Galloway’s anti-Semitism exposed in his anti-EU stance

March 13, 2016 at 5:31 pm (anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, Europe, Galloway, Jim D, populism, Racism, reactionay "anti-imperialism", UKIP)

The days when I used to get angry about George Galloway are long gone: he is now a Spode-like figure of ridicule and  – even – a degree of pity. His forthcoming humiliation in the London mayoral election should seal his fate once and for all as any kind of serious political force.  But it’s his recent pro-Brexit alliance with Nigel Farage (the Stalin-Hitler pact as re-enacted by comedy munchkins) that probably represents this unpleasant buffoon’s final, desperate throw of the political dice. In putting in his lot with fellow Putin-lover Farage, Galloway seems to have chucked caution to the wind, and unambiguously revealed an aspect of his personality and politics that he has previously just about managed to keep shrouded under a thin veil of ambiguity and weasel words about “Zionism”: his anti-Semitism. It should be noted that most of the bourgeois media has shied away from properly dealing with this (even after Galloway’s declared aim of making Bradford an “Israel-free zone”), presumably because of his litigious track record.

Well, take a look at the picture below, retweeted by Galloway, from various other pieces of anti-Semitic filth: if that’s not classic anti-Semitism, I don’t know what is:  

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H/t: Tendance Coatesy


  1. Howard Fuller said,

    Disgusting individual.

  2. John R said,

    Galloway now has to make sure he mentions Israel when discussing the child abuse allegations against Greville Janner.

    “This man lectured us for years about Israel: Janner posed as children’s home carer to abuse boy, inquiry told ”

  3. ZINR said,

    Galloway’s anti-Semitism is “exposed” on a daily basis. Unfortunately the Left’s general response to this is either to pretend that he isn’t an anti-Semite – on the grounds that, er, he says he isn’t an antisemite and, er, er, he’s friends with lunatic apocalyptic Jewish fringe sect Neteuri Karta so he can’t possibly be antisemitic – or to deny that antisemitism exists at all (because all that really exists is the suffering of Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians at the hands of either the Evil Zionist Entity or the Zionist Occupied World Government).

    I’m more interested in justifying support for his comrade-in-arms Corbyn, whose praise for anti-Semitic murderers and support for the bigoted thugs of PSC, DYR et al doesn’t really set him apart from Galloway (whom he has stood alongside and proffered his support for in the past – has he ever come forward to condemn him?)

    • Steven Johnston said,

      How this for a headline?

      “Voting Corbyn will cause Israel to be destroyed by…. (fill in the blanks)”

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        I have been waiting for Corbyn and Galloway blaming Israel for the mass slaughter going on ouside Israels borders.

      • ZINR said,

        GWC – Galloway has already blamed The Zionist Entity for the Syrian war, on Arab TV (it’s on Youtube if you can be bothered)…and then denied it flat out on UK TV (lying racist pig that he is). the man has no shame, no intelligence, no integrity and (thank fuck) no hope whatsoever of being mayor of my home city.

        Mr Johnston I agree that it is not within Corbyn’s powers to destroy Israel. Nor is it within the powers of PSC, Combat 18, Hezbollah or Roger Fucking Waters. That really isn’t the point. The point is this:

        Whom exactly is a British Left-leaning Jew supposed to vote for in a general election? A man who backs Hamas and Hezbollah, has spent years campaigning for a single Jew-free state of Palestine encompassing all of Israel, has defended and made excuses for the “protesters” who smashed up Stamford Hill during the 2009 Gaza war, has condemned the Mohammed cartoonists and excused those making death threats towards them and has now just readmitted Hitlerite thug Vicky Kirby into the Party?

        Can you muster the imagination to appreciate that British Jews may be just a tiny bit disillusioned about such a man leading the Party which a significant majority of them have traditionally supported over the last 100 years?

  4. Dean said,

    BS. Galloway is NOT an anti semite.
    In fact he was beaten up by a JDL thug with the complete silence of most of the left, including Jim Denham.

    Long live Galloway!
    Galloway for mayor!
    grassroots out!

    • John R said,

      is “grassroots” another slang term for “Jews”, Dean?

      Btw, it was wrong that Galloway was beaten up. Please tell him I said so.

  5. alex ross said,

    I’m very much convinced Dean is a parody account…don’t think it’s conceivable that any human being can be that stupid!!

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