Owen Smith has destroyed his own leadership chances (such as they were)

August 17, 2016 at 4:35 pm (fascism, genocide, islamism, jerk, labour party, Middle East, posted by JD)

From the BBC News website:

Peace talks

On foreign affairs, Mr Smith suggested the so-called Islamic State would eventually have to be brought into peace talks if there was to be a settlement to Syria’s civil war.

Referring to his experience as an adviser to Labour’s former Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy, he said: “Ultimately all solutions to these sorts of international crises do come about through dialogue.

“So eventually, if we are to try and solve this, all of the actors do need to be involved.

“But at the moment, Isil are clearly not interested in negotiating.”

He added: “At some point, for us to resolve this, we will need to get people round the table.”

Asked the same question, Mr Corbyn said: “They are not going to be round the table. No.”

Speaking after the debate, Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign described Mr Smith’s on comments on IS as “hasty and ill-considered”.

‘No negotiation’

The spokesman said: “Jeremy has always argued that there must be a negotiated political solution to the war in Syria and the wider Middle East, and that maintaining lines of communication during conflicts is essential.

“But Isis cannot be part of those negotiations. Instead, its sources of funding and supplies must be cut off.”

The comments were also seized on by the Conservative Party, with Tory MP and member of the Defence Select Committee Johnny Mercer saying it showed Mr Smith’s “unfitness for leadership”.

“It shows that whoever wins this increasingly bizarre leadership election, I’m afraid Labour just cannot be trusted with keeping us safe,” added Mr Mercer.

But Mr Smith’s campaign said he was “clear” there should be no negotiation with the so-called Islamic State, or Daesh as it is also known, “until they renounce violence, cease all acts of terror and commit themselves to a peaceful settlement”.

“Owen’s experience of helping to bring about peace in Northern Ireland is that eventually all parties who truly believe in delivering peace have to be around the table.

“In the Middle East at the moment that clearly doesn’t include – and may never include – Daesh.”

What an effin’ idiot …


  1. Petroff1947 said,

    No Platform for fascists no negotiations with them either. The allies during the ww2 refused to negotiate with Nazi Germany and would only accept Germany’s unconditional surrender We should do the same with ISIS.

  2. @pplswar said,

    Man, when Jeremy Corbyn’s line on ISIS is better, smarter, and more well-informed than yours… holy shit.

  3. controversialchristian1 said,

    I think the essential problem Owen Smith has, and the primary one for Jezza Corbo supporters, is that he is opposing JC for no discernible reason, other than oft repeated mantra of ‘JC unelectable, JC unelectable, JC unelectable…’ etc, and that OS is electable with exactly the same radical left ideals and policies as JC. So, if he is the same, in what way is he different? in other words, why is he fighting JC on the same ticket, as it were?

    Most left of centre Labour supporters suspect OS is just a right of centre MP acceptable to the establishment, and quite frankly I think we have had a enough of that. We need a change, for a change. Pun intended.

  4. controversialchristian1 said,

    PS, would you please put my Christian blog on your blogroll, if you like it, here at: http://controversialchristianityandfaith.blogspot.co.uk/ and
    http://www.whataboutclassism.org/ We need people to join the Classism website if they feel that the broad mass of working class people are getting shafted at the moment. Cheers.

  5. Smithd9 said,

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