The liar, cheat and friend of criminals Johnson takes the Tories to new low over London mayoral election

April 11, 2016 at 4:42 pm (Asshole, Beyond parody, crime, homophobia, Jim D, London, Racism, Tory scum)

Above: Johnson’s lies on the EU exposed by fellow Tory Andrew Tyrie

The liar, cheat, hypocrite and malevolent clown Boris Johnson has done something many observers would have thought impossible: taken the Tory campaign against Labour’s Sadiq Kahn in London down to new depths of filth, thinly-disguised racism and mendacity.

The Tory candidate, Zac Goldsmith has put out a leaflet calling Khan “radical and divisive”, obviously with the implication that Khan is linked to radical Islamism and perhaps even to terrorism. In another leaflet, directly mailed to people Goldsmith’s team considered likely to be of Indian or Sri Lankan backgrounds (based on their names), Goldsmith has suggested that Khan would tax “family jewellery”.

In fact, Khan is a socially liberal Muslim who has been outspoken in his support for gay rights (including gay marriage), womens’ rights and opposition to anti-Semitism. He has even criticised the present Labour leadership for (in his view) not tackling anti-Semitism with sufficient vigour.

And yet Johnson, writing in today’s Daily Telegraph has the audacity to try to brand Khan an anti-Semite by association: there are some anti-Semites in the Labour Party and Khan is a member of the Labour Party – ipso facto Khan is an anti-Semite, or at least tainted with it. Johnson does, in fact, begrudgingly acknowledge that Khan has spoken out against anti-Semitism in the Party (or, as Johnson puts it, has “belatedly admitted that Labour is afflicted with anti-Semitism”) before going on to accuse Khan of “sharing platforms with some of the most backward and sectarian forces in Islam” … without mentioning the fact that Khan has often used those platforms to criticise such people to their faces.

Oh yes, Johnson mentions that one of the Islamists Khan shared a platform with, Sulaiman Ghani, has “denounced gays.” Johnson, it seems, is a great defender of gay rights. These days. According to himself.

Tory ex-MP Matthew Parris (who has been openly gay for many years) recently (March 26) wrote a scathing attack on Johnson, in The Times (unfortunately, Murdoch’s pay-wall prevents me from linking to it beyond the opening sentences, here). Parris begins his piece thus:

Parody is now extinct. Boris Johnson has killed the distinction  between reality and satire. Remember the Tory who as a wannabe MP called Labour’s repeal of Section 28 “appalling”, who joked about “tank-topped bum-boys”, who sneakily rowed back from homophobia by asking “what’s not to like?” about gays who leave the field of available women clear for straight men? He is now urging gay men to vote Leave because, he says, some Eastern European countries have legislation that represses them

“It was us” he burbles on a new Out & Proud video, “the British people, that created [an] environment of happiness and contentment for LGBT people. It may well have been us. It ruddy well wasn’t him. But now, even into gay saunas creeps the smell of his damp tweed.

Parris’ entire piece is well worth reading and sometime in the future I may well risk the wrath of Murdoch’s lawyers by republishing the whole thing. But for now, I’ll content myself with republishing the transcript (again, brought to us courtesy of Parris in The Times) of Johnson giving his criminal friend Darius Guppy the details of a journalist Guppy wanted beaten up. Johnson was concerned about how badly the journalist would be injured, because the assault might be linked to himself:

Johnson: “I really want to know …”

Guppy: “I guarantee you he will not be seriously hurt.”

Johnson: “How badly will he…”

Guppy [interrupting]: “He will not have a broken limb or broken arm, he will not be put into intensive care or anything like that. He’ll probably get a couple of black eyes and a cracked rib or something.”

Johnson: “Cracked rib? If I get trouble, if I get…I got this bloody number for you. OK Darrie. I said I’d do it. I’ll do it. Don’t worry.”

And this creature, Boris Johnson, has the nerve to write that Sadiq Khan is unfit to be Mayor of London because he, Khan, is – on the basis of no evidence whatsoever from Johnson – “pandering to the extremists”! Johnson is not (as even some on the left seem to think) an amusing buffoon: he’s a filthy, racist hypocrite and scumbag.


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    But will electing either man make house prices in London cheaper?

  2. ZINR said,

    Evidence of Khan’s sympathy with fascists seems dubious at best (in stark opposition to Corbyn, who appears proud of his fascist associations and has been a prominent figure in various extremist organisations for the last decade or two – being a standard bearer for hateful antisemitic thugee outfits PSC and DYR spring to mind, to say nothing of the revolting StWC).

    Whatever misguided platform-sharing Khan may have indulged in there’s precious little evidence of direct sympathy for any of the lunatics who spoke at the same events as him. He’s a political opportunist for sure, though it’s more than a bit rich for Boris to call him out on that one…Boris is right about Corbyn (and mostly right about the current wretched state of the Labour Party; certainly he’s correct that Jews are abandoning Labour as they have been abandoned by Labour) but his attack on Khan seems rather desperate.

    Johnson is a hypocritical twat and Goldsmith is a vapid, pampered nonentity. If anyone doubts that Khan is the candidate to go for they should consider how much vitriol Galloway has heaped upon him during this campaign, that’s as good an indicator as anything…

    Vote Khan for mayor (and Sophie Walker as your second choice…no, honestly, it’s worth bringing the WEP to greater attention). Reject Corbyn and his foul Islamist/Maoist ideology at all costs. Stop listening to Johnson, he’s an empty windbag.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      I would vote for Galloway if I lived in London as he probably offers something or other unlike the others with laughter.
      Israel could get some beneficial immigrants.

      • ZINR said,

        You’d vote for a Nazi candidate, just so he can provide you with a good laugh?

        Thankfully less than one percent of Londoners agree with you…better to stay in Glasgow old chap

    • Steven Johnston said,

      ZINR, are you serious or are you just trying to make me laugh?
      I hope it’s not the later as you are failing, though if it is the former I probably would them laugh. You call Corbyn an islamist, a Maoist and a fascist! As if a man could be all three!

      • ZINR said,

        The precise differences being…?

        (Incidentally I accused Corbyn of having fascist associations rather than being a fascist, though I guess it amounts to the same thing in the end)

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    You tell us squire! It’s 2020 and let’s assume Corbyn gets elected…so come on then, give us the timeline for the next 5 years when he is PM.

    • ZINR said,

      What exactly is the difference between Islamism and Fascism/Nazism?

      Corbyn happuily flaunts his Islamist connections/friendships and support for Islamist organisations…what is the difference between that and a leader of the Labour Party associating with and supporting fascists?

      Honestly, I would love to know

      • Steven Johnston said,

        ZINR, your question defies logic on several levels but believe me the difference is larger than the one between male and female genital mutilation.

  4. Squad Goals said,

    I see the fascist excrement of the racist hate site “Harry’s Place” are joining in the non-dom tory millionaire’s smear campaign. Unsurprising, given what utter cunts they are.

  5. DB said,

    Boris is an unprincipled opportunist. He has also lied continuously in his Brexit campaign. It’s like he is still playing games at school. He should never be allowed to contend for PM.

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