TUC’s detailed research proves workers better off In than Out

February 25, 2016 at 8:00 pm (Europe, Human rights, Jim D, truth, TUC, unions, workers)

#EUref: Brexit risks our employment rights


  1. Glasgow Working Class said,

    It must be the workers in Bruxelles and Strasbourg corrupt gravy train that are better aff. Certainly not in Britain. Time tae get oot.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Something extraordinary has happened over at the Stalinist site called Socialist Unity (SU): regular contributor to SU (and the Morning Star) John Wight, has written:

    “From the editorial: socialist measures themselves such as renationalising industries or intervening directly in the economy are illegal.

    This is factually inaccurate, as per Article 345 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which states: ‘The Treaties shall in no way prejudice the rules in Member States governing the system of property ownership.’


    All across the EU states have majority shares or own and run their own transport and energy sectors. This is confirmed in this 2013 Estep report, commissioned by the EU: http://www.esparama.lt/es_parama_pletra/failai/ESFproduktai/2_UM_valstybes-valdomos-imones_2013-03.pdf

    In particular the report states: ‘SOEs are entitled for public services provision, which can be broadly observed in utility sectors such as transport, telecommunications or energy.’

    While nationalisation may be restricted it is not banned or illegal. This is a myth. Moreover, even if it were, are we seriously suggesting that a Corbyn-led Labour government, elected on a clear democratic mandate and manifesto pledging public ownership of the nation’s railway system and ‘Big Six’ energy companies, would in any way be deterred by diktat from the EU?

    Britain is not Greece. We are one of six largest economies in the world with a population of 65 million and a major recipient of FDI.”

    • prianikoff said,

      Nothing extraordinary at all – Wight has always argued against leaving the EU.
      I think Newman has too. After all, they’re reformists too.

      However the reformist argument that workers rights can only be guaranteed by EU legislation is a particularly feeble one. It’s an open admission that the TUC and the Labour party are impotent in the face of both the multinationals and UK employers.

      While there’s no justification for a common platform between Socialists, UKIP and the Tory right, those on the left who are stampeded by bogeymen into a common platform with the pro-EU right (i.e. the majority of industrialists and bankers) are making a potentially worse mistake.

      Even if you vote to “stay-in”, you’re not really voting for “Europe”
      “Europe” inasmuch as it actually exists, represents a diplomatic truce between rival capitalist powers. Each of them is striving to gain economic advantage over their rivals, but is tied to US foreign policy via NATO.

      The EU’s economic expansion into Eastern Europe, the influx of migrant labour into Europe and NATO’s military expansion are all part of the same phenomenon.
      The EU’s primary aim is to create a market for its industries, which have outgrown the boundaries of the nation state.
      The fact that the EU has passed some progressive legislation on labour rights doesn’t alter the fact that its rulers prefer to have an oversupply of cheap labour living in rented accommodation to a genuine living wage, or affordable homes for families.

      Even more serious, is the fact that the reformist “in” campaign totally fails to exploit the serious divisions opening up in the Tory party.
      If Cameron loses the referendum, there will be a serious governmental crisis.
      He may be able to mend his fences with the right and hang on to power, but his government will be in trouble.
      But if he wins, it’s hard to see how Labour will be able to benefit using the arguments of its official campaign.

      Jeremy Corbyn is right to focus on the labour rights and the weakness of EU legislation, but needs to go further. The experience of Syriza has already demonstrated that naive Eurosocialism is a dead end. If you really want a Socialist Europe, don’t support the EU.

      • Jim Denham said,

        The only coherent socialist position on the EU referendum (this is a motion to Unison conference by the way):


        Conference that:
        1. UK withdrawal from the European Union in the upcoming referendum would be a victory for the nationalist right and their vile, racist campaign against migrants, including members – and potential members – of our union.
        2. while the EU promotes privatisation and neoliberalism, the current UK government would press ahead with its attacks on working-class people in or out of the EU, and if the UK leaves the EU, the UK government will step up attacks.
        3. the biggest “In” campaign, Britain Stronger in Europe, is dominated by Tories and business people and cannot possibly act as a voice for working-class interests, workers’ unity across Europe or migrants’ rights. Cameron wants to remain in the EU on the basis of cutting back workers’ rights and attacking migrants, and Britain Stronger in Europe actually trumpets this!
        4. we should respond to the EU by building stronger working-class and socialist links across the continent, organising a united struggle, and pushing forward towards a united Workers’ Europe – not by seeking to re-raise national barriers.

        Notes that the campaign Another Europe is Possible has been set up to organise an anti-austerity, internationalist opposition to withdrawal from the EU; while the Workers’ Europe initiative, which supports AEIP, is developing a specifically working-class and labour movement focus in campaigning. The Labour Party has also launched its own campaign.

        Resolves to
        1. campaign for the UK to stay in the EU,
        2. campaign for an end to austerity, and the levelling *up* of wages, conditions, services, and rights across Europe; for the scrapping of bureaucratic EU structures and for a sovereign, democratic European Parliament; and for freedom of movement and an end to “Fortress Europe”,
        3. support and participate in the Another Europe is Possible campaign, and promote its materials and initiatives, as well as those of Workers’ Europe,
        4. engage in the Labour Party “in” campaign through the labour Link, calling for it to campaign on a pro-working class anti-austerity, internationalist basis, not on the basis of what is “good for business”, terrorism and “getting a seat at the top table”,
        5. put migrants’ rights at the forefront of our campaigning around the referendum – fighting for migrants’ rights in Britain, defending the right of workers from EU countries to come here, and demanding the opening of Europe’s doors to refugees and migrants from outside,

        6. advertise the support and advice UNISON offers to migrant workers

        7. support migrant workers in UNISON in building self-organisation, against nationalist attacks.

  3. Steven Johnston said,

    You can’t have a socialist Europe, like capitalism, socialism is an all-or-nothing system. But you got it right, there is no socialism to be found either in or out of the EU.

  4. Steven Johnston said,

    “4. we should respond to the EU by building stronger working-class and socialist links across the continent, organising a united struggle, and pushing forward towards a united Workers’ Europe – not by seeking to re-raise national barriers.”

    Presumably this is what they have been doing for the last 40 years and it’s failed, failed not because they were 2nd rate, but because it simply can’t happen. Though what a Workers’ Europe would look like is probably never defined, though as I worker you can bet you’d no better off under it.

    • Jim Denham said,

      Socialism in one country, then, Steven? I think that’s already been tried.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        You’ve missed my point (by several miles), socialism is all or nothing. Not in one country, not in the EU, it has to be World wide.

  5. Steven Johnston said,


    Presumably he is saying this because he backs a”socialist” EU or one fit for bankers?

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