Brexit: the carnival of reaction begins …. Labour in crisis

June 28, 2016 at 1:07 pm (Andrew Coates, Europe, fascism, labour party, Racism)

From Tendance Coatesy:

David Olusoga@DavidOlusoga Jun 25

My home town of Newcastle. This afternoon. I feel like I am back in the 1980s.

This morning after delivering some Sarriette (summer savory) plants to my comrade Sarah I passed by Rope Walk.

A group of 3 tasty geezers were talking about the Referendum.

Overheard, “you couldn’t  criticise ‘them’ till now. ‘Slavery’, ‘Blacks” “now…”

 Above: graffiti on Polish Centre, Hammersmith, yesterday

The Independent has just posted this:

Brexit: Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported after EU referendum

Purported responses to Brexit include signs saying ‘Leave the EU, no more Polish vermin’ being posted through letter boxes.

More than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Many of the alleged perpetrators cited the decision to leave the EU explicitly.

One video, purportedly filmed in Hackney on the morning after the referendum, shows a man arguing with someone in a car before yelling: “Go back to your country.”

The ‘Lexit’ gang predicted that there would be some kind of “opportunity” for the left in the event of a Brexit vote.

Well this how young leftists reacted:

Mass protest takes place as crowds gather on London Bridge to demonstrate against Brexit

HUNDREDS of people have protested in the capital as they demonstrated against Britain voting to Leave the EU.

Protesters in London

This is what has happened in the Labour Party:

Jeremy Corbyn unveils new top team after resignations. reports the BBC.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced a new cabinet following a wave of resignations in protest at his leadership and amid calls to resign.

Mr Corbyn lost 12 of his shadow cabinet on Sunday and five shadow ministers on Monday – with most criticising his performance in the EU referendum.

Mr Corbyn said he regretted the walkouts but pledged to stand in any new leadership election.

Labour MPs are due to discuss a no confidence motion against Mr Corbyn.

The shadow cabinet shake-up sees Emily Thornberry – who on Sunday gave her backing to Mr Corbyn – moved from shadow defence secretary to shadow foreign secretary, replacing Hilary Benn who was sacked at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Diane Abbott – an ally of the Labour leader – has been promoted from shadow international development secretary to shadow health secretary, a position vacated by Heidi Alexander’s resignation.

The new appointments include:

  • Shadow foreign secretary – Emily Thornberry
  • Shadow health secretary – Diane Abbott
  • Shadow education secretary – Pat Glass
  • Shadow transport secretary – Andy McDonald
  • Shadow defence secretary – Clive Lewis
  • Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury – Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Shadow international development secretary – Kate Osamor
  • Shadow environment food and rural affairs secretary – Rachel Maskell
  • Shadow voter engagement and youth affairs – Cat Smith
  • Shadow Northern Ireland secretary – Dave Anderson

The latest frontbench resignations came on Monday, by shadow foreign minister Diana Johnson, shadow civil society minister Anna Turley, shadow defence minister Toby Perkins, Wayne David, the shadow Cabinet Office, Scotland and justice minister and shadow consumer affairs and science minister Yvonne Fovargue.

Stephen Kinnock, a parliamentary aide to shadow business secretary Angela Eagle, has also quit, citing Jeremy Corbyn’s “half-hearted and lacklustre role” in the EU campaign.

What an “opportunity”.


  1. Southpawpunch (@Southpawpunch) said,

    If I could remember the classics of my public school education, I’d know the name for that character from the myths that this author (and many others) represent – someone who always seems doom when opportunity is kicking in the door.

    – Brexit & racism: Shock, horror. The NF still exists (look at banner carefully). Of course, if it wasn’t for Out, these men would be enthusiastically participating in the Tyneside Caribbean Carnival and also wishing ‘Eid Mubarak’ to their neighbours. Now it may be that Out has given a fillip to bigots but then so did all the ‘don’t worry, we’re stopping immigration’ from In as well ‘we need to look at free movement’ from John McDonnell and (renegade scum) Paul Mason.

    – Labour. The poll will either see:

    1) Corbyn re-elected. This should be the best scenario, save the Fool and Momentum will predictably use such to offer, yet another!, another olive branch to the Right and who won’t believe their luck (they will, actually) as they circle again.

    2) Corbyn defeated – maybe the worst scenario. For the next 30 yrs, Corbynistas will cry into their Mild (actually, probably carrot juice these days) about their long lost leader (like Benn and Bevan before) as they wait eternally for the next break as Labour gets ever more rightwing with Leaders like Cooper then Berger and then worst of all, Owen ‘Nuclear Bomber’ Jones.

    3) Corbyn kept off ballot paper. Maybe the best scenario if people realise what a death-trap Labour is. Could 30ish MPs leave Labour & some TUs in the way left splits from ‘Labour’ in Germany and Netherlands etc. occurred. But then will any of them have guts to leave Labour?

    There’s no denying – other than by an idiot – that Brexit/Lexit has brought opportunity. Just look at the papers – is it Celebrity Big Brother or Farage on the front page?

    We get nowhere with stasis – opportunity is what we need.

  2. Rilke said,

    McDonnell explicitly cited border control and limitation of free movment of labour and people S part of his ‘Brexit’ shadow budget’. They are positioning Labour as a guild socialsit national populist party. They are a disgrace. At a time when the immigration card is being pushed hard we need fighters, not these ‘British jobs for decent British workers’ class traitors. If they come around my drum looking to suck for votes the had better watch out. I don’t mess around with scabs.

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