Corbyn calls for unity: his Labour critics must agree at least an armed truce

May 10, 2016 at 3:47 pm (elections, Jim D, labour party, reformism)

jeremy corbyn sadiq khan

Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Sadiq Khan on his victory Credit: PA Wire

According to today’s Guardian Jeremy Corbyn has “admitted that Labour is not yet doing enough to win the general election in 2020 and [has] called on MPs to show greater unity by refraining from parading in the media”:

This has to be the way forward for all serious leftists who want a Labour victory in 2020, regardless of whether or not they support Corbyn. “Unity” may not be possible, but an armed truce should be achievable.

Reactions to the local election results demonstrate the problem: on the one hand, Corbynistas in a Panglossian fantasy world, claiming this was some sort of triumph or “vindication” of Corbyn, when it clearly was nothing of the sort; and on the other side, the likes of Progress and their friends in the media claiming the results were an unmitigated disaster (which they were in Scotland, but not elsewhere) whilst simultaneously appearing disappointed that they weren’t worse.

This simply won’t do: as Corbyn is reported as saying to MPs and peers yesterday, “We need, if not across-the board unity, then at least respect for each other – and to turn the fire on this Tory government and its forced acadamisation, tax and disability cuts policies in [that are in] utter disarray.”

No-one can force the majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the likes of Progress to simply drop their criticisms of Corbyn: but we can ask for at least a superficial semblance of unity and a shared desire to win the 2020 election – something that is far from evident at the moment. Corbyn’s offered an admission that the party isn’t yet on course to win in 2020 and now seems open to suggestions as to how to get there. The least his Labour opponents can do now is to meet him half way: an armed truce at least.

NB: something similar is also required to resolve the ongoing anti-Semitism, row: an acknowledgement from Corbyn’s people that there is a real problem with “left” anti-Semitism in the ranks, and it’s not all been got up by the right wing; and a demand on Progress etc to stop using this most serious issue for factional purposes.


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Real Labour should not unite and call any truce. Leftie fascists have infiltrated the party. Anti semitism has raised its head in Scottish universities with holocaust denial. Sturgeon has said she will investigate. There is something rotten in Labour and I think the £3 mob are making their mark…. Hope Dan Jarvis is ready and waiting.

  2. Steven Johnston said,

    I just wish Corbyn would be honest with the electorate.

    When he says he will protect British jobs for British workers in the steel industry, he should be honest and say that this is both impossible and something that the labour party has never done. As they did this in the coal industry. Why can’t he just say that workers are only employed where there is a profit to be made and that jobs will move around the globe seeking the most profitable regions.

    When he says he will build 1/4 million social homes, why can’t he be honest and say that social homes are a bit c*ap and no one would, but the poorest members of the working class would live in one.

    When he calls for a fair and equitable society, why can’t he admit that this is impossible to get in a class divided society? Surely the only thing that is red when he makes this statement are the cheeks of those that know this is a hollow cry but rally behind him regardless.

  3. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    And what if there is no conceivable way any Labour leader can win in 2020? (which is the only way I can read the numbers).

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