Wilders, Farage help give Putin a victory against the people of Ukraine

April 7, 2016 at 9:38 pm (Andrew Coates, apologists and collaborators, Europe, fascism, immigration, Jim D, populism, Racism, Ukraine)

Above: Farage backs Putin’s line on Ukraine – on Putin’s very own TV channel

“More worrying, though, is the UKIP line supporting Putin and claiming that a trade agreement with Ukraine is somehow an example of EU aggression. It takes breathtaking chutzpah to claim that non-exclusive trade constitutes aggression, while Russia is ‘only defending itself’ when it annexes part of the territory of its neighbour, supports violent separatists in another part and tries to prevent a sovereign country from choosing to trade with its neighbours.

“UKIP’s pro-Putin line has been aped by other far-right parties in Europe. In return, Putin has given support to several of them. It is a truly worrying trend” – Labour MEP Richard Corbett in September 2014 .

The right wing fanatics and racists who are the driving force behind the anti-EU movement in Europe and Britain, have scored a victory on behalf of their hero and (in some cases) financial sponsor Vladimir Putin.

Dutch voters have voted against an EU trade agreement with Ukraine, and in doing so have handed Putin a propaganda victory and stabbed the Ukrainians in the back: it is the same draft agreement that sparked pro-EU protests in Kiev, sending the authoritarian Kremlin stooge Viktor Yunukovych into exile in Russia in February 2014.

Farage helped garner support for the referendum in the first place, and has a long record of “admiring” Putin and supporting his stance on Ukraine.

The racist anti-immigration right winger Geert Wilders has worked with Farage throughout, emphasising the alleged threat of immigration from Ukraine and an expansion eastwards of the EU:  whether these racist reactionaries are actually in the pay of Putin (as are, for sure, the French Front National and the Hungarian anti-Semitic Jabbik party) is not the real issue: paid or unpaid, these right wing fanatics and racists are doing Putin’s bidding. And, in the Netherlands, as in Britain, some idiot-leftists have gone along with it, as Comrade Coatesy explains here). The people of Ukraine, who courageously rose up against corrupt rule in 2014, are the victims of ultra-right Putin-fans like Farage and Wilders.

Serious leftists in the UK need to learn our lessons from this debacle.

Above: this poster, depicting Wilders and Putin in a tender moment, was banned from railway stations and bus shelters in the Netherlands. It was designed by the youth wing of the Netherlands’ Labour Party


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    Ukraine did have a democratically elected government which was overthrown. The West were interferring before the overthrow. So Farage is right.

    • Makhno said,

      Well no. The President of Ukraine fled the country after his security services massacred protesters. He basically overthrew himself.

      As to “The West” (what’s that, then? A large number of countries with often conflicting interests are not a monolithic bloc), would you rather they pretended that the Ukraine exists only as an adjunct of Russia, rather than an independent country with the right to make its own decisions?

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Massacred are you sure about this ? You will be saying it was ok for Pinochet to overthrow the demoratically elected government. But you are for overthrowing elected governments.

      • Makhno said,

        Massacred. As in there were nearly 100 people on the Maidan who will never breathe again. That sort of massacre.

        Again, the government was not overthrown, Yanukovich fled to Russia. Was the Rada just supposed to wait for him to come back? Elections were then held later in the year.

        This is in no way analogous to Chile, which was a military coup followed by years of brutal dictatorship..

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Today’s Morning Star: no mention, of course, of the roles of Wilders and Farage, but plenty of the usual one-sided anti-Ukraine (and by implication, pro-Putin) crap: https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-cee5-Ukraine-Dutch-No-vote-fails-to-halt-Kievs-EU-bid#.VwgNwrsUWM8

  3. Jim Denham said,

    I don’t always (or even *often*) agree with Nick Cohen these days, in in today’s Observer he’s spot-on:

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