If Leave wins …”I warn you” (an old warning, revisited)

June 22, 2016 at 8:31 pm (anti-fascism, Anti-Racism, Civil liberties, Europe, Human rights, Jim D)

Gove Boris Galloway Farage
Above: the ultra-reactionary, racist future after Brexit

If “Leave” wins on Thursday, I warn you:

I warn you that you will have pain–when healing and relief depend upon payment, because the Brexiters want to privatise the NHS.

I warn you that you will have ignorance–when talents are untended and wits are wasted, when learning is a privilege and not a right – as the Brexiters have demonstrated with their lying, consciously dishonest campaign.

I warn you that you will have poverty–when pensions slip and benefits are whittled away by a government that won’t pay in an economy that can’t pay, made worse mby the recession that will follow Brexit.

I warn you that you will be cold–when fuel charges are used as a tax system that the rich don’t notice and the poor can’t afford, under an ultra-reactionary government unconstrained by EU fundamental rights legislation.

I warn you that you must not expect work–when many cannot spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend, work dies: something then Brexiteers didn’t explain to you as they advocated recession.

I warn you not to go into the streets alone after dark or into the streets in large crowds of protest in the light, as the fascistic forces unleashed by Farage, Gove and Johnson seek out another victim.

I warn you that you will be quiet–when the curfew of fear and the gibbet of unemployment make you obedient.

I warn you that you will have defence against immigrants and refugees of a sort–with a risk and at a price that passes all understanding.

I warn you that you will be home-bound–when fares and transport bills kill leisure and lock you up.

I warn you that you will borrow less–when credit, loans, mortgages and easy payments are refused to people on your melting income.

If Leave wins on Thursday–

– I warn you not to be a part-time or agency worker

– I warn you not to be young

– I warn you not to be black or “foreign”-seeming

– I warn you not to get old.

(adapted from the words of Neil Kinnock)


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    And how much did commissioner Kinnock earn. What was the outcome of his investigation into corruption in the commission.

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    Is Kinnock now saying that those labour governments pre-1973 were shit? If he is then I’d agree with him.

  3. Tindalos said,

    Every Leave campaign I have spoken to comes over as at best a border line racist. Any one ‘left ‘who supports the campaign is an idiot

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Yet it’s the Remain campaign that talks about immigrants only being allowed to come here if they have something to add!

  4. Mark Catlin said,

    Reblogged this on Mark Catlin's Blog.

  5. Political Tourist said,

    Fingers and toes crossed there’s enough working class voters seeing sense on this one.
    The choice is between a right wing government and a far right government.

  6. Rilke said,

    It is not merely a ‘far right government’ threat any longer, the Leave campaign has coalesced reactionary forces in this country for the first time since 1945 into a reactionary, anti-immigration, revanchist nationalist and anti-cosmopolitan movement. In most of its main lines of political development these forces are Strassarite. Much of the talk for example, of ‘left-exit’ campaigners about ‘super rich bureaucrats’ is simply a reworking of the Strasser brothers’ anti-plutocrat nationalistic line. It is not accurate to identify these forces as ‘Nazi’ or ‘fascist’ proper; the SS annihilated the Brown Shirts and got rid of the Strassers. But they represent what could be termed playground-bully social nationalism; the adolescent version of the real thing. Take a look at some of the ‘guild’ socialist, anti-cosmopolitanism and pseudo philistinism on here. They need to be broken.

  7. Steven Johnston said,

    Why no picture of those grinning jokers in the Remain camp? I demand to see one of Cameron, Osborne and co. laughing one presumes, all the way to be bank.

  8. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    Most of this shit is already happening and will continue and get worse and worse even after you, I and the 55% or whatever it will be vote Remain today.

    The only actual argument is between on the one hand the overwhelming majority of the ruling class and on the other a rogue faction of it motivated by opportunism or nationalist fanaticism on how fast our hospitals, schools and services are to be destroyed.

    Therefore in essence if not quite yet degree it is same as German social democrats having to vote for Hindenburg against Hitler and French socialists having to vote for Chirac against Le Pen.

    So spare us the empty rhetoric.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Hey carry on, how did it pan out then, the vote for Hindenburg against Hitler?
      I’m not voting in this election at all so tar me with the remain brush.

      If you want to talk about fascism, then look no further than the EU


      • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

        It delayed Hitler’s accession to power by 8 months – which would have been longer if Hindenburg hadn’t been going gaga & if Schleicher and Papen hadn’t been Schleicher and Papen.

        In end problem was on the one hand the ultra-left KPD and on the other the bourgeois constitutionalist parties like the Zentrum, DDP and DVP none of whom were willing to form a popular front with the SPD back when that could still have made a difference.

        So only an analogy in sense that it involves leftists having to hold their noses and vote for a lesser evil – and history being what it is we can indeed never be truly sure what the final outcome of such grim choices will be.

        Voting for Chirac on the other hand did save French Republic for at least another 15 years – although I am far from sure that a repeat performance next year with Sarkozy vs Le Pen fille next year will have some outcome.

  9. Rilke said,

    I made it clear enough, it is not fascism we are talking about, it is a lower grade form of national revanchism that is taking shape. The true fascists (those who purport to maintain a direct link to Salo) in Italy do not and have not, made a pact with the Lega who they see as racist ‘communalists’ and not as ‘true’ state national fascists. It is my view, that with the Leave campaign, we are seeing a version of ‘third way’ racist politics emerge here at a national level for the first time since 1945. As stated, some on the ‘left’ Leave side sound like Otto Strasser to me (less like Gregor).

    • Steven Johnston said,

      Yet both sides claim to be putting “Britain first” in the EU. How can that not be nationalist?
      But today is the day and it’s almost all over, bar the shooting of the migrants.

  10. Jim Denham said,

    After Farage, Gove and Johnson …us!

    Rees revives Third Period Stalinism

    “The lesson is this: sometimes your ugliest enemy isn’t your most powerful enemy. But if we are to deliver a body blow to the mainstream ruling-class block it will be all the easier to defeat all our other enemies…

    “Only someone entirely wedded to the linear school of historical analysis could fail to see an opportunity for the left in this situation. Minds uncomfortable with contradiction always have difficulty with social crises of course. They can’t deal with polarisation, with the fact that both the right and the left can, for a period, both accumulate forces out of such a crisis.”


  11. Rilke said,

    Rees, ha ha ha! Only a person with a content-less set of concepts and their cognates would use phrases such as ‘ruling-class block’ or ‘accumulated forces’. Rees makes no reference whatsoever to what these ‘forces’ or ‘blocks’ are (economic, military, strategic?) and as far as I am aware, ‘ugliness’ is a category drawn from aesthetics not politics.In other words, this is an utterly formalist set of propositions with no real political content at all apart from some vague terms such as ‘enemies’ and ‘opportunity’. It reads like an apologia for an already failed position. Pathetic but also slightly grating.

  12. Steven Johnston said,

    So after Cameron, Obsorne and Corbyn…you!

    Good luck with that!!

    Not that is a failed position.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Oh dear: you just don’t get it do you? Learn to read. And think.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        You are the one that doesn’t get it Jim, you have been asked to make a decision on behalf of the minority who own and control the means of production in the UK. The question is should they stay or leave the EU? You have tried to hoodwink the workers who visit your site into thinking that if you vote to stay, their lives will be better. This is a lie, as inside or out nothing will change for them. You accuse me of being an agent of the ruling class, that sir is a bit rich coming from you!
        You are the one that doesn’t get it, doesn’t get that this referendum is a sham and that it’s capitalism that is the problem & not staying in the EU is the solution.

  13. Rilke said,

    Steven Johnston is a buffoon.He says ‘nothing will change’, but this is the comment of an idiot. How can ‘nothing’ ‘change’? Some ‘thing’ can change as there is an implied ‘thing’ that can change, but ‘nothing’ by definition cannot ‘change’ due to it being ‘nothing’ in the first place.’Nothing’ is simply ‘nothing’, it is always the same – nothing. Please, Steven try and think what your are presenting. As Lear has it, ‘noting comes of nothing. Understand?

  14. Steven Johnston said,

    Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha, just woke up this morning and found out the leave lies won the day! Oh well at least Cameron resigned, every cloud eh comrades?

    • Jim Denham said,

      You stupid, stupid twat, Johnston.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Now don’t be a sore loser. You tried and failed. But even if you had ‘won’, the real losers would have been the working class. Now I just hope this sinks in. Hopefully from now on you will tell the truth.

      • Jim Denham said,

        It’s not a matter of being a “sore” loser: in fact if I was simply a sectarian, this is precisely the result I’d have wished for (so as to be able to sit back and say “I told you so”).

        On the question of telling the truth: I always try to do that, and don’t in principle object to serious and honest people disagreeing. What I object to is pig-shit-thick ignoramuses like you, Johnston, wallowing in your ignorance, unconcerned about the labour movement and the working class and incapable of rational debate. So fuck off and don’t come back.

      • seditionsquare said,

        “this is precisely the result I’d have wished for (so as to be able to sit back and say “I told you so”)” Real leadership from the Stalinist left, I see.

      • Jim Denham said,

        Mr Sedition, you missed out the opening words of that quote: “if I was simply a sectarian… ”

        Are you too thick to understand what I’m saying, or simply dishonest?

    • ZINR said,

      Yeah, Cameron’s resigned, whoopee – good luck with your (almost) namesake in charge in his place…

      I see Galloway, Farage, Le Pen, Wilders and every other Far Right lunatic would-be despot is opening the champagne and saying “this is just the beginning.” Interesting to see a supposed Socialist laugh triumphantly at the thought of that. Plenty of EU working people who won’t be laughing…

  15. Political Tourist said,

    Massive turn the right.
    Sad day for the working class.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Sad day for the working class when the Nat sis were elected. Same old Thatcherite policies in Scotland.

  16. Rilke said,

    Just as well I equalised all my UK debits and put all my surpluses into bullion in preparation. My gold and silver is now up almost 25% from last night alone and increasing (palladium less so). Hard assets are surging. Amazing.Those with relatively low to middle incomes and carrying debts and mortgages better get ready.
    Watch now as increased interest rates and a weaker pound cripple already borderline household incomes. House prices already nose-diving and mortagage and debt and credit interest rates already increasing. Negative equity beckons.Those that will try and realise their assets in order to stabilise their decreasing household economies will simply face more debt (remortgaging, repossession, or selling up, or increased overdrafts and so on). I have seen that upward interest rate downward income and property rate scenario before in the UK. Those workers who are earning and not simply the chronically unemployable or on low paid semi-subsistence wages, generally put income into mortgages, cars and credit card purchases. They will get it hard now (no more pretending to be middle class on tick) as well as a lot of others who will suffer under a resurgent knuckle-duster right. Mind you, they can always just blame ‘Brussels’ and ‘the immigrants’ again.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Rilke, are you a pessimist?

      • seditionsquare said,

        Worse – he’s a capitalist.

  17. Rilke said,

    My disposition has nothing to do with it. Check the gold and silver bullion prices.They are rocketing (I bought at 750 an ounce for gold, it is now almost 980 per troy ounce and I predict a 1000 top out and it will settle at 900, silver is nearly 13 per ounce, I bought at under 10). I will sell for Swiss francs certainly mot sterling. This is all due to the prospective fiat money failures ahead unleashed by Brexit – I could smell it. I vowed they would never corner me again and they never will. Let morons pay for their own failures has been my motto since 1984/5. Why should I feel sorry for dopey cretins that voted to put themselves into negative equity and want to live on canned tomato? That canned tomato makes you overweight and bald, I saw them in Sunderland. Better to stay clear until they eat each other.

  18. Rilke said,

    Dear Mr Seditionsquare,
    The can-opener is in the empty biscuit tin next to your new ‘unemployable, Brexit ID card.

  19. John Walsh said,

    Jim, best article on immigration is in today’s times by Alice Thomson. Can you get it and publish here.Need to have proper debate on this. Atb John

    • Jim Denham said,

      No I can’t, John: if you or anyone else can, I’ll gladly risk Murdoch’/s lawyers and publish it for discussion.

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