Friend and Unblock Natasha Allmark — A word to the left

August 28, 2016 at 2:07 pm (labour party, Rosie B)

Guest post from an old contributor to this site

Well, this has been a sickening episode.

Let’s be clear first. I am a Labour Party member. I voted for Jeremy Corbyn last year and I have done so again this year.

I awoke this morning to an alert about this article, by one Tony Greenstein. It requests that people block and defriend one Natasha Allmark. It compares her to World War 2 era Nazi informants. Her crime? Threatening to call the Labour Party Compliance Unit on a group of professed Corbyn supporters with whom she had been arguing on Facebook.
“Nazi Informant”. Let that sink in for a bit. Consider the implications.

Natasha is an expectant mother and a student, and a supporter of the Liberal Democrats. She has children already. In the course of that discussion people publicly discussed calling social workers to her house. The behavior of those attacking her was akin to a shoal of piranhas. She was in distress, and not infrequently in tears.

In the course of one such row she told her interlocutors that if they did not desist then she would contact Compliance. She never did so. It was a defensive reaction from a distressed woman under attack. This is why Tony Greenstein compares her to informants who betrayed Jewish people to the Nazis. That’s it. He also uses her picture in the article, without her permission. Just so reader can be sure of exactly who he is accusing.

She is now afraid for her family. And I think as a left we have questions to ask of ourselves here? Do we want a political sphere where self appointed Torquemadas go around using public platforms to shriek accusations of betrayal at ordinary citizens? Do we want squads of online police telling people what is or is not an acceptable political view, and publicly flogging them if they dissent? I know what sort of “left” that sounds like, and it’s one that died in Europe in 1990.

It is beyond shameful that a veteran left wing activist would think it is OK to do this to anyone, let alone a heavily pregnant woman who he does not know. If I thought that were the real nature of the left in this country, I would want no part of it. It is sickening behavior.

So yes, unblock and friend Natasha Allmark. It is an act of basic solidarity, and we owe it to her to show her that this is not how the left does business.

We stand with you Natasha.


  1. John Davies said,

    You’ve been hoodwinked. Hook, line and stinker. I followed a discussion with her on the Nye Bevan News channel, she should win some kind of Bafta for portraying the ideal victim. When he raised questions as to the validity of her claim she immediately became aggressive and foul mouthed all under the guise of the victim seeking sympathy. Just another of Smith’s stooges.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    No, John, you’re the one who’s been hoodwinked:

    The distasteful “absolute anti-Zionist” Greenstein is trying to set up an “anti-witchhunt” campaign in the party centred on himself and using Jackie Walker. They apparently are launching it next week

    Decent left-wing Labour people need to be made aware of Greenstein’s politics and record. Even people on Red Labour, where the whole issue of left anti-Semitism has led to strong argument, don’t seem to know much about him and his record.

    There is currently a debate there about this particularly distasteful attempt by Greenstein to hunt-down ‘informers’ to the Labour Party comparing them with Nazi collaborators (!)

    Thank heavens, no-one is in favour of it but the fact that it is even debated is bizarre.

  3. Rose Carson said,

    The other person identified as a contact for Greenstein’s campaign is Nana Asante. Nana was a Harrow councillor and part of a small group who split from the main Labour group over internal ego based squabbles as far as i can ascertain. They then led the council in alliance with the Tories as the independent labour group and when that collapsed they voted in a Tory as council leader. Nana and others accused the labour group and council of “institutional racism” and have retrospectively claimed they were witch hunted for anti austerity reasons – except that they never fought austerity on the council. Nana went on to stand for TUSC last year. I have no reason to believe the racism allegations “institutional” or otherwise. They have never produced any evidence and refuse to do so when asked. The left in the local party who were active at the time say that there was no substance to it and I’ve seen no reason to doubt them on this matter. She is a dreadful person, obsessed with position and status.

  4. Voltaire's Priest said,

    I agree with Jim. I know the individual concerned says things which are out of order on occasion, but at the end of the day what we have here is a 30-plus year veteran of political activism using a public platform to punch downwards at a pregnant student. For what it is worth, she never did contact the Compliance Unit, and is currently begging the Labour Party to publicly attest to the fact that she never did. This wasn’t a heat of the moment comment on Tony Greenstein’s part, it was an article. His words are chosen carefully. And their effect has been to leave a mother of three scared to let her children play outside. Is that how we think the left should be doing business, at a pretty basic level?

  5. @pplswar said,

    “He also uses her picture in the article, without her permission. Just so reader can be sure of exactly who he is accusing.”

    He’d probably post revenge porn of her too if he had any. What a fucking scumbag.

  6. Southpawpunch (@Southpawpunch) said,

    After a few weeks on Facebook, I have made my account dormant.

    Part of that is because of the matter that is the subject of this post but I have done this for several reasons.

    The most common response to anything you write on Facebook, such as calling for practical support for a strike, is a quip.

    Writing anything over two or three lines long is seen as unusual, if not downright weird.

    Most content is simply inane. Subjects are noticeably a lot less taxing than what the same writer may once have blogged about. For example, there is very little debate about the politics of Owen Smith on Facebook. The comments are mainly – ‘you’ve got no fans’ (cue endless ‘jokes’ about barely attended meetings) or, in the last week, simply infantile comments regarding his body.

    No matter is too mundane to get the Facebook (and other supporting social media) treatment. The chances of the Labour Party refusing membership, as was reported, for liking the Foo Fighters on Facebook is zero. Clearly the LP looked at the wrong person’s account; told the rejected person the wrong date; the rejected member removed whatever else they posted on that day and which annoyed the LP, or some other reason – but not liking the Foo Fighters.

    Everyone know this but that didn’t stop countless inane posts there listing ‘joke’ banned LP bands etc. with even Momentum designing a graphic to continue with this particular bit of vacuity.

    And then there are things that people get het up about in a completely over the top way. Like the subject of this post.

    I also think Greenstein is wrong. I can see the particular annoyance caused to VP because I think he is a friend of this woman. But when I logged into Facebook to review making my account dormant, all I could see was page after page of comments with people debating the most trivial aspect of this Greenstein issue and which, in the scheme of things, is a very minor matter. Do people really have so much time to waste?

    A trick was missed with the raising of this hue and cry about Greenstein on Facebook. My first response would have been to write privately asking him to remove the post. I have had success with such an approach before with other people. You have to remember that no-one edits blog posts, etc. other than the writer and sometimes you might not realise until the day after that you were wrong to publish something. I have deleted stuff I have posted.

    But the way you ‘prosper’ on Facebook is to immediately ‘point and shame’. And once someone has had that done to them they can’t withdraw their words that are now all over the web and they will also probably now be in ‘fighting mode’.

    There are many very silly conspiracy theories but where you can also see a germ of what is meant, despite the complete lack of credible evidence and an all too obvious method of trying to make some action fit into how they see the world.

    An old one is that the CIA/FBI/whoever allowed/encouraged the sale and distribution of LSD, cannabis, etc. to make people too spaced to continue with 60s/70s protests.

    I am surprised that I have not yet read that Facebook was set up by the secret world government to waste every free moment of those who might otherwise take action against their system.

  7. Tony Greenstein Makes New Friends in Wake of Trolling Natasha Allmark. | Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] this particular case: all the essential is expressed by Alan, with some additional information on Shiraz after Rosie posted the […]

  8. richarddwilkinson said,

    This man Greenstein is a complete lowlife.
    He is obviously trying to defend his man Corbyn but what he is blind to is that it is only causing more damage to the Labour leader as well as the untold distress he is causing to a human being whose only crime is to change their mind.
    Greenstein is the worst kind of bully, attacking a pregnant woman with no actual real evidence that she’s done anything that he claims. Posting her pictures without permission and manipulating them to fit his own narrative no matter how far from the truth that is make him an awful human being himself, yet he thinks of himself as a socialist.
    I hope he, his family and all who know him are ashamed of his behaviour and I hope that he gets all that is coming to him politically and legally.

  9. Rilke said,

    There is a wonderful painting from early twentieth century modernism by Paul Klee entitled the ‘Twittering Machine’. That painting says it all about Facebook and Twitter.
    Greenstein and his ilk are worthless but unfortunately real, human jokes. They prefer to apply pressure and hatred towards people, even threats, but if you take them at their word and threaten to put their lights out or set the dogs on them they say, ‘there is no need for violence’ and threaten you with the police and the courts. Ha ha ha! Believe me, I know. They use violence all the time, but in a shamefaced and sly way that is all. They are oral stage neuropaths; just below psychopaths and anally retentive sociopaths. They use the shelter of social media and politics to try to hurt people. I know them, they are just shit-houses. No amount of being on the right political side allows you to be awful and cruel to other human beings. Corbyn cannot even clean the horse shit out his own stables. Pathetic!

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