Tariq Ali put in his place over Brexit

March 15, 2016 at 5:57 pm (Conseravative Party, Europe, intellectuals, posted by JD, Racism, statement of the bleedin' obvious, UKIP)

Tariq Ali : Plenty of Books, little grasp of socialist a-b-c’s

I have no idea who the author of this letter, published in the present issue of the London Review Of Books, is, but he puts that self-important buffoon Tariq Ali in his place good and proper with a few home truths about the inevitable consequences of Brexit:

In or Out?
Tariq Ali, discussing the forthcoming referendum, remarks that ‘Brexit (which I support for good socialist reasons) can’t restore sovereignty (LRB, 3 March). The conclusion is certainly true, but the opinion in brackets puzzled me. A vote to leave the EU would put the right wing of the Conservative Party in the ascendency, not to mention being a huge boost to and the like, unleashing all manner of chauvinistic, jingoistic, racist ‘Little Englander’ sentiment. In the process, the Labour Party would appear to suffer yet another demoralising ‘defeat’, which would undermine its broader appeal even further. The Scots would, quite understandably, part company with the UK after their next referendum and the rump of GB Ltd would probably be left with a long-term right-wing majority and government. The fact that Tariq Ali had joined Gove, Farage, Johnson and the like to vote ‘Out’, but in his case for ‘good socialist reasons’, would not cut a lot of ice in those circumstances. However you dress it up, such an outcome would issue in any form of progressive politics, and certainly won’t aid the long march to socialism.

Carl Gardner, London EC1


  1. Bazza said,

    Yes, good letter. It could also be added that Brexit will put the Good Friday agreement in peril too!

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      The Belfast agreement was always in peril. The British could have and should have wiped out PIRA but did not have the fibre to do so. Too many leftie apologists were in Labour including some in the present leadership seemed to be friends of those killing British soldiers and citizens.

  2. brucerob said,

    Carl Gardner was the IMG printer and long time member and then a journalist, I think. Must have belonged to a different faction to Tariq. Cousteau will know his life history.

  3. seditionsquare said,

    Right, so we should reject something because it would make someone else democratically popular. That’s the kind of left-wing principle the voters will admire and respect.

  4. Bazza said,

    Not to be confused with Carl Gardner, lead singer of the Coasters – they of Yakety Yak fame!

  5. Andrew Coates said,

    Carl Gardner was indeed in the IMG.

    See the well argued, In Defence Of Bowie (1977) Carl Gardner:


    I can’t recall if he was in Tendency B or A.

    Those of us who were in Tariq’s faction – er, me – have long been fed up with ‘wise guy’ Tariq and his ‘inside dope’ on world politics.

    But out of charity many would have thought that he’d shut up when his mate Galloway and Farage paraded together.

    Obviously we were just too kind.

  6. Bazza said,

    “So whereabouts in Pakistan do you come from Tariq?”
    TA: “Oh, we have some estates in the north.”

  7. Political Tourist said,

    The boot would go into the working class even more than now in the event of Leaving.
    No begging by Little Englanders will keep the Scots hanging about to watch the disabled getting Tory eugenics forced on them.
    Naw Thanks comrades.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      The Nat sis alias the SNP have asked for tax powers which have been given but they refuse to tax the rich to help the poor. The Nat sis are lying scumbags and worse than the Tories. The Nat sis have never opposed the Tory tax cuts in the last six years. The Scottish rich are raking in the dosh. Give up your crap PT Tory Boy.

  8. Political Tourist said,

    So who is leading the Leave campaign in Scotland.
    Couldn’t be an ex Labour MP by any chance.
    Nah, nae chance.
    Oops it’s Tom Harris.
    You couldn’t make it up.
    Bigots Together right enough

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      That must be the most stupid comment ever posted on any blog. Anyone no matter their colour, creed, religion or opinion that want to leave the EU is a bigot according to you.
      The sad thing about the Yellow Tory Nat sis that want to leave the EU is they are being told to shut their mouths just like Labour. Well done Harris.

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