The Morning Star’s total confusion on the EU and the referendum

February 16, 2016 at 3:38 pm (class collaboration, Europe, Jim D, left, populism, Racism, stalinism, Tory scum, UKIP)

Above: Farage, Hoey (in red) and various other reactionaries, xenophobes and racists united at the launch of ‘Grassroots Out’

The abject confusion and incoherence of the Morning Star on the subject of the EU, continues apace.

Yesterday’s Morning Star carried an uncritical interview with anti-EU Labour MP (“one of the most prominent campaigners for an exit left” according to the Star) in which she justified her willingness to work with Ukip and “hard-right” Tories like Peter Bone as follows: “The reality is that if you really want to get out, every group has a slightly different perspective, and we can only win this referendum if we can all come together.”

Read the full article here.

In today’s Star, one Matt Widowson complains that “some among this group [the left that opposes Brexit] consider all advocates of exit as anti-progressive; almost Ukipish! We’re not. The left case for exit is progressive and compelling. Unlike the reactionary right it is not based on xenophobic and racist fear-mongering and relies instead on a realistic assessment of the present situation: the capitalist nature of the European Union and the need for national self-determination.”

Read the full article here.

So which is it, comrades? Is your friend Kate Hoey right to advocate an alliance with Ukip and the Tory “hard-right” on the basis that “every group has a slightly different perspective”?

Or is Matt Widowson right when he argues that the “progressive case” for exit has nothing to do with Ukip, xenophobia and racism – and that it’s an “insult” to suggest that it does?

Make your minds up, comrades!


  1. Steven Johnston said,

    It’s hard for them to make up their own minds now that they don’t get their orders from the Kremlin. But we would all know what their position would have been any country tried to leave Comecon.

  2. Neo-Pelagius said,

    I don’t see the problem .. it’s easy to cast Farage as a xenophobe but you watch him calling out the liberal dictatorship that is the EU loaded up with ex-Goldman Sachs employees and what they did to the Greek people. Can’t say I agree with him on much else and I don’t understand why he just goes off on one all the time about immigration as he is obscuring the coherence of his basic problem with the EU and its unelected and vindictive bureaucracy.

    • Steven Johnston said,

      But they didn’t do it to the Greeks; capitalism did. That is the problem with the in/out campaign. It personalises capitalism and tries to make us believe that if only we leave/stay in we can/can’t solve these problems.

      • Neo-Pelagius said,

        I see it more as taking a leading role in dismantling this Behemoth even if I disagree with some of the reasoning behind it (give us the dictatorial powers back) … I look at the suffering caused by ‘Capitalism’ in this country … I used to see Europe as a way of harnessing the excesses of the UK but they seem to be getting worse than we are!? Greeks are suffering way more than anybody here is at the moment. If the City loses business because of it … wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  3. Glasgow Working Class said,

    The only thing to make your mind up about is do you want a huge faceless unaccountabke beuraucracy running Britain.

    • Neo-Pelagius said,

      Well I suppose we have already got one one of those too!

    • Steven Johnston said,

      You mean the Bullingdon boys would do a better job?

      • Glasgow Working Class said,

        Steven, better the Bullingdon boys you can boot them out at an election.
        Getting rid of the EU mafia is another thing.

  4. Steven Johnston said,

    Yeah, they got rid of Thatcher and gave us Major…then Blair, then Brown, then Cameron…lucky us eh?

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      It was the will of the voter Steven.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Yah but capitalism does not care, it runs itself, completely oblivious to whom is in office.

  5. Political Tourist said,

    I’m still waiting on how does/doesn’t the EU help the ordinary worker.

    • Badger said,

      How about protection for Agency workers, holiday entitlement, maternity leave, TUPE and working time directive for starters. Successive British Governments have mainly been involved in weakening employment protection in contrast to the EU. That is not to suggest that the same anti union pressures are not taking place in all EU countries nor that the EU itself has become progressively less helpful over the past period. And then there is Greece! But we need to get a balance and also factor in the boost that UKIP and the Tory Right would get from a Brexit.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      There are no ordinary workers. The EU is about business trade and capitalism. Workers get the scraps anywhere on the planet.

  6. Rilke said,

    Since the eighteenth century, the British ruling class has always feared a confederated Euorpe, espeically, between France and Germany. They have always feared this potential alliance as a threat to their imperial abitions and sea power. Support Germany when France is expanding, support France when Germany is expanding and foster conflict when it is useful, play the US/UK alliance against both when it suits, fight your wars on the continent. But all that is over. No more empire, no more special relationship. It is pitiful to see so-called left wingers buying into this old anti continental prejudice. The ignorance about Europe is astounding. We have morons on here who don’t even know where Belgium is and who patently do not know the difference between the EU and the Euro zone. Yes, yes yes, the French are all bureaucrats, the Germans expansionists and the Italians are unreliable…pathetic.
    I cannot wait for you little Englanders to vote for Brexit so I can fuck off back to the South of France and laugh at you in your little shithouses hoping that the pound can become the Swiss franc and save your island economy…ha ha ha. Enjoy your grey existence, it is inbound.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Go back to the South of France and be killed by the peacefull migrants.

      • Steven Johnston said,

        Yet the irony is that he probably supported “national liberation movements” LOL.

  7. Rilke said,

    My apartment is on Port Cros. I intend to get another. If you two philistines think that Port Cros is the slums then that says everything about you. Stick to the Burger King in Queens Street station, heh heh. Hilarious!
    By the way, my wife would be classed as a dangerous migrant by scum such as you, but I would well like to see you say it to her up front. I really would. You would last two rounds. Get rid of these xenophobes Jim, they are stinking the place out.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Is your wife a hairy arm pitted Russian on steroids? If so I would like to meet her.

  8. Rilke said,

    She stays away from the help. We’ll tip you to clear the driveway.

    • Glasgow Working Class said,

      Yer mrs mae need a good seeing tae. Wee jock aw ra north is available.

  9. John R said,

    • Jim Denham said,

      Farage, Hoey and Galloway: the scum of the earth:

      “Step forward George Galloway, never one to turn down an opportunity to self-promote. There were boos as his name was announced and more than a hundred people left in protest. The GO campaign was finally beginning to make sense. Its aim had been to bring together politicians from across all parties and it had done just that. Unfortunately they were all ones which most normal people would go a long way to avoid.”

  10. Rilke said,

    Why be surprised? The derogatory comments from some on here about migrants and Europeans shows clearly what type of phobic hatreds sit behind their anti- Europeanism. No ‘deal’ of any kind can placate prejudice, it will always find another reason to despise that which it irrationally despises. Even if the European Central Bank was to load up trucks of platiinum bars for every UK subject, anti cosmopolitan philistines such as Glasgow, Johnson, Farage and Gollaway would simply say that these ‘bureaucrats’ were ‘tricking’ or bribing ‘us’ so ‘the French can seduce our wives, the Germans can prepare for war and the Italians can get more suits.’ Previously, Glasgow called the Greek people inherently ‘lazy’. It is pointless speaking with them.
    You cannot reason with such as those. Let the dead bury their dead. The vulgar belong together, so why stop them? Kick them in the hole and shovel in some quick lime. Adios, until this site cleans out the toilets all comment is waste and fatigue.

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