Junior doctors strike FAQs

September 4, 2016 at 8:58 pm (health service, posted by JD, unions, workers)

By Dr Pete Campbell (at A Healthy Blog)

Why are junior doctors going on strike?

  • A contract which ACAS, the BMA, NHS Employers and the Department of Health agreed would be put to a referendum of junior doctors and medical students is being imposed upon them in October. Despite them rejecting the contract.
  • This contract is worse for less than full time trainees, which means it discriminates against women, those with disabilities and carers.
  • They still do not believe they have adequate protections for whistleblowing or hours safety through the guardian role in this new contract.
  • This contract will make it harder to recruit into specialities such as Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine and Paediatrics.
  • Lots of other reasons related to the contract around issues such as non-resident on calls, locum arrangements, removal of annual pay progression,

discrimination (1).jpg

What do they want?

  • The Government not to impose a contract on junior doctors it agreed to put to a referendum.
  • To return to negotiations starting with the ‘heads of terms.’ This is where ‘7 day services’ and the Government’s manifesto pledge should be discussed. Not brought into negotiations half way through.
  • A contract which doesn’t discriminate against protected groups, values their work and promotes the recruitment and retention of doctors.

Why won’t the Government agree to this and why are negotiations not continuing?

  • Because they are more interested in a political victory than a safe and secure health service.

jeremy hunt_1.jpg

Isn’t 5 days of strike action extreme?

  • This Government is prepared to impose a contract rejected by 6 out of 10 doctors. It has refused to talk about any alternative. The BMA Junior Doctors Committee feel they have no other options left.

Will this industrial action be safe for patients?

  • There is a clear escalation procedure between NHS England and the BMA. If patient safety is threatened then junior doctors will be called back to work.

Didn’t the BMA agree to this contract?

  • No: the Junior Doctors Committee agreed to try and find a negotiated contract and put that negotiated contract to a referendum of junior doctors.
  • 58% of Junior doctors and medical student members of the BMA rejected this contract. A bigger mandate than for Brexit.

What can I do to support junior doctors?

  • Write to your MP and ask them to call on the Government to halt imposition.
  • Join junior doctors on the picket line and at their events. Full details will appear here: oneprofession.bma.org.uk
  • Get involved in the local campaigns around the future of the NHS.
  • Don’t believe the right wing media spin. Talk to junior doctors themselves about the issues.



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