1995, had this to say about the Jews:

    “I will round up all the Yids and send them to the next world!”


    Wagner Group: The Kremlin’s proxy army:

    1.As a private military company, an opaque amalgamation of shadowy firms and contractors, Wagner has no official links to the Kremlin. But its ties to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a close associate of Vladimir Putin and former restauranteur.

    2.Wagner independently concludes contracts for its activities. But before concluding a contract, it coordinates within the structures of the Russian . Government most likely the defence ministry.”

    Dmitry Utkin is the founder of the infamous Wagner mercenary group,Utkin is the veteran of both Chechen wars and has participated in the Russian operations in Ukraine in 2014. He served in the GRU until 2013, after which he commanded a Spetsnaz unit, earning the rank of a lieutenant colonel. In 2013 he joined the Moran Security Group and in 2014 he established the Wagner Group, named after his nom de guerre his old callsign “Wagner.”A photo recently surfaced of Utkin with Nazi tattoos, giving additional proof of his ideological leanings.

    PUBLICATION N0. 16458825

  5. Raj said,

    Raj….dont tempt me to say it..,…
    Raj…Southall UK.




    Prince Andrew (Queen Elizabeth Son) ‘wanted’ Billboards Appears In UK Cities ,Crime

  8. Raj said,

    The Queens of England has died to day you have our answer

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